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  • The large lounge! I know where you were. I go there every November with my knitting buddies. 🙂

    • Wendy,
      Can we all go with you!

      • I’m in!

    • Can I come too? I’m from Wisconsin, I can bring cheese, lots and lots of cheese.

  • Cool! One of my friends was just telling me about the Apple Festival at Graves Mountain Fall in fall. It is on our calendar.

    There is a Fiber Festival in October on the grounds of Montpelier. You can’t get more presidential!

    As a Charlottesvillian, I would avoid Route 29 at all costs and embrace Bodo’s Bagels (several locations) Perfect sandwiches!

    • As. lake Anna resident, I second all of the above.

      • As a person who lived in Charlottesville for six months twenty-three years ago, I third all of the above. I STILL remember Bodos Bagels!

  • Ann you have a wicked sense of humour. The world needs a few less sweetie pies and a few, but maybe JUST a few, more like you.

    • I totally agree!

    • I totally agree, Moira!

    • Hear, hear!

  • The mind reels. What would a Ravelry for marqueters look like? Would there be indie taxidermists?

  • A lovely area and about 1 hour from Lake Anna and ME! Looks like Graves Mountain where they serve a delicious lunch. They have a craft show in the fall. When the apples are in season. You definitely need reservations. It is a Lovely area for hiking and just relaxing.

    Marquetry, well, one does need a craft (where is their knitting) to help pass the hours.

    The Shenandoah Valley is so pretty and here and there a yarn shop.

  • Ha ha…no taxidermy 4 me…but looks like Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, Va….Believe it or not spent my honeymoon there back in the 70’s 🙂

  • You were 20 minutes from me! What a small world it can be. You had a perfect weekend, weather-wise, too. There are so many great hikes around Graves, not to mention the rocking-chairs-with-a-view, perfect for morning coffee (and afternoon knitting). Graves is where Clara held the first 5 Knitter’s Review Retreats, too. Such fond memories.

  • I think the taxidermied (Word?) animals could use artfully knitted scarves or other accessories!

  • I love Syria! I spent a lot of time there growing up. Beautiful!

  • Carrying on with Clara’s retreat, we have been having our KnitXperience at Graves Mountain every November for many years.

  • My goodness, Graves Mountain Lodge! So many memories of the Knitter’s Review Retreat. I’m reassured to see that nothing has changed – and that you had a splendid time. May it always be so.

  • I love a good family reunion!

    I’m imagining how much of a footprint a large group of Confederates left behind after just one night of camping that its location is remembered more than 150 years later!

    • That’s interesting. I was going to joke that “Marquetry is the new taxidermy,” but maybe— in some extremely hip place—it already is!

  • Thank you for sharing the plaque!
    Always read the plaque. 🙂

  • First of all, LOVE the family picture.

    But the trouble with those two hobbies is
    a) you can’t wear the results (or perhaps you COULD wear a form of taxidermy, but shouldn’t)
    b) they do nothing for you on long car trips, airline flights, and the like.

    Well, maybe not the only trouble. . .

    Sign me, sticking to my knitting 😉

  • Taxidermy: An answer to NYC’s pigeon problem. Kay, get on it!

  • The Shenandoah Fiber Festival in Berryville VA also happens in the fall and is a rare treat. Bactrian camels, sheep of many varieties, indigo dying and lots of hand spun!

    • Second this. It is smaller and cozier. Lots of fun!

  • What a wonderful trip to be with so many members of your family. Love the pictures.

  • Fabulous but you left off the title that will surely be received as original, clever and fresh-to-the-ear: Not Your Ganrma’s Marquetry!!!
    (triple exclamations required)
    The group shot is my fave and is your Clif really that tall or standing on a rock? woweee.

  • PS Above would have been more effective had I spelled Grandma correctly……

  • Yet another trial/ experience that your family survived together !

  • Ah Virgnia. A HUMID wonderful State. We learned so much when our Allison lived in Suffolk. Great family photo!

  • No animals are harmed in the process of knitting….not so sure about that taxidermy thing. The fox looked kind of creepy! Looks like you had a grand time!

  • Nice looking clan!

  • Last year we moved from NJ to western VA near the Blue Ridge Mountains. My stepfather gave me a wonderful book that lists all the VA historical markers and what each marker says. We keep it in the car so that if we can’t stop to read the marker, we can look it up. I am looking forward to visiting some of the fall fiber festivals that everyone has written about. Not sure I am ready to take up marquetry or taxidermy, although there certainly is enough wildlife down here to fill a taxidermy workshop!

  • OMG, the stairstep of Ann, Hub, and GIANT MANBOY! I actually gasped out a nervous giggle of unbelief. Oh, em, geeeeeesh.

  • Wow, expert marquetry requires – or maybe it creates? – a determined jaw!
    The portrait of your brothers and father is a beauty, Ann.

  • If you want to continue your taxidermy studies, northern MN and WI have lots of practitioners. Check out the Moccasin Bar in Hayward, WI sometime….yikes.