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  • Yay Cristina! That really *is* a beautiful work of art she whipped up! She’s the ultimate of crafty goodness. Does the ever-crafty Cristina have a web site for us to ogle?

  • AAAAAAACK! Gobsmacked! I’m beyond gobsmacked. I can’t get over this invitation. Between receiving peach bereavement cobblers and singing “Old Man River” with grandfather Albert’s friends, I’m totally amazed at this fabulous art.
    Thank you, Cristina. Truly inspired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Way to go Christina! I’m truly impressed. 🙂

  • Stunning!

  • That is an amazing invite! Cristina is a genius!!

  • Totally awesome!

  • I’m just standing here trying to pick my jaw off the floor. I am so unworthy of being in the company of such amazing, amazing artists. My heart rate has increased tremendously here. (will that burn calories, you think?)

  • truly amazing. yes, this blog is so inspiring!! it’s like a workshop all on its own!!

  • Oh, wow. Definitely plotzworthy!

  • I’m plotzing, I’m plotzing! And I SO love collage as a medium. Cristina’s brilliant.
    Now, as to the Freedom Tower cornerstone, thanks for the pointer, Kay, because that didn’t catch my eye in the email NYTimes I receive, and I dig type, too. But, Grammar Avengers, couldn’t the inscription use another comma or two?

  • This is truly stupendous! How I wish I’m closer to where the Sew-Up Bees are taking place. On closer look at the card, I found 4 of my quilty squares on the card!

  • i adore the collage effect…. so inventive and welcoming…..a lovely tidbit to add to this heartwarming knitathon! LOVE

  • What a beautiful invitation! I love things like that! Skay, someone suggested you read “Larry’s Party” while knitting the border and I was at the bookstore and saw a copy and now I’m half way through – love it! Thank you MDK reader!

  • Fab invitation. What talent! Count me in for the Sewing Bee! Please. BTW, did my squares from Hilton Head show up? The packing seemed a bit iffy. Sorry.

  • This is just too cool. And, since I will have to miss the NYC Sew-Up Bee (hubby has this funny thing about his birthday), I would be happy to host a pale imitation in downtown Chicago, if you have other loyal followers here. Otherwise I am still holding out hope for no conflicts with Ann’s Nashville Sew-Up…!

  • Thanks a plotz, ladies!

  • Hey Evelyn, I’m out here in the western burbs, and my sister Melissa from the Land of Many O’s is a short 2 1/2 hours away in Occonomoc, WI. I bet we could have a fun sewing bee! Count me in!
    The invite is gorgeous, the labrynth is mind boggling (I have got to get that book!), and I am just now finally getting around to log cabinning (M-K made it an official verb a while back, right?), which is totallyl addictive!
    And Ann, I didn’t know you collected typeface aracana, but I’m not surprised. Here’s a tidbit for you: I actually dated Frederick Goudy’s nephew (maybe great-nephew) a few times. He had a bunch of notebooks and letters, and was totally unappreciative of them.

  • Wow–I love the invitation! I do hope that I may attend the NYC sew-up bee? I may not have contributed many squares, but I’m a wiz with a needle! I have one more square for you–I’ll pop it in the mail this weekend.
    I’d suggest a rendez-vous (I think I work only a few blocks from your current apartment, Kay), but with your packing up and my stupid schedule–that would probably prove impossible!
    Good luck with the packing and moving! We moved 13 blocks back in February and boy, was that an adventure. May your move be much smoother than mine!

  • Can one plotz while in the Midwest? I think it’s possible. . . yep, definitely. Amazing.