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  • awe-inspiring. off to start a sock-yarn blankie:: this project has my head in a spin! wonderful::

  • Well, they look beautiful! Brace yourself–you’ve got another half dozen red ones coming in the mail from me!
    Please tell me you’re getting help sewing these up? Other knit friends? Or maybe it’s time your children learned the joy of sewing up tiny squares?

  • You are a riot! Just when I think you’ve hit your funniest, you blow that post off the internet : )
    (Crop circles – how DID you come up with that?!)
    Note to Mr. Astor: Brillcream, a lil’ dab ‘il do ya…

  • hi kay & ann:)
    please give the pattern for the square ( landing strip)
    love this blog ladies!

  • Honey, that’s not a landing strip — those 3 are deities, and all the others are bowing down. . .

  • I wish this could go on forever. I coulda made many more squares but had to meet the deadline. I love making them.

  • Damn but I want to win this Ameriacan Blanket! Will it look a bit suspicious if I draw my own name out of the hat?!
    You seem to be getting snowed under with squares – if any arrive late to you (or you get too many!!!) would you be even more wonderful than you already are and post them in my direction? I’ll be sewing up blanket number 3 well into the new year!

  • At first I think my family thought I had gone bonkers with these squares, but now they are kinda into this blanket thing, too. My husband is even searching for sock yarn on ebay! Everybody was excited to see my squares this morning! So cool.

  • Wow. Twenty is amazing!
    I probably could have made more squares, but I have a Moderne Log Cabin that I started with leftover or unloved sock yarn that I didn’t want to completely gut (and I ran out of steam).

  • It’s not the crop circle you have to worry about, but when you open your bedroom door to find all the squares lined up just outside, waiting…
    (also, hee!)

  • If I lived in New York, I’d come help seam! If you do have a seam-up party, let us know. I might have some, um, business, that could be arranged around a party…

  • too funny!! and all the squares are so pretty!

  • OH my….I’m in love with those little guys! Great photos, and you are just hysterically funny…

  • My first thought on seeing the picture was a crop circle, and how did it get there. The colors are beautiful. It will be an amazing blanket.

  • be afraid-be very afraid! with the Hokie Healing square project, there ended up being over EIGHT THOUSAND squares sent in-no, i am not joking. WATCH OUT. knitted squares actually have the power to reproduce, i fear…

  • tis the little folk paying
    you nightly visits careful
    now when the blanket is ready
    they will come to the landing
    site and sew it up with golden
    thread and fly it away to oliver
    thank you for showing my murky
    squres green ones and for useing
    my name tis good of you
    i am the little girl in the
    picture pushing the chair
    much older and still knitting

  • That man is having a bad EYEBROW day! Check those buggers out….
    not such a great pun, however.

  • If you do get 8000 squares (like Jody mentioned above), I’ll help you sew them up. Seriously. How many so far (including the mail from today)?

  • I’m glad my squares arrived safe and before the deadline! 🙂

  • Mine should get there before Friday, I think – I had to learn now to use the “mail your own darn package” self-service machine at the Post Office. I sure hope they DO get there…I’m not so good at electronickal stuff. And…uh…roundy corners? wobbly edges? I’m glad that’s OK on account of ’cause…mine probably qualify. This IS fun though! Wish I’d heard about it sooner, I’m fairly AWASH in bits of sock yarn. (Curious, since I’m not good at socks and don’t make them, particularly)!

  • Yeah!!! My little squares made it all the way to NYC!!

  • Ooh, I feel all cool since my squares made it, they’re right there in that big circle (I can see ’em with their little tail out!) and you can link to my blog from Kay and Ann’s blog. Yay for the big pile of squares!

  • Oh, I had some night-mare flashbacks about the movie: Silence of the Lambs.. that was also the last ‘scary movie’ that I saw and I saw it by accident.
    HOW can you go see something that ‘scary’ by accident, you say? Well, I had just moved overseas for my first job teaching for the US Military children. We did at least have a movie Theater on base..
    HOWEVER, with no movie commericals on tv or previews of coming attractions when you did go to the movie T.. you had NO IDEA as to what any of the movies were ‘about’.. so, all we knew was that it had: JODIE FOSTER and the Gene Hackman in it.. and we just thought.. oooh, this should be good.. two really strong actors..(did I remember the names of the actors correctly? I think I’ve blocked some of it out.)
    So, there we were.. my girlfriend and I watching the movie w/ her boyfriend and we both had our faces buried in his chest!

  • Kay, you know you can count on me to help sew up some squares if need reinforcements. I’ve fallen down on the job of knitting actual squares, but I can sew up!
    PS–the finished quilt is FAB!

  • Silence of the Lambs = second creepiest movie I ever saw.
    Creepiest: Seven, that movie with Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow where somebody’s doing away with people via the seven deadly sins. I walked out after Gluttony. Ech!

  • HA!!! That’s too funny.

  • Oh, you MUST divulge the pattern for the landing strip square! From center out? or outer in? Are they log-cabin-ish? PLEASE!

  • My name is Mary G., and I come in peace from the planet of Texas where I knit the 4-inch log cabin squares out of Koigu (because I am not a sock knitter!). I loved Kay’s commentary and the fact that my three log cabin squares were well received. I had already diagonally knit 4-inch squares out of three colorways of leftover Koigu that I had, until I didn’t have enough of each colorway to knit any more. That’s when I hit upon the idea of log cabin squares to use up the leftovers of the leftovers. I noticed that the squares were looking a little “wonky”, but soon decided that I liked the “wonkyness” so continued on. For those who asked in the comments above, here’s how I did it:
    (Note: I’m neither a loose nor a tight knitter, so your mileage may vary.) With Koigu yarn and US size 3 needles, cast on 6 stitches. (The whole thing is knit in garter stitch.) Slip the first stitch of each row purlwise and knit to the end of the row. Knit 6 rows (3 ridges). NOW, refer to page 68, “How To Log Cabin” of the Mason-Dixon Knitting book for directions on the bind-off row. If you don’t already have the book, you must run out immediately to purchase it, as your life (and your log cabin square) will not be complete without it!
    Follow the directions given in the book on binding off and picking up for subsequent strips. Your number of stitches will not match the number of stitches given in the book, as you are knitting a much smaller log cabin square than described in the book. Your number of rows will also not match, as you will always be knitting 6 rows (3 ridges) for each strip. Change Koigu colorways as you would for other yarns or continue with the same colorway, since the colors change in the yarn anyway. Keep measuring your log cabin square so that you will know when to stop adding strips. To get my squares to come out at 4 inches, I had to make the last outer strips only 4 rows wide (2 ridges), but they weren’t noticeably different from the previous strips. Enjoy making Koigu log cabin squares–they’re addictive!
    Mary G.
    Bedford, TX

  • another mary g here but i live in Scotland. Wow ! how many bankets are you going to make out of this ginormous pile of squares? Memories of knitting for Oxfam as a teenager with my mom 6 inch squares – I think we made between 15-20 blankets between us. We lost count. Now we make them for babies half single bed size.

  • Love the log-cabin squares, Mary G, and thanks for the instructions.
    Also, I just got notification a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting and yarn (not Koigu, alas) has been shipped. Whether or not I can make the Log-Cabin lap blanket in time for the winter holidays is another matter entirely.
    Kay, Ann, when’s the next M-D Knitting book coming out?

  • THANK u mary G
    what would i have to do differntly from this pattern, to make my squares bigger?
    thanx again

  • Isn’t the guy on the cover of the Post the same man posing on the cover of Kaffe Knits Again? Weird.

  • is it too late to send you squares? i probably wont be able to get them in the mail until saturday though… but i thought id ask

  • I wish to relay, once again, how grateful I am for the existance of your blog, the skill with which you write, the droll humor, etc. Such quality! Thank you!!