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  • I dunno what the heck you’re talkin’ about.
    But show us a pic of the skating costume!

  • Chloe! I am president of the Chloe fan club. Okay, not really. But I love her designs.

  • Well, they want you to think it will be Santino, but I think it will be Daniel Veeeee (I like to say it just like that, because then I sound like Heidi).

  • gotta be daniel–santino has lasted this long for the entertainment value;daniel is the one with the goods–and he’s so damn cute!

  • I hope she doesn’t say auf wiedersehen to Daniel!

  • Everyone keeps writing to me about Project Runway, and now I read about it here from y’all (Mason-Dixon speak ;-)) Now I know I’m missing something fab, aren’t I? Arrrgh!

  • I rilly rilly hope Santino blows everyone out of the water. He may be evil, but he’s It.

  • I think Santino will pull it off (so to speak), but I’m rooting for Daniel.

  • Because of the show’s schedule, at the time fashion week rolled around for real, they had not yet showed the episode that eliminates the 4th designer, and leaves the three finalists.
    Kara was the last one cut, so they had her put on a “decoy” collection with the 3 finalists, so the runway shows would not give away who the final 3 were. According to an interview, they gave her the same money and restrictions, but less time to do it. Even though she showed a collection, she would not be in the running in the actual competition.
    Anyway, pictures from all of their collections are available, and Kara blew the other 3 out of the water! She was the only one of the 4 that made a collection that was at all exciting.
    It makes sense she wouldn’t want to blow her opportunity to show at fashion week, and in a way, I’m sure she had less to worry about, since she didn’t have to build her collection with the PR judges in mind. It’s a shame they’re probably not going to show any of her collection in the finale.

  • It’s Santini – witness him with his “family” in Hollywood and the little girl cuddling – no evil there – she would have detected it on her kid meter.
    He’s a lot of talk covering in security and BRILLIANT DESIGN TALENT.
    I think he should go for a knitted bolero over one of his pleated dresses…..whadaya think?

  • I think Santino is the man. The collection has some rich colors and the dresses are fab. Chloe’s collection is too 80s for me. Retro is nice but there are a few decades that need to be forgotten. Daniel’s collection is less than inspired. The handbag with the plywood handle is particularly disturbing. Daniel may be cute but looks will only take you so far.
    I’ve thought way too much about this.

  • Daniel V for sure (I hope). Santino is such a stinker!

  • Another great source is Television Without Pity.
    (http://televisionwithoutpity.com/show.cgi?show=163 … this is a link to their Project Runway recaps)
    They also have a discussion forum that is a lot of fun to read.
    Personally, I think Daniel V is going to blow them all out of the water. I completely agree that Cloe’s collection looks tres bridesmaidsy, and Santino is such a weasel. If he wins, then I will be DONE with this show.
    Until next season.

  • RE: the MDK Tour. I sure hope the next stage will bring y’all to the West Coast–esp. the Bay Area!!
    I agree with the gal who said show us that ice staking costume–preferably modeled! On you, girl.

  • I thought your mini wrap-up was on-target. Therfore, I think Santino will win (but I dearly love Daniel, and think Chloe has great technical skill). The New York Times on-line offered a slide show that had one still shot from each of their final collections. Chloe’s poufy thing looks better on the model, but still too “too” for my taste.

  • OK, I have never watched a reality TV series. Never. Really. All those people being REALLY and TRULY mean to each other is really disturbing. Not like Buffy where the vampires take their teeth out and leave the studio at the end of the day.
    So, long story short, I just had to go take a look at the clothes in the PR store, being an armchair fashionista.
    It’s Santino all the way, baybee.

  • Oh, where to start. My 13 year old daughter and I are positively addicted. Chloe can pull some beautiful designs out of the air – they don’t look like anything till she’s done, but then they’re gorgeous, and they look like something people would actually wear. I loved her “flower” dress. But I am very, very concerned about that pink pouffy job I caught a glimpse of – maybe she is too young to remember some of the regrettable moments of the 80s. I had high hopes for Daniel, especially after seeing the stunning, elegant jacket of his they previewed last week, but what I’ve seen so far of his final collection has been underwhelming. And Santino, who as my daughter says cannot resist “trims” and extra stuff tacked on everywhere, had what looked like some fabulous clothes..we will be poised, breathless, remotes in hand, on Wednesday night…

  • Found my way over here via Cara, only to see that there a kindred Project Runway spirits here!
    Hoping against hope that Santino can’t give into the temptation and “Santinos” his collection a little too much. And crossing my fingers that Daniel V wins.

  • Ya know at the end of the show, when the little disclaimers pop up? The very first one says something to the effect of “the judges and their scores take into consideration the opinion of producers…”
    Meaning: Santino is still here because he brings in the ratings. It should be Nick (although that suit WAS pretty Golden Girls) with Chloe and Daniel. I vote Daniel, only because he seemed to do the most work in the 5 (5!) months they had to work.
    OO! How fun to talk about my secret addiction with someone!

  • who i WANT to win: santino
    who they are making you think will win: santino
    who will in actuality win: daniel v.

  • For sure, they are messing with our heads. The suspense is so totally fabulous. I want to work on that show…but Heidi would have me for lunch.

  • I’m hopping on the PR train here to ask: am I the only one who thought she saw balls of yarn on Santino’s work table when The Divine Tim Gunn visited him at home? (Note to PR newcomers: the show is worth watching for Tim alone.)

  • Oh man, this is soo hard. AHve you ever noticed in the credits that “The producers also have a say in who wins”? (Okay, that is a rough quote but you get the idea)
    They have kept Santino for interest and the cliffhanger value, clearly. Daniel V. has chops and he is 24 and just out of school, talented but young. Hmmm. Chloe is adorable and I LOVE her but not sure how far she is willing to push it.
    Sadly, I think Santino will win. Look at Jay from last season- would I EVER wear any of that? Plus the billed him as a knitter. Deep Breath. If Season One is any indication of what they are looking for Santino will win.
    Didn’t you hear on the Sasha Kagan Episode, Michael Kors said:”Is it worse too not push it or better to push it too far?”
    Hmmm, indeed?

  • OK, I’m totally not into any of this but THERE WAS A SASHA KAGAN EPISODE?
    Like was that right after the Alice Starmore episode?
    Please clarify this one detail for me. xox Kay

  • Came in late in the season, but I have to say that I think Santino’s collection looks great, parts of Daniel’s look wonderful (plywood #8-handled bags aside) and Chloe’s stuff looks drab, which surprises me.
    I think it’s going to be Daniel V, despite Tim’s ominous and monotone “hmmmms” in the last episode.

  • I think it was a Sasha Cohen episode, the ice skater, not the knitter.
    And I agree with those who noted the producers’ input into who wins. Santino is still there for ratings. He could have easily gotten booted on more than one occasion. Perhaps he could win it and surprise us all, but I doubt it.
    As for Chloe’s collection, you can take the girl out of Texas… Seriously, she’s designing for big haired ladies in Cadillacs. Just stop it now, Chlo. And she has eight sisters. She IS a bridesmaid! For life!
    As for Daniel, I can easily see him becoming a famous designer. He almost makes it look easy. Did you ever remember him having a “design crisis” or losing a sleeve?? He can actually sew, draw, create, pick fabric, practice time-management skills, and be nice to people. What more can we ask for?
    Great post!

  • Call me a rebel, but I have a bit of a soft spot for old Santino. Don’t get me wrong – I hope Daniel wins – but there is a secret wicked corner of my heart that loves Santino and all of his boisterousness and over the top style. There is a place for people like him in fashion.
    By the way, Ann, Wednesday evening is also the premiere of a new Cycle of America’s Next Top Model! 🙂

  • I am baffled. What are you all talking about? I can only assume this has not yet crossed the pond….

  • I think Santino is going to win. Chloe’s collection looks like she made bridesmaid dresses for her 7 sisters, while Daniel’s collection (particuarly his purses) is just sad. What happened Daniel??? And where’s Andrae?

  • I’m wishin’ un hopin’ that’s it’s Daniel. I like his designs, even if he’s seen as not taking risks. They look both wearable and well constructed. I’m afeared that it will be Santino, though. He was into showing his softer side when Tim Gunn visited him. Nice touch, the family visit. He does make for good television. That’s all well and good, but I distrust his tendency to put “trims” and bustles on things. Chloe? Oh, dear.

  • Yes, okay it WAS Sasha Cohen. I guess I will have to break out the old Dunce cap from the Euroflax incedent.

  • Life’s not fair. I think Tim’s stonewalling Daniel a bit for drama, but Santino, he’s great television. I can’t wait til wednesday.

  • I think the producers are leaning towards Santino…I want Chloe to win and think she’s probably the only one with enough business sense to actually USE the money to start her own line. Sweet Daniel seems too young and not daring enough to make it and Santino would make a huge mess of things and turn a lot of heads, but not be able to manage having staff and marketing himself.

  • Hey Ann. You know how I feel about Project Runway and Daniel. And the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the producers are playing with our heads. Tim isn’t saying that Daniel’s collection is bad (though the handbags do have to go). He’s not really saying anything. He wants Daniel (and his fans) to worry. It’s all about narrative tension. As if we wouldn’t tune in for the final episode anyway!

  • O-My That’s all I’ve been doing. Knitting and watching Project Runway or Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t believe they are making them pop out another outfit and the last min and I can’t believe that she would do that with Goerge and that she would try to be friends with McDreamy. There other things in life that are going on like: school (college, that I can knit in) and work, Shaggy Sheep Yarn shop. But after a long day nothing is better then Starbucks, yarn, and TV.
    Lubbock, TX

  • Santino,Santino,Santino! PLEASE! He’s really not mean (ala Wendy Pepper), he’s just a big mouth – it’s his way of coping in the world. His collection looks gorgeous. Chloe’s – although she’s been solid all season – is more than pathetic. Unfortunatly, I think Daniel will win. They went “edgy” last season with Jay, this time they’ll pick someone who could actually work for Banana Republic. Did you notice his argyle sweater and frou frou hair cut when they did the “six months later” scene with Iman? There’s a boy who got way too much money at once! And BTW, that last outfit bit is the most horrible trick ever!

  • Tim Gunn fans, there’s a whole series of his podcasts about this season over at the iTunes Music Store. I loaded them all in and listened to him speak for about 2 hours one night. It was a great lead up to the Finale part 1. And some interesting behind the scenes stuff.

  • If you can’t take the suspense -go to http://www.newyorkmetro.com/fashion/fashionshows/designers/bios/projectrunwaydesigners/ to preview the fashions. From the collections, Kara should have been the winner but I think Santino will take the gold. He finally might have listened. Did anyone think the way they picked models this season was not as good as last?

  • I love Santino… I know he’s the evil one but his designs are really inventive and he makes me laugh every episode with his impressions. As far as I’m concerned he MADE this season. I’m so addicted to this show!

  • He may be snarky, but I still love Santino. I think I have a secret snarky streak, only I never come up with the things to say right away. They show up hours, days, even years later, saving me from making a complete fool of myself by saying mean things. His clothing is what I would dress like if I had a gazillion dollars and was a fashionista. He had me at that teal muslin number in episode one.
    That said, I drove past Chloe’s shop in the trendy part of Houston, far far far away from the untrendy good school district part where I live, and her stuff is really cute and wearable. If they’d been open I might have even had the nerve to go in.
    Daniel? Yawn yawn yawn. His clothes are pretty, but they’re nothing all that new. And I hate that purse. It reminds me of Mr. Moore, my seventh grade woodshop teacher. Ick.
    I say we divide the prize. Daniel V. can have the mentorship since he’s at the beginning of his career. Santino can have the money since he’s broke. Chloe can have the car, I guess, since she already has a store.
    I cannot wait until Wendesday!

  • It’s good to know that other knitters are as obsessed with “Project Runway” as I am! I’ve changed my mind at least 10 times about who I think will win. Chloe’s collection has some awful stuff amid the gems, but it looks the most couture-ish to me. (I’m a big Chloe fan.) Daniel V. has been the front-runner all season, but his military-inspired theme doesn’t quite work. And some of Santino’s pieces are surprisingly understated and gorgeous, but there isn’t much of the distinctive point of view that the judges are always going on about.
    Right now my money is on Daniel, at least partly because we’ve been led to believe that he’s not going to win. Regardless, though, I can’t wait to find out!

  • I think we have to see the outfits on to really judge. But I’m suspicious, because in the touch-feely interview thing Tim did with Santino last week they spent a lot of time talking about how he has Suffered For His Art. I’m wondering if they’re softening us all up for a Santino win? I’d like to see Chloe get it — she designs things that are wearable by real people.
    I can’t wait to watch and see their collections. I kind of hoped that one of the designers would whip out a set of needles and say “hey! I need a knitted belt to go with this fabulous dress!” this season, but no such luck.