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  • One of my favorite podcasts! Yes they’re silly sometimes, but I usually come away learning about something. Their “Knitter’s you should know” segment is brilliant and I happen to really enjoy the magazine as well!

    Audio and video podcasts are a huge part of my crafting (and other) entertainment. I probably spend about 20-40 hours per week keeping up with them, going back and forth between audio books and podcasts. Sometimes I wish my commute to work was longer!

  • I love Pom Pom! Both magazine and podcast. They are a pleasure in every way.

  • Ann and Kay, I really enjoy your daily posts. Thanks for the great bits of news. I’ll be checking out the Pomcast today.

    I wanted to comment on the Chartreuse posts of the last couple of days. I was watching Guys and Dolls last night and noticed there was a whole lot of Chartreuse going on in the Technicolor goodness of that movie. There seemed to be a pop of Chartreuse in every scene. Check it out!

    • Oh, Guys and Dolls, one of the all time great movies. Now I’ll have to watch it tonight. I’m guessing Nicely Nicely has some chartreuse action….

      • As I recall there is also a lot of brown and maroon and red. Delightful!