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  • ooh, yummy ! That’s really lovely Ann – what a very fortunate sister-in-law you have ! If I were you I’d keep it, it looks great on you … she lives a long way away, she’d never know !
    Now, on to the sister – is she REALLY called Buffy ?? I thought that was a makie-up for a certain well known film and TV series ??! Can’t wait to see what she’s getting !

  • It looks lovely. I especially like how the stripes on the sleeve match up so exactly with the stripes on the body.

  • Love it. loveitloveitloveitloveit. All the right decisions were made: wide sleeve stripes instead of narrow, pullover versus cardi. This would be a cute cardi but it’s a super-foxy pullover. Excellent results from thorough pinning and going heavy with Rowenta the Little Steam Iron That Could. Congrats! Love, Kay P.S. Have we been sneaking off to Pilates??? Superfoxeeeee!

  • Wow ! Fab pullover ! Lucky sister in law to be receiving such a beautifully made and well thought out garment.
    The sleeves look great.I like slightly longer sleeves – there’s nothing worse than if they’re just a little too short.

  • Punch is fab – especially in those shades of dirt colours (plus blue!). I’m a big fan of the raglan sleeve too…. very darling to try stripe matching on one though.

  • What a great sweater! Excellent subbing on yarn, shades and stripe sequence – move over Ms Hargreaves, Ann’s coming!

  • Nice looking Punch!
    Hope the sister-in-law is suitably impressed & grateful & doesn’t utter one slight hint of a whinge about the sleeve length. – But the sleeve length doesn’t look bad at all – in fact it’s better to have slightly long sleeves than ones that are even a teensy bit too short, IMHO.
    Nice dishcloth too!
    Kay – good to hear that your saturdays have a that no-rush feel about them (until that 45 minute party deadline hits!) – great relaxed knitting time on weekend mornings – large pot of Earl Grey next to me & yarn spread all around, & this time of year, a large bowl of creamy porridge within easy reach too. I’m making the most of it while I can – the next 3 months are going to disappear rapidly & “bump” is going to insist on being fed whether I’ve got a pot of tea within reach or not!
    Gorgeous socks from Emma – she’s a star, isn’t she?

  • Punch turned out great, Ann. I can’t wait to see what’s on tap for Buffy – I say it MUST have fringe! As for the dishcloth, it’s lovely and looks just like the one I made. I simply couldn’t bring myself to mop up spilt coffee with it so instead mine are washcloths in the bathroom rather than dishcloths in the kitchen. One note of warning though – my first bath with the new cloth turned blue! Wash the things before you use them and by themselves since they bleed something fierce.
    Kay – I do believe you’ve started an awesome new trend in Wal-Mart knitting. I’ve given the cloths to my real estate agent, architect, builder, designer and potential new building superintendent. (Ann – it just so happens the building super is Steve Mitchell’s best friend. Small, small world here in Nashvegas – I’m finally starting to get used to it though!)
    Alrighty – back to my live of feverish entrepreneurship. Have a great monday all!

  • A great sweater, I don’t know how you can give it for adoption so easily. There’s an interesting ?picture on the wall behind you – it couldn’t be knitted samples, could it?

  • Ann – the sweater looks great! Love the colors and the stripes. Bravo! I look forward to any projects including fringe in the near future.

  • Oh la laaaaaaaa…that is quite a sweater, and quite a model! You look mah-velous, darling. And you have a big heart for giving away such a fab sweater. It is gorgeous, and looks even better than the one in the mag, if you ask me!
    I myself love raglan shaping and seaming. I just whistle away happily while I do it. I love how the decreases make the pieces go quickly with each row, and piecing together is like doing a jigsaw 🙂

  • wonderful!
    I better finish mine, even though now i worry that the sleeves will not be long enough, that i should have done different stripes etc..
    you look great in it, Ann!

  • Wow – that is a *really* good looking sweater! Very professional looking. I love it! I don’t think the sleeves look long *at all.* And I really like the raglan decreases done a few sts away from the seam. Look perfect. VERY NICE! 🙂

  • Beautiful sweater! It looks lovely on; I’m very glad you posted you wearing it. Now you have to insist that your sister-in-law send you a picture of it on, too. Excellent stripe placement, a very important part of the design process.
    Also, the dishcloth, she is lovely! I foresee a dishcloth craze of Beatle-like proportions. Good on you, Kay. 😉

  • LOVELY! Beautimous! And the sweater ain’t bad either! 😉 I do my raglan shaping 2 sts in, so I get that same “look” that you do, and I like it better too!
    Too bad you have to send it on, it is lovely!

  • i like it alot. And you posted a picture even. I guess that means its time for me to do mine!!
    And the dishcloth craze … i need to get on that bandwagon and i did it a long time ago .. perhaps its time to do it again!

  • Punch is lovely, Ann…excellent executive decision making on those perfect stripes! Well done!
    I too love raglans, in fact I changed my “Beth” to include the raglans from “Isla”, the ones with the yarn over detail….I’m really liking it!
    Can’t wait to see what’s next in line for you!

  • Ann
    this is totally & utterly unrelated to Punch, dishcloths or knitting whatsoever, but further information on Nashville is required…
    Last night, on BBC1’s Holiday programme, a bus tour from Nashville to Chicago was featured. Included in the delights was a “NashTrash” tour hosted on a pink bus by the sisters Jugg (tour cost of $25)- I feel you have to find out more about this for the rest of us – more info definitely required!
    Besides the NashTrash tour were obvious scenes within dubious bars, and *the* most enormous hotel which had it’s own mall. Sadly there wasn’t much more to be said on Nashville & no fibre arts references anywhere until the tour headed off to Memphis where the fibre-arts component was provided by the many costumes of Elvis.
    I feel you need to research the sister’s Jugg & their NashTrash tour for the rest of us – they looked like they’d be really intrigued if you started knitting on their bus.

  • I will just say that the sisters Jugg sounds nicer than the Jugg sisters.
    I’m sure the reason Ann has yet to respond, Jo, is that she is on the Jugg-mobile, doing research. xox Kay

  • Right on, Kay. Jo–A quick dip into my file of Worrisome Things About Nashville brings up the mother of all bus tours: Nash Trash tours. I haven’t taken one, but I’ve definitely seen the Pank Bus haulin’ it around downtown. It’s spoze to be hilarious, and hilariouser when you BYOB. It would be a fitting part of the World Conference of Knitting Bloggers, to be held at that giant peoplehouser, the Opryland Hotel. The antiques shows I’ve been blabbing about are held out at Opryland, and no trip out there is complete without getting lost in the giant conservatory.
    Thanks, y’all, for all the Punch support. I think it’s great to work on a sweater for a month and end up with something that you could buy at J. Crew for two bucks. Ah, whaddever. I heart knitting.
    Heather–I do actually have a sister named Buffy. She has tried at every life change moment to ditch her nickname, but she has never succeeded. She is 100% Buffy, no matter how she tries to deny it.
    Kay–Pilates schmilates. You are kind. I am on hiatus from Pilates since Christmas, when I discovered that it’s way easier to think about doing Pilates than to actually do it. I am wasting away due to excessive worry about my stash.

  • Ann: I’m so impressed that this was an all stash project! You are inspiring me to pull something out of the stash that is the longest living resident there; bought at the Droguerie in Paris in 1983, if you can believe that. (Yes, it could qualify for a cameo on VH1s “I love the 80’s.”) There will be no net stash progress for me, however. I’m promising myself my pick from the Spring Rowan once it is 3/4 done!

  • Evelyn! Brilliant! Yarn from 1983 is only, uh, twenty years old. Do give the juicy deets about what you’ll be making with it.
    I love your stash reduction plan. I’m trying to think what the oldest stash item I have. It would have to be . . . Magpie, of course. I’ve only been collecting for a few years, but I have some Tarragon Magpie that pretty much needs to be made into something. Maybe the Rogue knitalong that everybody’s writing about? Stay tuned.

  • Thanks for the reporting Ann! The NashTrash tour featured on the telly appeared to be more along the lines of BYOC (Bring your own cocktails) rather than BYOB and such a tour would *have* to be on the itinary of any knitbloggers conference.
    As soon as my Colourway sale order hits my doormat, I’m going to start swatching for Rogue – I’m using ASC in Deep Marine and will be knitting it in what I hope will be my post-pregancy size (allowing for breast-feeding boobs, that is!). I decided that something washable, like ASC, was a far safer bet than a handwash Yorkshire Tweed (lovely though it is) – I’m bound to be producing a boy that can posset or projectile vomit for Cornwall. (sorrry Lis, I’m stalling yet again on the knitalong project)

  • I saw the BBC Holiday Prog. too – brought back many happy memories of Nashville! We stayed in that vast hotel known as Opryland – what they didn’t mention was that you get taken to your room by boat along a ‘river’ – well, canal, all in that huge conservatory. Didn’t get to meet the Sisters Jugg, unfortunately, hubbo would have loved that! We also went on to Memphis and di the Graceland tour – house and possessions much nicer than I expected, What I couldn’t stomach (literally) were the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches fried in butter in the attached cafe…..

  • Jill,
    FYI – the Elvis sandwich is actually peanut butter, banana and mayonaise fried in butter and I couldn’t eat one either!