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  • Could this mean that “Mason-Dixon cologne” is not far behind?

  • I am speechless, mouth open, staring at that image of Danielle Steele, trying not to imagine what the eponymous fragrance smells like. The ad copy one could write if one were more creative than I am (and perhaps just a teeny tiny bit more mean spirited.) What’s nex? Perhaps Mason Dixon Knitting, the fragrance? A modern herbal kaleidoscope reeking of moth repellant and lanolin? Yikes!

  • Umm, why would I want to smell like a book? Yucky!! I would like to smell more like yarn though so Ya Mary Lou!! Bring on the Mason Dixon cologne!
    “No woman can resist the smell of freshly knitted yarn. Caress your skin with the fresh smell of lanolin and barnyard. So refreshing and outdoorsie”
    Something smells sheepy!! (Um, I got nothin’)

  • This is too funny… I’m a former bookstore owner who NEVER wanted to carry Danielle’s books… no one in our community ever purchased them, they all went on the sale table. Who will buy the cologne? Probably some misguided spouse who thinks romance novels are romantic.

  • “Cashmere Musks” — wouldn’t that be goats? “Hydroponic Rose” — um, don’t think so. (I realize I’m confessing I actually clicked through to the fragrance/notes page.) Too, too strange.

  • OMG! are you KIDDING ME???
    this is unreal…
    and is it just me or does Danielle Steele look like she had one too many face lifts? or is that photoshop?
    OMG–she said that she has written nonfiction, poetry and CHILDREN’s BOOKS as well?
    again, are you kidding me?

  • Wow, Danielle Steel is wearing my prom dress from 1988.

  • No. Way.

  • No. Way.

  • Smells like…mindless devotion, yearning, Harry Winston, and satin sheets mixed with life-threatening illness, betrayal, letting one’s self go, and the decline of the real estate market.

  • But it’s made with MAGIC, people! It says so!
    I think it would be good to smell like magic.
    (Actually, as a confessed sniffer of new books — and the mom of a boy who sniffs new leather shoes — I’m not opposed to the book-smelling idea in and of itself….)

  • If this smells like books…count me out. Most of my books come from the used book store so the only thing to come to mind is *musty* and sneezing. No thanks.
    I have to be caddy, snobby intellectual for a minute and ask…what the hell is her children’s book about? Bratz meets trust fund? sigh.
    That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen all day. Thanks for that.

  • I’m pretty sure I can smell it from here and it smells like the highly unhip parts of the 1980s.

  • Danielle needs to do a line of milkshakes. With all that $$ you would think she would at least eat well.

  • Ewww. I repeat Ewwww. Now back to my knitting.

  • Ewww. I repeat Ewwww. Now back to my knitting.

  • Staci, I believe you are right about the prom dress. I think it’s a Gunne Sax! I wore one to the Senior Prom 1976 and the captain of the cheerleaders had the SAME DRESS. Now–Danielle has it. It’s too cruel!!!!!!! xoxo Kay

  • I wish I were laughing all the way to the bank, too.

  • can y’all just shoot me in the head, instead?
    glad to know that her “introduction” is as poorly written as her “novels”.
    cripes, yo.

  • With your discovery of this fragrance, which will “give new meaning to the excitement of wearing a new perfume,” you may have, indeed, seen it all.
    But have you smelled it all? I’ve been walking on Canal street to work for a long time now, and between the rotting deep fat from the fryers in the summer and the knock-off perfumes and the last few plastics stores, the thought of smelling it all… Let’s all hope we never do.

  • If I wear the perfume, do I automatically start using two and three exclamation points at a time? Is THAT the magic?!!!?

  • So, did you or did you not click for the free sample?

  • No! I wouldn’t stoop so low as to click for the sample! This one is just….um…..I have no words for it.

  • Oh. My. God.

  • She said “new” 15 times in the first two paragraphs…but who’s counting. Just for the record, my mother-in-law was reading one of her books when she came for a visit this past weekend. I declined her offer to read the jacket cover.

  • *shudders*
    First Brittany, now Danielle. Who next? I almost dread the answer.
    (Though I could be convinced to sample a Mason-Dixon fragrance, as long as it didn’t have any notes of wet wool.)

  • I couldn’t help myself — I signed up for a free sample, and in the “where did you hear of this site” box, I put this website! I wonder, if a bunch of us do this, will Ann and Kay get a free bottle?
    Although I like romance novels, I don’t like those of Danielle Steele. I also don’t like perfume. Wouldn’t it serve me right if I love this one?

  • Oh….my….gosh! I would not buy this “fragrance
    Danielle Steel is one of the most screwed up people of all time. The only way she seems to be able to handle any of it, is to turn her “adventures” into romance novels. She has been married, six, seven, eight times. Once to a conviced felon (convicted before they married!). I don’t know how her heroines do it, but marriage is not something she is good at. Maybe she does romance well, but not so much with the marriages……. She is the female, romance writing version of Mickey Rooney, but alot younger!!

  • Move over, Martha! Move over, Oprah! Danielle is comin’ to town!

  • How did she manage to come up with that much crap about perfume? Ewwwww.

  • At least you’ve only seen it. You’d probably melt into a pile of green goo if you’d smelled it.

  • be afraid. be very afraid.
    (pui and for the first time)

  • I saw this at Sephora after seeing her book ‘Toxic Bachelors’ at Barnes and Noble. I smelled the stuff out of morbid curiosity and thought a better name for it would have been ‘Toxic Fumes’. Bleh.

  • That’s just plain scary.

  • Can it be any worse than that Krystal stuff they sold at the drugstores when Dynasty was on? EWWWWWW,

  • I bet it smells like money.

  • How ridiculous…of course I signed up for the free sample. Free is key!

  • Could you hand me that fork? I need to stick it in my eye- or in this case my nose.

  • And Paris Hilton has her own fragrance just out, too — called “Heiress”. Are we all retching yet?