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  • I’m the first to voke and comment!!! Yay.

  • I’m picturing a sweet feminine cap-sleeved sweater with a jewel neckline and picot edging. And not necessarily “puff sleeves” but a slight gather on the top of the short sleeves. If turned into a cardigan, just a satin ribbon closure at the top to tie it over a camisole or maybe a single gorgeous button (but I couldn’t vote for two things!)

  • Where is the cable fair isle choice I was so looking forward to? I was hoping to throw in some lace around the cuffs too. Why not an All-In-One Sweatigan?

  • The ideal for me would be a very basic cardigan/pullover pattern, fitted to show off curves nicely, with set in sleeves and some kind of open neckline – jewel, v-neck, whatever. From there, each of us could go nuts with cables, color, and design changes to make each one individual and perfect.

  • THis is so much fun! Keep up the good work, this search has reached a very exiting phase.
    Just imagine a world with the perfect handknit, in diffrent colours and sizes, yarns… the possiblities are endless.

  • I can’t wait to try my first sleeveless funnel-cake! Yum, Yum, YUM!

  • Now we’re getting down to brass tacks! I like it!
    I’m had a hard time coming up with a good collar/neckline choice… Perhaps a crew neck with roll edge as in the Everyday Cardi? That would look good either as a cardi or a sweater… Keeping in mind the wool, of course. Think how odd that would look in something really drapey! 😛
    Keep up the great work Ann!

  • I have, indeed, broken on through to the other side.
    It’s very liberating.

  • For once I am (generally and sometimes barely) in the majority party! Hurrah! (We’ll see if this changes tomorrow.)

  • I’m surprised, I was in the voting majority for all but one of the categories–that was a shock! I’d vote for something classic, not too boring, but so “unique” I’d be tired of it after a year!

  • Wow, there are people who voted for long sleeves and nothing else!

  • With each vote I became more perplexed by what would be perfect. I think I’d already change a couple of these. It all depends. Like: if raglan, then shawl collar. If zipper, then form fitting shape…butif single artful button, then loosely shaped… oh my hair hurts.

  • If the votes tally in favor of waist shaping of some sort, can we discuss long-waisted/high-waisted vs. other body shapes? Or are we doing jacket length, tunic length, bolero next?

  • I need the sweaterdress folk to help me out..LOL! I was on the unpopular end of every vote..except one, on that I was in the middle *sigh* story of my life right..LOL! Whatever it is, I’ll knit it…bring it on!

  • So far it seems like the poll leader is a slightly fitted, long-sleeve v-neck cardigan with a row of buttons and set-in sleeves — coincidentally, that’s just what I came up with when ArtFibers in San Francisco put together a custom pattern for me a few months ago. I must be unconsciously channeling the collective will of the knitting community…

  • I can’t help but wonder what a button down turtleneck cardigan would look like….

  • Ladies! Can we please keep it to one question per post?! I’m exhausted after that flurry of voting. Whew.
    p.s. when is the subject of Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer coming up? I’m waiting by with my “Color Me Beautiful” swatches.

  • Can I just drink gin & tonics and watch you guys knit your sweaters? The mere idea of a sweater sends me into a tizzy.
    And not in a good way.

  • Although that was fun I can feel mutiny brewing in my heart. What’s wrong with a shawl collar ? One artfully placed button ? Saddle shoulders ? Huh? Huh?

  • I think this is finally going quite well. Perhaps we just needed to agree to agree without agreeing!
    Despite its unpopularity, I like Keava. Plus you know that once it is made by an MDK girl it will be all the rage. You must promise to model it with your specs on. Perhaps we could make a woodcut!

  • Boat Neck! What about boat neck! or cowl neck! or square neck! I must have more choices!

  • As I type, a kitten is asleep on my shoulder so forgive any mistakes…
    But couldn’t we have a pattern with the options for the front? Like, include instructions for picking up and knitting a button band or leaving as is to put a single button/zipper instead? That seems easy enough…

  • The funnel cake thing was too funny; Thanks for a good laugh.

  • It looks like I was in the majority for each of the polls … Happy knitting!

  • This is getting really exciting! I hate to look backwards, but what if we end up with a sweater that would look nicer with a different yarn? Would we vote again?

  • I’m with whoever wants to sit in the lounge, drink alcoholic beverages and watch the rest of you all knit!

  • I’m envisioning Fair Isle Funnel Cake even as I type this…

  • I’m intrigued by Mary Neal’s comment – perhaps this allows for votes for what types of sleeves, body, etc. you can knit without them ever actually becoming a sweater? In fact, I can point to a boss pair of sleeves up in my knitting stash from years ago. In what I thought was a bold and clever attempt at thwarting knitting fatigue, I knitted the sleeves first, thinking I’d outsmart myself as I had in sweaters past. Turns out, sleeves can wait a long time before finishing, too. Not to mention all those way-cool buttons I’ve purchased, dreaming they’d become the “artfully placed button” on a cardi or bag someday. Someday . . .

  • I think that the pattern should be one with CHOICES. I dont like this being made to choose just one option. 😀
    Like: you could end the sleves wherever you want them to end. The closure could be constructed with a zipper, or you could put the button band on if you wanted.
    Shouldn’t our handknit be flexable?

  • oh no! I was in the majority til that last answer – I do like v-necks on shirts, but prefer a jewel neck on my cardigans. (listen to me say that as though I’ve made more then one of them…)
    I feel as though I need to admit that this project eeped into my mind this afternoon while I was staring off in space trying to recall how the strange pieces of random information fit together and how it related to the question in front of me. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to 🙂