Peek-through Scarf: The Puzzler

By Ann Shayne
April 26, 2018

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  • “Phooey” is a highly underrated and under-used word. I’m going to say “Phooey!” as often as possible today. Given where I work, it should not be too difficult to find occasions to say it.

    • Thanks for the laugh

  • Ann: your letters so often have me in giggling away–never more so than this morning! A grand way to start my day. Thank

  • And those are the knitters that that cause an eye twitch when they offer their WIP to you saying,
    “I’ve done something here that isn’t quite right. Can you figure it out?” (insert prayer here)

    • What’s even worse is when they email you saying “I’ve done something wrong and can’t figure it out. Can you help me?”

  • Oh, those reverse Finnish short rows. But you have to master them (it will take some time) before you tackle the undulating triple loop Swiss interlock technique.

  • Dear “Friend of Ann’s,”

    Too easy? I say you are too competitive. What is this? The Knitting Olympics?

    The most wonderful gift of being part of the knitting community is the loving, caring, non-judgemental support. Love your neighbor And their garter stitch.

    So….Give it a rest, or keep it to yourself. Thumper’s mother said it best.. “if ya can’t say somethin’ Nice, don’t say nothin’ at all. “

    • …and also love your neighbor’s acrylic yarn, purchased lovingly at Michael’s Craft Store with hoarded pennies, to make a gift for their next-door neighbor’s baby grandson. No yarn snobs here, either.

      • Well said, Judy! ❤️

      • Yes!

      • I kinda am, though. Wish I weren’t.

    • ❤️ also d’ici.

  • Would it be possible to add a photo, here or on Ravelry, that gives a better sense of what these look like head on? Challenge is reason enough for some to knit something, but having an elegant looking FO is a really compelling one for many.
    These photos convey the ethereal wispiness, but I don’t have a good sense of what they will actually look like.

  • Hmmmm… I would never say your designs are too easy… nope no nope never

  • Beautiful cowl/scarf!
    What are the dimensions?

    • 8” wide x 56” long for the scarf. If you connect the ends for the Cowl, it’s roughly 48” circumference.

  • ❤️❤️ M D K forever !!!

  • I agree. “Too easy” is very much in the eye of the beholder. I use mostly garter stitch, ribbing, and stockinette-in-the-round in my projects, many of which I design myself. A very able knitter I know (she does lace at Knit Night!) has said to me, “I could never manage the things you do,” which astounds me, as I don’t think there is any knitting technique of which she is not a master. (Mistress?) To each her own!

  • Love the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream shout-out! I’m from Columbus, where the ice-creamy goodness started!

  • Latvian Foot knitting – you crack me up!

  • Your patterns are terrific. I didn’t think it was possible that my mother, sister and I would all be excited to knit the same pattern at the same time, but for the first time ever we are doing it — there will be three Shakerag Tops in our family soon. Wonderful.

    If the patterns are too difficult you won’t sell as many, so there is that consideration. I say keep doing what you are doing.

  • On my youth I might ha e said something was too easy. Now, I know there is no such thing! Great post! Wish I could write like you! (And knit as well too.)

  • I do like easy as an option for TV knitting, and a little something spicy on the side.