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  • Hey Ann, what button store are you going to? I am always looking for great selections of buttons. The sweater looks great!! Can’t wait to see you wearing it. Be sure to include a picture, even if you are wearing it with the threads hanging. Sara

  • I’m with you on the treat of winter blooms. I often give pots of amaryllis bulbs as holiday gifts, and always save one for myself. Like miracles, they are.

  • I’m with you on the treat of winter blooms. I often give potted amaryllis bulbs as holiday gifts, and always save one for myself.
    The sweater is looking fabulous! When will we see an action shot??

  • Sorry for the double (now triple) post…I hit “cancel” on the first because I forgot to mention the sweater, but apparently it had already slipped into the ether 🙂

  • You think you got troubles? I live in Idaho and we can’t get rid of Larry Craig! I am glad you are finishing up the sweater. I have wondered how it would look.

  • Is the whole store buttons!?!?

  • My amaryllis just sends up some big leaves and no flower. But my old and not very big Christmas cactus is blooming like nothin’ with gigantic hot pink crazy flowers!
    That’s one heck of a button band!

  • The family is in Christmas tree revolt again this year so I am overwhelming them with amaryllis and Christmas cactus. Forgot about paperwhites –
    The only difference between Blago, my alderman Arenda Troutman, etc, and the rest of the pols in IL is he/they got caught. Where did Blago get the idea he should benefit from naming the new senator? I would say Senate Candidate #1, whose only qualification for the office is who she knows.

  • It seems like the year cannot end without one more bit of craziness, though I will take political stupidity (and greed) over natural disaster.
    But then, who is to say that Blago wasn’t a natural disaster?

  • I need to mention that your sweater is uplifting: might you buy some ceramic buttons from etsy that you (or Kay, can’t remember which one) talked about a year or so ago?

  • I believe I shouted for joy when I found out Blago got arrested. It really made my day. Funny thing was, he was elected in 2002 promising to clean up the mess from George Ryan, who’s in jail right now. Three of our governors in IL have served time in the last 35 years, and I really hope Blago makes four SOON. He’s so corrupt I’m surprised it took him this long to get arrested. What really amazes me is that he knew his phones were being bugged–he warned his staffers not to use them because “people were listening”–and yet he still pulls this crap. I’m really hoping they can impeach him before he names a new Senator, because whoever he would name would have a dark cloud over them.

  • I love the sweater – in all its tweedy goodness. I agree 100% with the flower thingy – I try to always have fresh flowers in my house – does a body good! We have 13 (I think) amaryllis this year. Can’t bear the scent of paperwhites though.
    Best wishes for a joyous holiday season!

  • I agree with Lacee – blago is the worst governor ever in the history of this country. He would not have been reelected in ’06 except that his opponent chose as her running mate (candidates run as a slate for governor & lieutenant governor in IL) a prosecutor who insisted on repeatedly prosecuting 2 Hispanic men for a high profile murder long after it became clear to everyone else that another man was the culprit. He is now refusing to accept a plea agreement from that guy that would let him avoid the death penalty (the guy who informally confessed years ago is already in jail with a life sentence for 2 other murders & Illinois has a moratorium against carrying out any death sentences anyway). Latest news article on that: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-brian-dugan-09-dec09,0,2922731.story . This guy has left such a bad taste in peoples’ mouths that they won’t even vote for an otherwise fairly well like candidate if he is her running mate.

  • Must. Make. This. Sweater. In your new book? I’m not sure I can wait for Christmas to see if I get it.

  • Another resident from the land of Lincoln weighing in. I have to say no one here was surprised by the arrest. We were, however, astounded by the brazen-ness and stupdity of trying to sell off Obama’s senate seat when he knew he was under investigation. The fact that we re-elected him is almost as embarrassing as W getting re-elected last time around.
    Corruption abounds. We’re ranked last in funding for the disabled, our state hasn’t paid the school systems their promised money in over 90 days, we have gridlock in state gov’t, Mayor Daley hasn’t spoken to Blago in months, we’ve spent millions to open up the tollways to ease traffic and now we will do more construction to make one lane a car pool lane to block the traffic back up again. Want to move here?

  • If your button store is anywhere near as fun as Button Emporium here in Portland, you may never escape! I’ll be looking for your next post to see if you survived. Enjoy the shopping; Margaret already looks perfect, so buttons will be icing on the cake!

  • PS: I’m giggling at the thought of you wandering around in public with ends hanging out your sleeves, and ONE BUTTON BAND!

  • I am so embarrassed to be from Illinois today that I’ll restrict all my driving to inside the state so people don’t point at my car and laugh.
    I too am hopeful that Santa got the hint that I want your new book. I must try the Margaret Sweater!

  • The new Knitty’s up. I mean, you’ll need a new project soon, wontcha?

  • The sweater is gorgeous. The news is nuts. I totally agree with you about flowers. Our kitchen remodel is almost done and I decided I had to buy some to put on the counters that are finally installed! Otherwise, we aren’t very decorated either. Still trying to wash and put everything away somewhere!!

  • why am I worrying about putting buttons on MY sweater when you’re running ’bout town with threads hanging?

  • That sweater’s going to be so pretty when it’s finished, I can’t wait to see the final product!

  • Thank God we have knitting to take our minds off all the insanity out there.

  • Ditto the other IL commenters. I think Blago’s hiding the bribe money under all of that weirdly styled hair.

  • Margaret looks fabulous.
    I was furious that Spitzer was not indited. If nothing else they should have turned poor taste and a hypocritical attitude into criminal offenses just for him, although Probably it would end up affecting too much of the general population.

  • I remember well reading in one of my old etiquette books that in setting up housekeeping, a woman (well, likely in context, a young housewife) is wise to scrimp a bit elsewhere to leave a few dollars budgeted to keep fresh flowers in the house. I think it was, and is, right on, whether it’s a bunch of dandelions or an orchid or some other little arrangement to pique the senses…

  • I timed my paperwhites and amarylli (sic) all wrong. They been and gone. So watching yours is like Lindt 85% Cacao (um, bittersweet).
    Today was Elio’s birthday. I’m sure he’s had mille baci and then some in four years. This afternoon he was using his Three Friends blankie to tent the house he built from the coffee tables in the livign room. Four years!!!

  • that sweater looks so scrumptious i cant wait to start knitting it myself and to see what buttons you put on it

  • that sweater looks so scrumptious i cant wait to start knitting it myself and to see what buttons you put on it

  • that sweater looks so scrumptious i cant wait to start knitting it myself and to see what buttons you put on it

  • Bimbo eruption! Not only is that hysterical, I fear it is a euphemism.

  • The Adriafil Spillo from the Smiley’s Hotel Sale also works in that scarf pattern. Trade with a friend if you don’t have two colorways. I have the shaded blues and the tan and blue.

  • I love your way with words. Bimbo eruption indeed!

  • I agree with the commenter who said she’s embarrassed to be from Illinois. Not only is our governor a criminal, but our state is WAY behind on paying its bills and thinks borrowing money is the solution. What a mess.

  • Margaret is great and the scarves too. Thanks for the picture of the American Girl Blanket. I almost forgot to make something for the Doll. There’s nothing more lovely than flowering paper whites when the snow is flying outside.