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  • Brilliant haiku,
    lovely scarf.And also you
    nailed the last photo.
    (is nailed one syllable or two? )
    xo, gz

  • Birch is so pretty
    And the fence adds such pizzazz.
    Such a springlike green.

  • My favorites! Green,
    vrai bois, and haiku. Bravo,
    Kay, I like it lots!

  • A loverly* shawl
    And a beautiful photo.
    I said oooooo out loud.
    *luv-er-lee is three syllables.

  • When you blog haiku
    All the comments are haiku
    This is so funny

  • Oh – this is so beautiful and created out of my absolute most favourite yarn in the whole world. Yes, I am a Haiku lover! I rarely ever knit with it on its own though, usually tending towards carrying it along with other yarns creating different effects. My fondest way of using it is to carry a brightly painted colourway with black. Turquoise and fushia and reds are my favoured colours to put with black. If I could only choose one skein of yarn to have, it would most definitely be Haiku. Fortunately we carry it in the shop I work in – Maiwa Handprints in Vancouver BC – maiwa.com so I have easy access to it.
    Thanks for showcasing this lovely piece of knitting.
    Knitterly blessings,

  • Very clever, all of it!

  • Heartbreaking beauty
    Stitch on stitch, row after row
    Holds Spring in freeze frame

  • When you set up these photos, are you ever the slightest bit anxious that all that rusticity might snag your beautiful knitting?

  • Wow, noble of you, redoing a ruffly bindoff in lace, I don’t think I’d have the stomach! Beautiful though (and I like the haiku also, but I’m not feeling too creative at the moment).

  • Wow. (one syllable.)

  • Thanks so much. I was just going to knit my fourth Kiri, which is also based on Birch, but now have some new silk cloud fun.

  • Starting from bottom
    What a brilliant idea
    To keep sanity

  • every time I see such a beautiful piece, I wonder why oh why can’t I do it?
    I have such a problem with lace!!!
    Any suggestions out there for a good how-to book or dvd?

  • That is so lovely! Kudos to you for managing to rip lace mohair out without mangling it!

  • Soft… nice post!

  • Ripping, post-blocking.
    Sometimes it seems the Tough Call
    is the only call.
    As stitches dissolve…
    will reward follow effort?
    Indeed! Here is proof.

  • Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • No haiku from me. [No low-ku, either. Maybe a little *loco*; I’m in Texas.] It’s gorgeous. Adding it, sigh, to the ever-growing Ravelry queue. Thank you, I think.

  • Showed husband beautiful shawl. His first question, “Wasn’t she worried about putting that on the fence?” Then I showed him all the haikus he said, “That really ups the ante for blogs.” If the world only knew that knitters were so talented and poetic…

  • After vacation
    Proliferation of knits
    On every blog
    This is awesome!

  • Beautiful….14K gold!