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  • Dear Ann–
    It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before Ralph Fiennes appeared on our beloved MDK. Personally I have no doubt that he’s been LWC (Lurking Without Commenting) for some time now, along with Pam (aka Monkeyarms), Sally, and many of my relatives.
    I even liked him in Schindler’s List. I found him even creepier, though, in that flick with Cate Blanchett. The next Jeremy Irons?? Dream on, Ralphie Boy. (Fun fact: “Ralph” rhymes with “Kaffe”. Wassup with that? on both counts!) xox Kay

  • Dear Ann,
    OK, Ann, since you bring it up: There you are, all sweetness and light and magnolia blossoms, yet it always seems to be you who is ruining my eBay eDay by bidding up the price on my fave Kaffe Fassett kits of ancient vintage!!! This time I resolved that no matter what it took, I was not going to let it slip away!!! The adrenalin is still pumping!!! Wendy RULES!!!!
    Better luck next time, love & kisses from
    Wendy Two by Four (or whatever)
    P.S. I’m not going to knit it either!!!

  • Hee! A big thank you out to all the last bidders on eBay. I shall not soon forget my time in graduate school, when, broke and having just successfully made slippers and socks for all my neighbors, and thus being out of yarn, I bid well beyond my means on cones and cones of beautiful hand-dyed chenille. Thank you, mystery bidder, I would have driven myself MAD, I tell you, making whatever out of chenille, and then having no money for booz- I mean food.

  • Also, wee David’s sweater ROCKS. 😉