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  • Where in Pasadena is this? Used to live there.

  • On the campus of California Institute of Technology. It’s Dabney Hall of Humanities.

  • This would make a lovely quilt design!

  • While in Pasadena you MUST GO to Pie ‘N Burger. Practically on the CalTech campus. MUST GO!

  • Yes, I agree, this would make a lovely quilt! The photos of your California trip are good for the soul. Thank you for sharing the with us 🙂

  • I grew up in nearby Temple City, and headed down next week. Nice to see that the camellias are still out!

  • Looooove those turquoise squares against that Noro Shade #269 background.

  • What a lovely peaceful shot. And that turquoise would be a spectacular Tosh Merino dk color… if you want a wait a year for it.

  • Ann–while you were watching the squirrel snacking on the camelia, did you realize that the little cutie is a celebrity? Why, yes. He happens to be the famous squirrel who water skis (recognizable by his distinctive markings). You must have caught him off guard, as he is very private about his personal life. I guess he’s into the “zen” of snacking during his down time…LoveDiane

  • Gorgeous picture.