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  • This looks like great fun. I think I recognize Ingrid Bergman and Betty Grable. I’m such an old-movie fangirl.

  • Ok, I just decided to start a list for Santa. So far this is the only thing on it.

    • Same here! 😉

  • Love vintage photographs in general. Old knitting pictures even more so. Though surely I’m not the only one that finds the seventh one of the man making the sock exceedingly attractive. I want to know his name and what cable pattern he’s using.

    • AGREE.

  • I like how the swimmer is wearing a knitted swimsuit.

    • I loved that, too!

  • Thank you for this, this really brought a lot of joy. How wonderful to see these great knitters, gives me hope.

  • Love Ellie knitting. And that man! Kay, you’re an excellent book seller!

  • Is that James Dean??
    I have another image of that little girl and the kitty, which I found with the caption, “Three year old Chrissie Cheyne with her cat and knitting. Shetland, 1943.” Same girl, same kitty, different dress, different shoes, different WIP. Same chubby legs.

  • I thought I had left a comment on this post earlier but apparently not!
    There are many Sojourner Truth portraits with knitting – possibly even that same piece of knitting – because she had them made and sold them to raise funds. I hope she made a boatload of money.
    I love the picture of that little girl and the kitty – and I have a slightly different one captioned “Three year old Chrissie Cheyne with her cat and knitting. Shetland, 1943.” Different dress and WIP; same kitty and knitter 🙂
    And isn’t that James Dean? A man of many talents!

  • Do you think the photos are all authentic? Maybe it is their technique or the way they hold their needles, but some of these knitters do not look like they are really knitting. Ingrid Bergman seems to have only one needle.