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  • Fabulous work! It almost makes me want to do one (or at least pick up the Kate Davies Rams and Yowes throw I started 5 years ago). So sad not to see your emails in my box every day. I did resubscribe but so far it hasn’t worked either. I’m still hopeful though.

  • Your Starmore is stunning!!!!!!

    I am another who has stopped receiving the MDK sunshine in my in-box. 🙁 I have resubscribed but it hasn’t worked yet.

    • Me, too. I’ve subscribed three times over the past couple months, but it’s never appeared.

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  • Oh so beautiful! I have been drooling over Alice Starmore’s site since you started your sweater, and dreaming of which gorgeous loveliness to tackle first. I’m hoping to place an order for my birthday this summer. Not sure I could handle what you are working on, but I have my eye on something that looks simpler — the Flora Vest. Which I love too! And of course, St. Brigid for the cables. Good birthday order? 😀 Please, Kay and Ann, keep on chugging on these colorful projects of yours!

  • What a wonderful progress report! Go, Ann!

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  • That is just gorgeous! And going rather quickly, I think.

    I’ve also stopped receiving email notice of new posts. Got to do things the old-fashioned way, and go to your website.

  • Funny, I was going to write that I, too, no longer receive the email notifications. However, it does not really matter. Although so many blogs provide them, for me MDK was a place that I checked several times a day to see if there was something posted. Now that the element of surprise has been put aside, and you all are posting on a daily basis in the orderly manner of taking turns, I am checking my email for notifications! I have become like Pavlov’s dog!

    Look, if I was loyal enough to read that “Dip, Hang, Repeat” heading 3–4x/day for a few months, I am a die hard fan who is going nowhere. Weather I get email notifications or not, weather you guys post daily or not, I will always be checking up to see what’s happening over at my Happy Place. It is the heart, the love, the humor, the thoughtfulness, the intelligence that I have so related to, enjoyed, and admired over the years. I don’t think that I am the only one, either.

    That said, beautiful knitting Ann. A gorgeous pattern, as well.

    Knit On!


    • How very well said, Diane….I, too, go to the Web site everyday…email notification or not. This truly IS a Happy Place and I’m so glad it has become the daily smile once again for so many of us. 🙂

  • It’s gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed Md S&W yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, great weather, and substantially fewer people so getting into your favorite booths was relatively easy!

    I, too, have stopped getting your MDK emails, though I resubscribed.

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  • Dear Kay and Ann, wanted to invite you to our local fiber fest. Here is a link. http://www.houstonfiberfest.com
    Please come!

  • To the question at the top of the page (“Want to move to Fair Isle?”)–YES. In a hot minute.

    And take a boat every so often to pick up Starmore kits in person. Your photos are giving me grabby hands!

    • You and me, Terri!

  • I think that your mom would feel like I do about Lady Voldemort’s sweaters. They are fabulous, and fun to make, but I’d feel like Ronald McDonald wearing one. If only AS would let people pick out their own colors, I could follow my personal Fair Isle rubric: anything that occurs in nature, on a cloudy day, in January.

    (I will grant that the newer patterns are more restrained.)

    I must have picked this aesthetic up from your mom. I have never known anyone with more perfect taste.

  • I am missing you two so much!

    As reported by so many others, my morning MDK emails (which I truly love) stopped arriving last Thursday.

    Whatever I need to do to pick up the dropped stitches, please do let me know.

  • Well, at least the sun is shining (again) after a gray week here in the NE … so the week has got to be off to a better start.
    My mother would ‘tsk tsk” at my yarn stash. I try to wear something every day that reminds me of her. And she did teach me to knit.
    I am awaiting the return from college of my “huggy” child — who promises me he will do Mother’s Day next Sunday!

    and that is a beautiful sweater! a true work of art that both you an Kay are creating.

  • Like others have said your daily e-mails do not arrive as usual.
    I have signed up again. You are the delightful start to my day.
    Thank you.

  • Wow, that is so beautiful. Receiv d my kit from the UK and I think I will have to put aside all my WIPs and start on my “Jade”! I love that vibrant blue. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • That is truly beautiful knitting and it is making my fingers twitch, but I know that it would be a UFO in my cedar closet forever, so I will simply admire both the pattern and your workmanship from afar.

  • Beautiful work!

    Glad you had a good Mother’s Day. Especially since you weren’t with Kay at the Sheeporama.

  • Oh. My. Goodness. Rendered inarticulate over here.

  • Fun to see another Starmore fair isle addict working along.

  • Wow! Simply stunning. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater!

  • Emails not arriving. Resubscribed yesterday, but that didn’t work either. Having MD withdrawal

  • It has been decades since I knit a Fair Isle anything, although I once did quite a bit of it – five Fair Isle vests back in the eighties, and a hunk a hunk a burning Scandiavian stranded hats and sweaters as well. What fun that Starmore looks, and I want some of those pink o’clock browns. So sorry you’re still missing your mom. I still miss my dad who died in 97. The first Fair Isle vest was for him.

  • I’ve missed your daily emails too, but I can muster up the effort to check the website. I also checked the “dip Hang Repeat” posting daily for months. Can’t chase some of us away!

  • Jacked up on motherliness! Way to go Shayne guys! The Starmore is stunning.

  • My daily emails have also stopped…but haven’t stopped me from going to your blog! I feel like a slug knitting simple stockinette. You’ve inspired me to tackle something that’s more challenging and more exquisite…thanks for the inspiration! Your Starmore fair isle is just breathtaking!!!

  • Absolutely fantastic.

  • One more MDK addict who is suffering daily delivery withdrawal. Since there seem to be so many of us, I’ll assume (with relief) that it wasn’t “something I said.” ;o)

  • alright Ann, you did it!
    Now I will need to find myself a AS’s pattern or KF’s, with beautiful intricate but still just 2 colors/row (so maybe not KF) There is nothing so satisfying in knitting as producing one of these garments!
    Yours looks fantastic!