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  • i waved my magic wand over kay’s head last night as part of a valiant effort to get rid of her seemingly bad electomagnetic charma. if that doesn’t work, there is always sage. love the kid photo and although i know that the photo is a v. recent one, with all of this rainy cold weather, its seems like summer was a long time ago.
    keep the rows moving with birch!

  • Dear Ann– Keep the creepy disembodied-head photos of your darlings coming. A: they’re adorable–in a sort of Wednesday Addams/Wolfie Munster/Ted Williams way–and 2) they keep us in the running with Glampyre and our other goth knitting friends on the web!! And that’s KEY!!!
    I am digging out of my no-internet-connection backlog. Can you believe that I have not been to eBay in more than THREE WEEKS!!!?? Mars has been here and back, and I have not seen the Kaffe Fassett/Rowan/Noro offerings. I have been forced to drag my non-virtual physical person to the LYS, where I must interface with other humans in order to buy bags of Handknit DK Cotton in the most lurid pastel shades available.
    The penultimate relatives (brother & spouse) leave tomorrow. We then get a respite from non-stop making-people-love-New-York….for a week. Then Mom and Dad, aka Frank and Lill, arrive for a week. Will have to blog about them, as they are a hoot. Dad is the famous ‘Portly Dad’ for whom I mobilized the Rowanettes, and especially Yvonne, to search their vast pattern archives for raglan-sleeve jacket patterns. Now I’m searching for bulky yarn for Bulky Dad’s bulky jacket. XXL, tweedy, heathery, something that will look spiffy with Portly D’s stately Stetson. Kind of a Rockford Files esthetic.
    I have been knitting like mad and snapping away with the Kay-cam. Heavy on the denim, square-shaped, rusticated items.
    Love, see you soon–go ahead and post our replies to Lis’s interview questions! XO Kay