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  • Have the best time girls. Geesh…another groovy event I’m missing.

  • So wish I could join you. I am actually flying through DC this morning. So close but yet so far.

  • Meanwhile, I’ve been in New Zealand for the last two weeks, reading your posts every night at exactly 9 PM, 4 AM CDT, just as they pop up on my screen with my mail. They’ve made me feel at home these last 14 days. Thanks, girls. Alas, tonight is my last night down under, unless you count tomorrow which will actually last for 42 hours. Love you, Judy

    • Safe travels dear Judy & Kelly!

  • Can members of the general crafting public even attend TNNA? Or is it for industry professionals only?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

    • Generally industry people, although lots of indie designers and creatives are members.

  • What a sandwich! Have a great time!

    • What a sandwich indeed! And how nice your knitting looks, Kay! It also has a neat, orderly look to it that is very soothing to me, at the moment.

      Have more fun, and knit on!


  • I love both those bricks-and-knitting shots very, very much.
    Continue having a great time, and bring back lots of pictures and tidbits for use stay-at-home brickless knitters 🙂
    (Any chance you’ll be popping in at the Smithsonian? Any part of the Smithsonian at all? Pretty much guaranteed wonder and inspiration to be found through any of the many doors.)

  • Oooh, “a lot of hugging and kissing, meeting and greeting, and sitting and knitting,” some of my very favorites! I hope that it continues to be fun!

  • I have now have a desire to knit Martina Behm’s “Brickless” and photograph it against some bricks.