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  • Ann —
    I dont know what to kvell over first….the needlepoint seat covers or the g. pig!! Both are fantastic in their own way (but did you really want to put that creature on those covers…what if, what if, what if there was an “accident”?????)
    Let me be the first to request a full size picture of the covers so that we can all get a good look at them. I have a feeling that our moms our together at the craft corner…or perhaps, “stitches heaven.”

  • can someone please EDIT ME before i post…sheesh….”are” together, among other things.

  • That Squeaker, what a cutie! My mom and her mom and all of my aunts needlepointed the chair covers around her dining room table… having just learned to needlepoint, I can’t even imagine the time investment in all those chairs. Looks like some kind of fruit/floral pattern?

  • Rene–Too funny. It had to be an Alabama thing. I think in 1965 the fruity/floral canvas salesman came through the state, and no needlepointer was left behind.

  • Okay. I just read your interview questions and let me say that the last time I laughed so hard I cried is when I read your interview answers. You girls are so damn funny. Please, let me know when you’re on Oprah…need to set the VCR. 🙂

  • Dear Carrie, I’m glad you think we’re funny here, because in person that is not the adjective you would be looking for. We’re total weirdos snapping PHOTOS of our GUINEA PIGS on NEEDLEPOINT chair covers. (I qualify for an even higher level on the pathetic-o-meter than Ann, because I have tried, but FAILED, to wrangle my own rodent onto a piece of heirloom needlework and digitally capture him in all his toothy, twitchy charm.) But one of the many mottoes of Mason-Dixon Knitting is “Be Who You Are.” Another one is “We Can’t Help It.” Thanks for stopping by and if you’ve got an adorable lower-order pet, please send us a snapshot for our Rat-o-Rama gallery (under construction). xox Kay

  • Out newest motto: “We are NOT a loser blog. Really.”
    As for the pig, she sheds a remarkable amount, so I’m thinking of getting hold of Knitting with Dog Hair for hints. I love this book: “Stop vacuuming and start knitting!”
    love, Ann

  • Hey Ann–Have you heard this buzz that we’re going to be on Oprah?? Alert the MDK P.R. Dept. Hooty-hoo, Kay