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  • It’s been fun to follow along with you on Instagram. Good luck with reentry into the real world! xo Tammy

    • Ditto. Did you get to dye the napkins?

    • Real world? Avignon is a very lovely place on this earth, I would say!

  • I can’t wait to hear about your trip, but your post has started an ear worm from my beginning French days…

    • You aren’t the only one!

      • Me too.. sûr le Pont d’Avignon…

    • Yes.

  • Ahhhhh. I really know how to holiday vicariously!
    Safe journey home, Kay 🙂

  • Have a safe journey home! It has been such fun following your instagram.

  • Ahh! The Rhone River valley! So beautiful! We were there last August and fell in love.

  • Woad dyeing in France! That’s the real deal. That would be so fun. I have a woad patch in my garden and brew up a vat or two every summer. Woad/pastel in France has such an amazing history. Those shades of blue.

    • How do you do that, grow woad safely, I mean?
      And I welcome your return and vicariously enjoying France rough your experience

  • That looked like so much fun! I am dreaming of taking a workshop at Chateau Dumas with my sisters! It’s not that far from where one of them is moving in Spain (in four days!).

  • Whoa , woad! Watch out indigo. Love it.

  • Love the woad. I may need to make a woad pot. what a glorious color. and that garden is to die for. (dye for?)
    Can’t wait to see more.

  • I trust (and am hoping) you will tell us all about Avignon when you return home safely to NYC!

  • Remember to stop somewhere on the way and get some treats for Olive. This will make her so HAPPEEEE her food lady is home! (Also, wash your face — it will be slurped!) Otherwise, her reaction might be “Why does she keep saying woad? I smell SQUIRRELS!”

  • Two things.
    First, insanely jealous. That looks like it was so much fun!
    Second, what are the silvery sandals with the ties on instagram?

  • Did you dance sûr le pont?

  • That we live in a world with indigo AND woad! WHAT IS LIFE.

  • Is woad the new indigo? I haven’t even jumped on the indigo dyeing train and now you’re off to another dye pot. I can hardly keep up, but I trust you’ll explain everything when you’re back in town. Safe travels!

  • Just discovered the joys of woad dyeing from Denise today. A lovely accompaniment to
    indigo and shibori with Jane Callendar.