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  • Honey, I’m not saying that you’ve made a big sweater or anything, but I’m seeing the curvature of the earth in the thing. JEEBUS! You’re proving that the earth is round!
    And that QUILT! O! QUILTY BEAUTY! Extreme covetous admiration of that quilt. Re the number of fabrics you included: how many freakin fabrics do you need? I think you’ve got plenny of ’em.

  • Wow, your squares look fantastic! I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. I just finished a baby sized one with my Hello Kitty Janome.

  • That sweater, on that quilt…am I still breathing?
    Simply gorgeous!

  • Now to get that denim to look used and abused… I’m half suspecting you already plan what to use the ‘recycled, worn denim yarn’ for. Should be enough for several projects in that frock.

  • That is Some Sweater!
    And the Quilt of Serendipitous Fabrics is amazing too, we look forward to the final photographic immortalization.

  • Good grief, that is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  • Great Googly Moogly, that’s a LOTTA stockinette in that sweater. It *must* be love. I’m kind of sorry it’s all come to an end though, every time I read the word “frock” I giggled.

  • Love the quilty bits. But onto important stuff – get the bleach out! That Frock needs distressing! B x x x

  • That jumper is so impressive and goes particularly well with the beautiful blanket below (alliterative coveting going on in that sentence!).
    I think the quilt is looking great too – I’m also working on a loose interpretation of the same pattern at the moment – I wrote about the beginning stages here: http://lechatlunatique.blogspot.com/2007/08/quilting-green-paper.html
    Good luck with the rest of it – can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • You finished a man’s gansey and it did not get top billing? In denim? gorilla arms? WHAT is WRONG with you!?
    A man should need no more proof of love than that.

  • I have seen that photo of the Japanese quilt on a number of people’s blogs… If I had the magazine it would be posted on my bulletin board right here beside me… I love it, love it!
    Carrie with the big, beautiful blue eyes! She is going to be a lucky girl when that quilt is finished. Looks great so far.
    Can we have a photo with the man inside the sweater? It looks fab!

  • My dull, ultra-cautious log cabin squares are completely in awe of yours! I think I need to embrace my inner Kay and get whimsical with it.

  • To quote Christopher Walken as The Continental:
    “Wowie, wow, wow!”

  • That is going to be one fabulous quilt! I’m no quilter, but those square make me want to start stitchin’ together some scraps and make some squares as a really long-term project. Like maybe something for the grandchildren I hope to have in about 40 years.

  • Oh that quilt, that quilt–I just flip open Machine Made Patchwork from time to time and gaze at it longingly. Maybe it’s time to actually do something about it!

  • Hey, I was going to say “Wowie, wow, wow,” too, but I would be quoting Junie B Jones and not Christopher Walken. I also agree we need a modeled shot of the sweater! It all looks great!

  • Wawaweewah! to quote Borat, who would wear this thing for many sexytimes with Miss Pamela Anderson.
    Back again to encourage you not to distress this sweater in any way. This is one of the few cases where I think that sweater should show, in the slow and unfolding course of its use by Hubby, the Hand Of Time. Let it age like the fine Burgundy that Hubby is . . .

  • I was a wonder’in what became of the “Carrie-Quilt”. How fun is it to be making choices about fabric on Etsy at this tender age. I love that she loves(touches)the fabric, and I just can tell she is picturing it in her mind finished and draped around her. Great Stuff!
    Mr. TrueBlue deserves THAT sweater, may it continue to warm his heart. Another FO, you two are on a roll!

  • Simply mahvahlous. I have one of those “unreasonably tall” husbands too. He also has unnaturally long feet so even socknitting for him is a chore.

  • I promise not to put any holes in it, and will not be using the bleach (I’m Over The Bleach). That’s as far as I can commit at the present time.
    Remember that the sweater will not get much patination from Hubby’s sport (sitting on the sofa).
    Marching to my own pumice stone in NYC

  • Dang that is a lot of knitting in that sweater! I can’t even manage to finish a sweater for myself (though I’m working on that), so to see about 10 miles of knitting is just amazing.

  • She quilts, she knits, she knits beautiful blankets and really large sweaters – the woman is amazing!
    Just how tall is the husband?

  • Kay the quilt is wonderful! It’s just beautiful. And the denim! God! Hope you post shots of it as it fades! It’s going to be gorgeous as it ages!

  • coucou carrie! what ethereal, lovely, prayer-flag-like quilt squares. when i pause to think about it, that *is* a whole lotta piecin’ of tiny pieces of crazy-printed delicious-lookin’ fabric.

  • pojagi!

  • I am all about the Japanese crafting and quilts in particular as of late, and that quilt is amazing. And the frock, amazing. Oh my gosh, that thing is huge!

  • Also, I think I might need to work on my excessive use of the word amazing.

  • Fab !
    Everything is fab !
    Will you knit me a million miles of drnim, seeing as hpw I am unable to commit to such a massive project ? Just joking ! I think that would be too great a test of our friendship.

  • Wow! Great stuff!
    I love the layout/format you girls are using here! Smart! AND FUN! I live on Salt Spring Island and Ann, your friend Anne-Marie MacNamara (sp?) stopped in, to the quilt and yarn shop where I work, and told us about you girls! I had to check you out!
    Waving “Hi” from Salt Spring Island, BC, CANADA!~gyl

  • Your quilt squares show an amazing color sense–but you knew that already, didn’t you?
    Likewise, what a beautiful piece of work that sweater is!
    Big fan of the blog, I say it again, even though I am not a knitter. Your witticisms and your color sense bring me back time and again.

  • I’m thinkin’ Ann likes the sweater of unreasonable length…

  • Holy cow! They’re great! Brag on, you deserve it!

  • i’m in the mood for mason dixon quilting……is that next on the horizon?
    hubby must be secretly tickled pink….(or blue)…….

  • Kay, I’m a seasoned quilter and novice knitter and I think your choice of fabrics for the quilt gives it such a bright and happy quality. I love it! I can hardly wait to see it quilted! And, well, as for the frock…I am stunned…awed…your husband is a lucky man! I hope someday to aspire to the knitting projects you and Ann have been accomplishing this summer.

  • Ok, I don’t mind lack of bleach if you’re getting the pumice stone out! x x

  • Love the pictures of the quilt in progress. Neat that your daughter is so into it. (BTW, just because it’s bothering me to the point that I looked it up, I think you mean “hawking,” not hocking. A term heard frequently on the street.)

  • Love the pictures of the quilt in progress. Neat that your daughter is so into it. (BTW, just because it’s bothering me to the point that I looked it up, I think you mean “hawking,” not hocking. A term heard frequently on the street.)

  • What is the Wendy Start To Finish Project FidelityTM method? I searched her blog and couldn’t find it.
    Great work! I like that the sweater is laying on a beautiful mitered square blanket.

  • love love love the word “anon”.

  • I LOVE the sweater. Want to do one for myself. It won’t have to be that LONG. I’m a shortie. Tell me again when the book is coming out and the name, please. I think you said in Nov. but I forgot the title. What size yarn did you use? I have some worsted, but am afraid it is too thick.

  • That is a big frock. Fabulous though!
    Love the quilt. I think your colours are better than the original.

  • Both are beautiful!! Congratulations.
    My husband is waiting for a sweater, maybe this would be good for him shorter, I think, but just as broad.

  • Kay, the quilt blocks look great. Your daughter is very lucky!

  • Oh Kay! Please be cautious with the pumice stone! Fiber! Friction! Abrasion! No HappyHappy! Or… just have faith in the hot water washing! Patience! And the extremely satisfying look of a genuinely aged garment.
    Ok, that’s off my chest, I’m breathing again. Or I will be until I go back and check out your pics again. Sheesh, whatta quilt! I’m loving yours, and I thrill at the thought of Carrie’s thrill at the reinvigoration of it. And, uh, I know we’re all blind in our own ways to our own projects, but you’ve definitely got the “exquisitely quirky fabrics.” Funny thing, too, with quilting, how some “boring” polka dots and stripes and whatevers really really work it.
    As for never ever following patterns, you know I’m so with you there. Except that I’ve finally cast on for my first pair of Blu and am following the directions to a T. Except for substituting Den-M-Nit. And I am already considering how I will swatch to use my now also mysteriously large stash of Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran for a larger kid pair. Though I question the wisdom of tampering with the goodness that the Blu are becoming. Really. You’re so… on.

  • Gorgeous quilt, and I Love that sweater. Made my hubby an Aran, and measured on the king size bed like that: 86″ wingspan for that 6’8″er. Fit perfectly.

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