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  • You see this is what you get if you go for proportional representation instead of a first-past-the-post type voting system….
    Still in the lounge, still undecided about what sort of vegetable, but loving keeping the toxin levels topped up – Bartender, another please!

  • So, the pockets are something we deal with after we land?
    Does Houston not have the executive authority to say ‘abort the v-neck’? The v-neck cardi is just such a hot button. It’s divisive. It’s a red state/blue state kinda thing. The people who love it, really love it, but the people who hate it aren’t speaking to them anymore.
    We need a neckline that can BRING FOLKS TOGETHER. A neckline we can ALL GET BEHIND.
    Perhaps now is the time to call in Jimmy Carter.
    But mainly we need to land the lunar module so we can start rolling around in a cart, picking up rocks. xox Kay

  • I’m with Kay, time to call in a third party and demand a recount. Perhaps there were some hanging chads on several votes and the jewel neck really is our winner. (Of course, that’s what I voted for, so let me keep the hope alive, LOL!)

  • Gosh, the neckline does seem to be the gray area… since we’ve come so far, and found a consensus on so much, could we maybe have a flexible neckline plan? I mean, the Perfect Sweater To Date seems to be the kind of thing that will fit-and-flatter just about anyone: set-in sleeves, a little shaping. Maybe the neckline is where those of us who like to fiddle around with a pattern can focus our fiddling? Personally, I like a necline that’s a little squared off; or maybe has a little collar added…
    I suppose its too late to change my yarn vote? Because this weekend I tried out some Malabrigo, or whatever it is, and I’m totally hooked 🙂

  • Land! Land! And while democracy is wonderful, sometimes there needs to be an executive voice that says : “People, suck it up, we are making THIS knid of neckline.”

  • Please people, keep democracy alive. Executive voice sounds too much like Dick Cheney for my taste, must keep the polls open, must get people to vote. VOTE OR DIE. (But if we can get 99.9% of the people to vote for the V-Neck, we’ll know it was fixed.)

  • Let’s remember that a truly Perfect sweater is one that is DONE! So let’s get to the knittin’!

  • I voted to continue voting … but that’s because I really prefer NOT to have a v-neck on a cardigan, and I’m hoping a recount will bring closet jewel-neckers out of the woodwork.

  • I vote for a sweater pattern with neckline options, or at least one with good suggestions on how to forge ahead and maket the neckline of our dreams if it isn’t a v-neck.

  • From the home of WCW (Rutherford, NJ) let’s get a-knittin.

  • Now that you-we’ve gotten here, it seems that the next logical step is calling Kim Hargreaves, the queen of slightly fitted sweater-cardigans with V neck and set in sleeves. Maybe she could design the Perfect Mason-Dixon Handknit for 2005… I am assuming Ann will spend all of 2006 setting up polls and not knitting a single stitch to find next year’s must-have handknit item!
    (Now a former lurker and blogless rowanette)

  • Now, I must admit I wavered here. Will we really come up with, by democratic process, a good-looking v-neck cardi with set-in sleeves? This could have something to do with the finishing I’m doing on Electra, or it could not. I think it has more to do with how, in Seattle where I live, we would re-vote and come up with “WE SAID V-NECK”! as a slogan and it wouldn’t matter because the jewel-collar folks would have to mount a serious campaign to turn the two more-minority categories over (see? this is what would happen without the 2-party monopoly!) and Tim Eyman (“the car tab guy”) might get involved, paying for signatures and stealing campaign money and then the talk radio jerks start campaigning but then they get all upset because that’s in violation of federal regulations, to you know, have your own radio show and campaign on it, the FCC says so, but then, when all is said and done (WE THINK), we’ll have voted for a v-neck cardi with set in sleeves and we’ll be half-way through designing when either the price of Cascade 220 will go up 100% OR it will turn out the gauge was way, way, way off and no one will be able to knit the perfect sweater as designed without splitting strands of Cascade 220 or getting Congressional approval. So by all means, settle on the v-neck or call for a revote. It doesn’t matter. The democratic process is broken.
    oh wait. This is a sweater, not a mass transit project or in any way related to government, taxation or public services. Well in that case, no revoting, because what I think is akin to what Susan M wrote, which is that it’s easier to go from v-neck shaping to jewel neck shaping than vice-versa, so all the other complainers will just have to modify.
    I do love democracy. It’s fun.

  • After that wonderfully erudite and insightful response, I hesitate, but plunge in.
    V-necks are for nerds.
    (Excepting, of course, that group of people who look good in v-necks, unlike me.)

  • I must be missing something. When did we decide that the sweater was to be a cardigan? I looked back through the archives and everything, and all I could find was a vote for a pattern that was makeable as either a cardigan or a pullover.

  • i have no vote to add — i have only to say that now i feel compelled to drop everything and find me some astronaut ice cream. that crispy-creamy neopolitan goodness is just calling my name from somewhere in my elementary school past.

  • okay, kids.
    it simply cannot be a v-neck. it must must must be a jewel-neck.
    this is like the decision to pocket or not to pocket.
    there must be pockets.
    a v-neck does not flatter all amounts of boobage. I understand that a crew neck doesn’t either.
    I don’t know. a box neck maybe? did we really hit all types of necks in the first poll?

  • I make a nomination that we get down to the knitting part of this perfect sweater, the v-necks and the jewel necks making THEIR perfect version (it’s called compromise baby!). Just gotta knit and God Bless America!!!!

  • Come in, Ground Control:
    I think we have to go with the jewel neck if only because the vee is too small to pull over the bubble helmet of my space suit.

  • Mason-Dixon, we have a problem!
    Linda Dew-Hiersoux

  • I voted for the recount because I find myself in the v-neck vs cardigan quandry mentioned above. However, I too am impatient to take off. I think that it would be fun to see what neckline options people came up with. Mmmm….shawl collars….we could have a whole gallery of results!

  • I voted for a revote — mainly because of how the numbers were working out. I mean crewneck, jewel, and shawl are all round collars so it did seem possible for one of them to overtake the v-neck if there was only one round collar to choose from.
    Plus, I’m still hoping we don’t design the perfect sweater until after my Christmas knitting is done. Which Yarn Harlot was happy to remind me is 62 days away!

  • Oh but v-necks are flattering to most boobage – but maybe we need to bring Trinny & Susannah (What Not to Wear) in on this!

  • Wait, when did the whole cardigan thing happen? I’m going to have to scroll back. I must have missed it–did I go visit the kids in the lounge? I thought we were on a “could be EITHER a cardigan or pullover.” I’m split 50-50. If it’s a cardigan, then I insist on a jewel/crew neck. If it’s a pullover, then it must be a V-neck.

  • Somehow, I think that I may have found the Perfect Handknit in the J. Crew catalog:
    A little too long for my liking, but some people like the butt-coverage that a sweater like this can offer. Cold Rear End Syndrome is not fun, at least not where I’m from, way up here in MinneSnowta.
    But hey! Now I can visualize this, see myself making one slightly shorter than this, in a color I can wear with everything (Brown? Blue?). The excitement lives on.

  • In case anyone missed it before, yes, I AM THE ONE WITH NO RACK WHATSOEVER. And I actually like the way v-necks look. A v-neck breaks up that vast expanse of . . . chest. A jewel or crew neck makes it look like a lot of uninterrupted acreage, or should I say sea bottom . . . with the pirates’ treasure and all that.

  • Hmm. In agreement with Natalie about the cardi/jewel neck or pullover/v-neck… What to do. Maybe someone could offer a re-write of the pattern for those who want to futz with the neckline or adjust from cardi to pullover (me? Hmm. Anyone willing to wait a year or so? ;)). Of course, we could always write the pattern as a pullover and those who want cardi (myself included) could cut a steek down the front and pick up stitches for a button band… Ooh. That might just move it away from Perfect Handknit status! Pardon me while I head to the lounge…

  • What happened to funnel cake? I went to all that trouble to find you a funnel cakey sweater WITH a v-neck that IS a cardigan and now, no funnel cake.
    Back to the bar – I mean lounge.