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  • Love books! Waiting patiently – sorta.

  • Also love books, waiting impatiently and will never knowingly dog-ear. (Though I did once drop a book in the bathtub, the aptly named Island of the Blue Dolphins.)
    Happy proof-reading!

  • I can’t wait to get my copy! Very exciting! –Tammy

  • Love books! And Fred.

  • Oh no, I’m going to miss this; I’m away hiking for two weeks. Please save me a paper copy!

  • Are the dead animal heads also from the music industry? Also: actual book utility and beauty? Agree to the max.

  • Fred looks just like I pictured him!

  • Exciting stuff! And speaking of exciting, how’s your other BIG project coming along? Haven’t heard much about it this summer except for your sharing of your trip to TNNA. Also anxiously awaiting that big reveal!

    • Just got a request to sign up for the newsletter, which I have done several times but have never received one. Somehow, have I missed it?

      • Me too.

  • Good morning to Fred! Can’t wait!! I grew up surrounded by books (still am). But my mom (a librarian) wouldn’t let me turn down the corners to mark my spot. I have a cat bookmark for that. In a pinch, a thin knitting needle will work too.

    • A strand of yarn (strangely, it seems I always have one) works well as a bookmark.

  • Viewing this on my Android phone, and the pictures here won’t maximize. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw Fred’s picture was that he reminded me of Kaffe!

    I enjoyed the story of Midtown printing, and am glad to see that this project is in good hands. Ann, amazing that your mother taught printing. It’s something where our life’s path will lead us, isn’t it?
    Can’t wait for the first little book.

    Kay, you need to get yourself down there!

    • He reminded me of Kaffe as well – good knitting karma for the book. While I will also do the ebook download, there is nothing quite like a paper book. I am eagerly awaiting the release!

      • Yes, good karma!

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on the book–and all the others to come!

  • Wahoo!

  • This is so exciting! Looking forward to the release of Field Guide No. 1!!

  • I can’t wait!!

  • I love real books. I seem to understand them better and remember them longer. You can thumb through and find the page you are looking for without hitting an arrow key for a million times. they are easy to take with you and you never have to worry how much battery is left.

    • Also the newsletter thing is spotty. Some days I get it and some days I don’t. I signed an alternative email address up and it has never received it. Please be sure you announce the field guide on the blog and not just the newsletter. Please.

      • YOU GET A NEWSLETTER??? I never, ever have, no matter how many times I sign up!

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  • I cannot wait for them to be on sale at Hidden River Yarns! You ladies rock our world!

  • He looks like SUCH a nice guy! That makes me doubly anxious for my copy now. (: Books, held in the hand, speak volumes. That probably doesn’t make any sense but I bond with my books. I do read my novels on my beloved Kindle though. Can’t wait to see your new book!

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  • I love printed books too. Can’t wait.!

  • I’ve signed up multiple times for the newsletter and I’ve never received anything. 🙁

    • Me too!

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  • This is so exciting! I cannot wait to get the actual printed book to hold in my hands!

  • I still love me a real book. So excited!!! Can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait!

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