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  • Adorable.

  • Of course, I’m going to have to make one. Cuuuuuute!

  • Oh dear, your human waif seems to have become a teenager all of the sudden. Wasn’t she just a little girl??

  • Luv it. Gonna have to queue me a wristlet.

  • SO Beautiful!! (oh, and the Puff Daddy is very nice, too).

  • I second Danielle’s thought! She’s all grown up and snazzy in her puffball.

  • Hurrah!! I lLOVE this!

  • your waiflet looks lovely in the puffy neck-thing. all grown up, almost. and just in time for the chilly weather! xo

  • I am considering a Double Puffy Daddy, sort of a loop-the-loop version. It might look like I’m being strangled by a python. But only 288 stitches??? I’m going to want to keep going.
    Carrie is so fab.

  • Cute puff! I, too, thought the offspring-of-Kay was looking all growed-up, until I went to Mariko’s blog and was relieved to see the photo of waif w/puff as beleaguered-child-model once again. Whew!

  • Yes, Ann, it’s true. The flaw of Puff Daddy is that there is just not enough knitting to keep the people busy.
    Cannot wait for the Python Version.

  • “free-range natural fiber preferably of a high-altitude ruminant” DH and I really enjoyed your turn of phrase. This description will become a classic!

  • I feel like I need to knit like fifty of those!

  • me again:: ann’s comment has given me hallowe’en ideas !! fashion-conscious pythons! rattlers in the tail instead of a pom-pom! thx, bisous,

  • You will never cease to amaze me.

  • Hmmm. Another perfect project for the Malabrigo (with the uber skin softness)!

  • I think I recognize the look on your waif’s face. If my assessment is correct, this expression is usually accompanied by a 360-degree roll of the eyes and a polysyllabic sigh that sounds something like this: “Mo-THER-RR…”

  • Very cute scarf, on an even cuter model. She is really a beautiful girl, those eyes and lips are going to be a BIG problem soon, when these short geeky boys with squeaky voices call for her…better hide her away now, bring her out again when she’s 30!!!!!!! 🙂

  • So cute! Carrie is just beautiful and Puff Daddy looks great on her

  • No. What is the brand name of the whatever of the high altitude something? I don’t want to make the scarf. I just want to make the puff things.

  • Hi all, the yarn used by both Mariko and me is Misti Alpaca Chunky, which costs a pretty penny (especially the hand paint version), but goes a long way in Puff Daddy miles. Feels so good against the neck.

  • Carrie looks terrific in the puffy thing. (I’ve got one of those tweenage daughters myself–they can be nice to have around.) Fun project. Fun post. Alpaca puffs—that’s softness that can be appreciated even over the interweb.
    Would my husband understand me falling off the yarn diet for chunky alpaca? I swear I have none in the stash, at least not any in lovely handpaint.

  • very cute (puff and girl). 288 stitches sounds like a plan!

  • really, really cute on mariko, the basenji, and Tess of the Upper West Side. My personal Puff days are past, but this will go right into the Gift file!

  • I will puff, but I will not inhale.

  • Ok. I can hear my Mom ask me, “Is it knitted with a double strand of chunky throughout? It only says ‘cast on with double strand’.
    Maybe add somewhere, that yarn is used double throughout?
    Yes, the picture appears to show double strand, but I always obey my mother’s disembodied voice.
    Can’t wait to make it!