A Quick Trip and a Quick Free Cowl Pattern

By Ann Shayne
August 7, 2018

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  • Thanks for the Cowl pattern, it looks fantastic!

  • I simply adore your writing. That is all.

  • Wonderful travelogue. Headed there in 2 weeks. I’ll pack the febreeze

  • Thanks for sharing such a wonderful trip. Glad to know you can go “home” again, and that you can sometimes make your “younger humans” sit still long enough for a photo and a visit!

  • Sounds like the perfect weekend. We visited 2 weeks ago for the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Metropolitan. Hoping to see the other part of the exhibit at the Cloisters before it leaves. Maybe combine it with lunch at the Unicorn! Three Identical Strangers was amazing! It felt close to home because of the location and them being close to my age.

  • Thanks for your mini-tour of NYC adventures. Sounds exciting!

  • Lovely. Simply lovely. Thanks for the sensitive sharing. (The cowl is very nice, too. Love the color combo.)

  • Love New York. Love your Cowl. And I don’t know about all of Nashville airport but passed through the Southwest wing just yesterday and it was pretty spanking slick, New, maybe?

  • Lovely cowl! What a fun NYC adventure you had. Many, many years ago, my dad lived on the Chinatown/LES border. A few years ago, he and my brother stopped by and took a picture in front of his old building. It was the first time my dad had been back since he moved out. It gets very emotional, thinking about how our lives change over the years.

  • Your cow fabricl looks like a very pretty version of the carpet at the airport.

  • That terre looks just perfect for your pieds.

  • Great photos! I absolutely ADORE the pink/orange combo. Thank you for the pattern!

  • Your post has made me wistful for New York (although not the aromatics)! I lived in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn (159 Warren St.) from 1988-1991 before moving to Oklahoma City. I paid $750/month for a 4-room floor-thru with no air-conditioning on the parlor floor. I loved it.

  • Thank you for sharing your travels, especially the exhibit featuring the poetry by Auden. A real shape-shifter to me.

    • Oh, that poem! It perfectly captures all the swirling sin my own head these past days. I’m fiercely hanging onto “We must love each other or we die.”

      What a lovely missal about going home you’ve shared with us!

  • The PDX airport carpet reigns supreme, my dear. Nashville will always gnash its teeth. (See what I see did there?) Otherwise, a lovely trip! 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! I just got home to Portland from NYC last night. There’s no place like home.

  • In my Uptown biased opinion, the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Cloisters is way more effective (and not as crowded). Plus there’s the lovely medieval garden and great views of the Hudson River.

  • Thanks for the cowl pattern. Enjoyed reading about your New York weekend.

  • Gorgeous Cowl! In defense of my home town — some ‘hoods and avenues are more aromified than others… eg, if you’d been at Kay’s….

    (Full disclose I used to have a love-hate relationship w NY, now it’s more like hate-mostly tolerate-sometimes like.)

    I know Clif will have a grand ole time!! And hey, he might even go to class, too.

    Thanks for the great cowl pattern!

  • I have not seen Three Identical Strangers yet, but I recently saw the story 20/20 (ABC) did about the movie, and they interviewed other people affected by the (SPOILER ALERT) adoption program in question. I recommend catching it on demand. I don’t know if the movie included all those people too. So disturbing. I remember when those three brothers were all over the TV news and talk shows 35 years ago.

  • Thanks for the Cowl pattern. And with your taste, you could work wonders on that place on W. 4th to make it fabulous.

  • You and Hubbo have made a handsome young human there! How is it that you all three have the same twinkle in the eye? Lovely family photo!
    Thanks for reminding a native New Yorker of all there is to do here!

  • My running ‘joke’ since working in the City in my (ahem) youth: when I win the lottery, I am buying an entire brownstone on the UWS. Sigh. When I worked in Murray Hill, there was this charming semi-circle of Mews … a girl can dream, at any age. (now I walk by a brownstone in Chelsea leaving work that has a driveway and a garage. In the City!)

    In my youth, the subway token cost 35 cents when I was in college, then 50, now I don’t even blink as I put $40 at a time on my Metrocard. I fully admit that if I were to move away, I would miss the City, even though I live in NJ (and the Met won’t let me ‘pay what I wish” anymore).

  • Hey, we were bridge-and-tunnel people at the same time! We were in Queens, 1986-1995. The scent of NY summer, oy.

    PDX has some vintage carpet, and lots of new carpet. I think BNA has some music themed carpet in one of their terminals, and it’s good looking. I think I was flying American that time? Not sure.

    Thanks for the quick tour of NY, and for waxing rhapsodic about setting eyes on the offspring. I had my kids over for impromptu dinner tonight; I was missing them. Even though they live in town!

  • I’m counting the years until I am allowed to return to the city. Have committed to letting the kids finish high school where we are now, in semi-rural PA.
    THANK YOU for the shot of the finished cowl. It is so much more informative about the true nature of the object. I may adapt for some fingering I’m dying to use. At least for swatching.
    TBD… Will be sure to send a pic/post to ravelry.

  • Watched the McQueen trailer, it looks really good. Have booked my ticket to see it this weekend, looking forward to it.

  • Lovely post! When I worked in NYC (Hudson/King Street, just south of Houston), my coworker and I would stroll over to that exact Joe’s for pizza. Sigh. So yummy! And we would sometimes treat ourselves to delivery from Hunan Pan (funny how I remember after almost 20 years!). Ah, they had the best szechuan tofu!!

    And that pied a terre is fabu!!