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  • Ann,
    You are amusing
    But really, really, freaking me
    (Sorry, I know that’s not a haiku, but I have a real keypad here so I could write you a villanelle if I wanted to. But I don’t.)
    Hooty hoo & xox Kay

  • I love your dedication. Hooty hoo times two for the new phone. (I sometimes look at blogs after midnight. I don’t really expect new posts. High five.)

  • we are a pack of oxymorons — hand knitting/spinning/quilting cellphone wielding/blogging anachronisms! 🙂

  • Kay,
    PLEASE want to write a villanelle. If I see a villanelle on MDK, on any fibre arts topic, I will be able to die a happy woman.

  • details, details, please please please!
    email would be greatly appreciated with help on how to phone blog…I was just wishing for a way to be able to post daily while on a trip…woohoo!

  • Quilts knitted, sewn & then blogging by phone….
    Ann & Kay, you’ve been sooo busy over the weekend!
    BTW, love both sets of quilt ideas – the Pettway tribute is going ot be a stunner & a fine sampler of the rowan cotton kay-preferred palette.
    Ann- I can’t think of a better way of storing memories than in quilts made from old fabrics – hoep you manage to find some help with the quilting process.

  • Jo–Conceptual projects are a specialty of mine. Kay has actually started her Gee’s Bend project, while my 200 shirts are still traveling with me everywhere I go in the Mom Bomb. I expect they’ll be there for a good long while.

  • Ann
    all those dreamed-of projects sitting there in the back of my mind… some I’ve got the materials for, some I haven’t! – a lot of it comes down to good old procrastination (particularly when it comes to making curtains). And the heap of “get-around-to-it-dreckly*” projects is ever increasing really – I expect it’ll get far far worse before it gets any better!
    * dreckly is a Cornish term with a meaning along the lines of sometime, maybe never – like a slow version of manana (pron. man-yah-na – can’t get one of those n’s with the squiggle on to appear)

  • I believe that “dreckly” is a Southern-ism too, right?
    –A Lurker