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  • wooo! ann you are such a badass

  • Brilliant. But did you make that costume yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Scandal at MDK.

  • hahah, brilliant costume ann! i’m sure jeffrey would be flattered.

  • WHo’s the punk mom now, eh?

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you dressed up as Jeffrey. What a hoot! You 4 look fabulous. But hubbo seems reluctant to touch his new girlfriend. Wonder why…

  • See! See what happens when you start wearing those shoes!

  • The Jeffery costume is brilliant!

  • We’re not worthy!
    Hubbo was such an 18th Century FOX.
    Really the whole family is crying out for Dr. Phil. xoxo Kay

  • I see one [email protected] momma, but who is this Jeffrey person?

  • Laurie, I think it must be more project runway references — unless I’m making a super huge fool of myself by being the only only only knitblogger who doesn’t watch the show.

  • whoah… looks like a fun night in the old town!

  • Wow, you even went for what I think of as Jeffrey’s “tattoo of death.” (It actually looks better on you.) How did you accomplish it?

  • Number One Son looks a whole lot like his Aunt Buffy circa 1978-79 to me. I wouldn’t have recognized you in a gazillion years (Joan Jett?). Hubbo though makes one dead-on-balls-accurate Ben Franklin! Bonus points if you know what movie “dead on balls accurate” comes from!
    Miss seeing you – it sure stinks when life gets in the way of living, doesn’t it?

  • “dead on balls accurate”… Dodgeball?

  • WOW! I love them ALL! The East German Women’s swim team…..that is inspired. And your tatoos rock–looks like the shoes did work!

  • You are WAY cuter then Jeffery!! I’m not sure who was scarier though, son #2 or you 😉
    Great costumes! But I would look out for that hot swimmer babe, yousa! I think she could take ya! (oh dear)

  • Your Jeffrey costume is fantastic. How did you get that tattoo on your neck?

  • Dressing up as Jeffrey is absolutely brilliant!

  • ROTFLOL! At first I thought Patti Smith (?), but then I saw the tats. Excellent Jeffrey! Now we know your dark side ;->

  • Wow Number One Son is really scary – he’s a lot more attractive than many real women!

  • Ummm, it’s scary to me because you maybe look like one of my ex-boyfriends? ooooo, reeeeeelly creeeeeepy.
    So what was your act all evening? Did you run up and insult people’s mothers? Did you smoke clove cigarettes and drop names of all the rock stars you’ve partied with? Did you insist to everyone that God must be drunk if your genius isn’t suitably recognized? What a subtle part that must have been to play. So full of nuances.

  • Dude, I am so going to kick your ass. That’s not funny at all. I love my son! Making fun of him is just NOT RIGHT.
    Dude, you suck.

  • Way cool Ann! Hope you’re wearin black lace socks with that;)

  • So I assume you’re supposed to be that Project Runway guy (we don’t have cable, so I have to rely on the issues of People at work). My first thought was biker chick until I noticed the whole neck tattoo thing. Either way, you look like you’re ready to kick some serious ass.

  • I’m so impressed that everyone knew you were dressed up as someone named Jeffrey. Now, I have no clue as to who Jeffrey is or was, but judging from your blog title I’m betting it has something to do with Project Runway.
    See? I’m sharp like that.

  • i love the fact that you dressed up as jeffrey!
    fantastic and the boyos look good too:)

  • omg, i dont think i’ve ever commented on here before but you must know that is the best costume i’ve seen. i love it so much. you so rock!

  • Ann – you kill me with that outfit!! It’s awesome!

  • is that the “real” you? a handsome family, indeedy!

  • *SIGH* My life is so boring……

  • I just want to know JUST how much Angela had to do with your costume?

  • You make a WAY better Jeffrey, than the actual Jeffrey!

  • Yours wins hands down. You look like some arty,punk [as in punk rock ] girls I knew at college ! Maybe you need to colour,cut and spike your hair ? …

  • Jeffrey! Now, did you cart around a partially finished dress, or perhaps a pair of leather hot pants?
    (didn’t watch Project Runway AT ALL last season. Nope.)

  • WOAH Hilarious. I dig the Jeffery costume. It must have taken a lot of patience and a Sharpie for those tattoos. You look marvelous.

  • What a great costume! I only wish I had cable so I could watch the show. The two episodes I saw I loved. It looks like you had a great Halloween!

  • ann – you are my hero! best costume i saw this year and i had an array of bedecked folks on the subway to choose from. xo!

  • Ann you make a helluva goth chick. I think you should stay with that look and make those tats permanent.

  • Okay, I’m with Daphne, is it a requirement to watch the show if you like the blog. I loved your costume even before I knew you were supposed to be anyone at all!

  • LOVE the Pat Benatar look! Did you wear some of your hot new shoes?

  • You are my new hero for dressing up as Jeffrey. That seriously ROCKS.
    (Never mind the fact that you were already my hero for your faboo knitting skills. The Jeffrey thing took you over the top.)

  • Yall look Guuuuuud!

  • JEFFREY! That’s brilliant!