Postcard from the Backyard: A Cowl, Owls

By Ann Shayne
May 29, 2017

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  • We’ll need a modelled shot … How long is this, does it dangle or snuggle? Lovely colours!

  • I just checked out the owl clips on your instagram. I especially love the caption where they are consoling one another. Thanks for sharing, Ann. This is amazing to watch – lucky you, and with FOUR learning, so much fun.

  • Ann, your cowl looks gorgeous! I have my yarn kit from MDK, but chose another colorway that I also like, but rarely would choose (working on making new choices). I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours.

    I was looking at your owl videos over the weekend. Crazy amazing! I remember, also, years ago when you had pics of a bird and its nest, and all, on the blog. You sure have a lot of interesting goings-on in your backyard! Save going out for yarn (and provisions) you could well stay home and never be bored.

  • Oh, beautiful owlets… Shades of obsessive watching of Molly and McGee’s broods learning to use their wings.

  • I’ve loved these cowls since they were introduced but resisted because I had so much else on the needles, and the AYOT coming out each month as well. I’ve resisted long enough!!! Finally had to order the kit for myself :). No idea when I’ll get to it, but at least it will be in my stash, winking at me every time I open the door LOL!

  • Ann, something gorgeous to listen to while you binge-watch your backyard babies…

  • Love the cowl, and love the fledgling owls!

  • Thanks, very nice. Congratulations. Your owl cowl is simply wow…..I day before I die Iwill create one..ha hahaha New kid on the block.