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  • finishing up ‘ordered’ christmas scarves for others, to be able to finish my dad’s afghan…

  • You MUST TiVo the Amazing Race. You MUST.
    I love TV.

  • Amazing Race. yep.
    I am impressed that you went to such lengths to find an upholsterer. I have a problem with the entire species. They run like heck when I wear through an arm chair, and I can’t seem to find one anywhere. I had one for two months about four years ago, great guy, fabulous work, not too pricey, but then he disappeared with my grandmother’s chaise lounge, and it took me over a year to get it back from him, stripped to the frame and about as comfortable as an Iron Maiden in Death Valley.
    Hold on to that guy!

  • Dozens of tiny Xmas stockings as ornaments, done in yicky green acrylic and yicky white synthetic fuzz. Don’t worry, you’ll get one. Am also hot on the trail of the much-loved and locally made cashew brittle, which has not appeared in stores. But fear not, I have the phone number of the nice lady who makes it.

  • At the beginning of November I identified four projects I wanted to complete by year end, one of which is a Purgatory Sweater I have been working on for my husband for about…3 years. Three of the four (cotton angora baby blanket and 2 pair of mittens) are finished. Purgatory Sweater, of course, is still in process, but there’s a whopping 28 days left in 2004 so I have not given up the dream.
    Meanwhile they are rewiring the condo, our furniture is all over the place, the children are sleeping in strange places around the house, and there is a LOT of yarn in the bathtub. (Put yarn in bathtub. Pull shower curtain. Presto! Yarn is “put away”!) Sure, everything is under control.
    Gotta get me some of that Tivo.

  • I am glad I am not the only one in the over 25 set who watches, on occassion, Pimp My Ride. I think we should start something on knitting blog ring: Pimp My Stash!!

  • A nice cardigan in Lambs Pride worsted for my always-chilly mom, which OF COURSE I have to to finish before Christmas . At least that’s what I tell myself every night when I go to sleep after 2 rows… a Koigu tie from IK that I bagged about 1/3 way through last night. (Even ripping that stuff out and rewinding it is fun.)… note to self: need new gift idea for the ubiquitous yet elusive men… a fun sharf/scawl laying in wait till after the holidays… note to self: don’t forget the holidays…

  • Note to Ann, who confuses Colin Farrell and Will Ferrell: I keep confusing Colin Farrell and Colin Firth! Is this some kind of advanced personality test? Could the results tell us something? Hmmmm….

  • And I keep confusing Colin Firth with the Firth of Forth. That’s a problem.
    Trying to work on Amelie from Vintage Knits. Keep being distracted by visions of myself with a pixie bob, fine features and perfect skin. Delirium and Kidsilk Haze do not mix.

  • My kids watch Pimp My Ride and throw around the words ‘Pimp My Ride’ with glee. Means something different over here… 🙂

  • No. I’m sorry. You have GOT to be joking. “Pimp my Ride” ???? – clearly a divided by a common language issue. As Anne says, means something entirely different over here :0)
    You’re not really going to let anybody sit on the piano stool are you ??