Pattern Scout: Textured Wraps

By Ann Shayne
September 3, 2019

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  • I’ve had my eye on “Cozy Winter” by Melanie Mielinger. Always love a good pattern hunt.

  • Friendship by Sylvia McFadden is another good one.

  • I am a big fan of Kouyou by Angela Tong. It is a stockinette with a deep lace border that I absolutely love. It is worsted but I’m sure can be knit up in Aran. It would be luscious!

  • Hmmm…really like the Hometree design. But wearing Winterburn Aran here in San Antonio? Maybe gifts for friends in Seattle!

  • Oooh, I think Churchmouse just came out with a basketweave textured wrap that would fit the bill nicely. It is called the Big and Bigger Baketweave Wrap, with the aran weight version being the “bigger”.

  • Does fringe count as texture? This has long been a favorite:

  • British Spring by Ashley Knowlton deserves to be more popular.

  • Alice Starmore’s St. Brigid Stole (from the newer Aran Knitting) would look lovely. I’d make it without the fringe.

  • It is written for dk but I think Guernsey would be great in worsted or Aran also.

  • Knitting Lynn Nilges Hap “Rapt” was great fun. It’s knitted in the round increasing every other row, in vertical stripes, then steeked to produce a kite shaped shawl with a fringe. Lovely and snuggly in Aran weight.

  • Not a wrap. But how about Elizabeth Doherty’s Bodie? A fabulous sweater with texture to die for.

  • Anything by Mailha Designs:

    I like A Gentle Wind and I just finished the Almina.

  • No reason this couldn’t be made in aran weight. I made mine in worsted.

  • A new pattern, Raven’s Roost, is designed by a great person at my LYS, Scratch in Lebanon NH. This is Cassidy Seidler’s first design and it is really an interesting shawl pattern.

  • Andrea Mowry’s Range shawl knits up beautifully in Winterburn Aran.

  • Thank you for introducing me to Noma! I just bought four of her patterns — whee!

  • How can I get the Hometree Pattern? I checked the link on Ravelry, but it looks like its just a test knit so far. I’ve already got the perfect yarn and am dying to cast on!