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  • Have a safe trip! Someday, someday I will be somewhere where you two are… 🙂

  • Only the tote bag o’ love? Can’t you take the baby basket as carry on? Well, I wish I was in Portland, for a variety of reasons. Like I think you will see green things popping out of the ground, and on trees, unlike here in still-dreary Toronto.

  • Just had to tell you guys – your lovely book has just “birthed” another knitter ! My non-knitting job-share partner saw this in my bag last week, whipped it from me, asked me to help her buy yarn, needles and get started – and is now (slowly !) cranking out a baby kimono. I feel so proud :0)))))

  • You’re coming to Portland? How did I miss this? Abundant Yarn is my local yarn shop! I will definitely be there 🙂

  • I’m so excited you are coming to Portland! I hope to make it over to Abundant Yarn, but we are returning from our own Spring Break shenanigans on that day. Don’t know exactly when we are rolling into town. I will be there in spirit, if not in person!

  • I’m so there! I’m even willing to brave the bus for you guys! Abundunts parking lot is um,”quaint”? LOL. I’m so excited you guys are coming!!! Yippee! And yes, it’s very green here right now. Cherry blossoms are EVERYWHERE!

  • I am covertly/subliminally trying to get my step-father to take a book in and get signed and pass along some love to ya’ll as an early b-day present. I may have to step it up to shameless bribery or begging in these final days before the event.
    Enjoy Portland – I may move there someday just for the yarn and knitters!

  • I was wondering if you have any more of the autographed bookplates? After enticing a coworker to buy your book (and, frankly, several others), I’d like to give her a bookplate for her copy. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Shoot, I don’t know if I can get there for this. I don’t live far but the traffic from my direction is HORRIBLE. I’d love to share all the mitered squares I’m obsessively making right now. I’ll have to figure out some way to manufacture a reason for being in your area for the day.

  • How exciting that you will be in Oregon! But I am still about 300 miles away. Hmmm. This takes some thinking.

  • oh! i’m so excited to see y’all- portland is full of awesome knitters (and bloggers!). you’ll love it here! 🙂

  • Aw, darnit! No way I can get to Portland next week… wanna make a side trip to Salem while you’re here? Only 45 minutes down I-5…

  • No blog, but I live in the neighborhood, so I’ll be walking on over to see you all next week. I am getting excited too, I hope the weather holds.

  • Oh yes, you should be excited! Your adoring fans await your arrival.

  • Take pictures and have lots of fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Portland.
    You guys should drop into Chicago sometime, it’s also very nice.

  • The shop has a blog. XD I should know, I write it.
    And I have somehow (in)conveniently arranged to be out of town that week. I may have to make a day trip up to see ya’ll. 😀

  • The one place I know that serves a sloe gin fizz is Squeez: 1403 SE Belmont St. It’s right in my neighborhood, even.
    I’ll be at Abundant Yarn on Wednesday with my mom.

  • Should I supply you with Sloe Gin? It can be arranged, you know…. love, a gin-drinking (sloe or not) Brit x x x

  • I’m a Eugene knitter (100 miles south) but if for some reason I need to be in PDX I’ll be there!

  • We east coast blogless knitters will be with you in spirit……

  • I’m still excited about your visit. Have it all arranged to leave the kiddos with grandma (part of their Spring break entertainment too). I haven’t visited the Sellwood area of Portland in years, should be fun. Trying to decide which of 5 FO’s to bring along…

  • I’m a Portland (area) blogger and might not be able to make it to Abundant Yarns on the 28th; though I will be doing my darnedest to get there. It’s crappy how work so often gets in the way of knitting.

  • No fair — I’ll actually be driving the hundred miles up to Portland that day, but I’ll be stuck at the baby neurologist’s office.
    It would be so much more fun to get my book signed!

  • The book you mention….is that your “new” book? Can’t wait to see it.

  • Delighted you are venturing out to visit Portland! I look forward to seeing you. (My apologies for the sad little blog, which is still in its infancy.)

  • Too bad that I’m going to be back in Victoria by then…carp! It would have been so great to meet you. I visited Abundant Yarn last time I was in Portland and it was a lovely shop. I bought a HUGE hank of their naturally dyed sock yarn that will someday become something fabulous.

  • Have a great trip.
    Any plans to do a stop in the Seattle area any time soon?

  • This was very, very cool. I would have loved to be there. I really should have taken the day off and taken the bus over.

  • Oh, I hope I can be there… but with kids on Spring Break, it could be a little difficult (I’m over at the beach, too).
    I have to tell you I am a HUGE fan of your book and the type of knitting it has in it (kids, home, humor)… I don’t know if even therapy could relieve me of my obsession with knitting dishcloths these days! 🙂
    I hope there will be more from both of you?!

  • I will be there! I don’t have a blog…yet. I feel so uncool! 😛 Can’t wait to see you both.

  • can’t wait-can’t wait!!

  • Portland? Whose idea was it to visit Portland and not Seattle? Why on a Wednesday, when I can’t drive down from Seattle after work and back in time to be able to function the next day? I would not hesitate to drive down on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
    Please come to Seattle! I’ll bake you a pie.

  • I hope you have an awesome time in Portland, I’m getting married on the 31st, and have too much to do (like finish the lace on my god-daugther’s dress, because of course I had to knit SOMETHING for my wedding), but I’ll track you girls down someday!!

  • Can’t wait to see both of you. My blog.
    I am curious how you came to the decision to book at Abundant Yarn, and not Knit Purl or Yarn Garden. ???

  • I’m a Portland Knitter/Blogger. I do have your book, and have even knit things from it. I don’t know if I’llmake it down to Abundant Yarn on Wednesday, but would love to! Enjoy your visit. Make sure your hosts will get you to the essential Portlandness that you wanted to see, whether it’s beer, or transit, or the Columbia River, or whatever. I’m so glad you get to visit. Pat’s is definitely the only yarn store in Portland with the capacity to host an event for you. Love it!

  • Oh wonderful Abundant Yarn. Wish I were there. And they do have LOTS of parking. Good restaurants nearby. Good restaurant in the store as a matter of fact. Last I was there, your book had just come out and we were talking about it. Was at a retreat with Cat Bordhi who was knitting from it, and I managed to snag a copy at amazing Powells. Have a great trip.

  • The delightful hub, who bought me your book for Christmas, assures me we will be back in town in time to see you at AY. Yay! Also… I do have a blog…click on my name.

  • I’m REALLY hoping to make it, if work allows me time. 🙂 Y’all are arriving the day after my official first blogiversary! 🙂

  • Uh, when are you going? I’m going to be there this week (March 29-31), looking around at my future home. I’ll be a Portland Area (possibly Salem) knit blogger sometime this spring, or July 1st at the latest.
    If any other Oregon people read this, please drop my blog and leave me “knitting in Oregon” advice.

  • Hey! Welcome to Portland! (so, I’m a little early.) Spring has been its usual unpredictable self here lately so you all might want to dress in layers and be sure to bring the raincoat. Warm/cold/sunny/raining/hail or all of the above at the same time. Have a great trip and hope to see you!

  • I will be there! I am so excited.