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  • You and me both, Sister. I check my position almost every day. Today there are only 2504 people in front of me. Sigh. I’m feeling all left out and wallflowerish over here.

  • I am dying to join in the Ravelry revelry! I was happy to see I am currently exactly #500 on the list as of today. The only thing I’m worried about is that my project queue will go critical once I get access to all of that data!

  • I’m 1222. I gotta sneak preview from a friend’s account and I can hardly sleep I’m so excited. Finally answers can be found about what to do with all the stash yarn

  • Ravelry is like a drug that I never want to stop taking – lol – Look forward to seeing you there!

  • I can’t wait too, I didn’t know you could check your place – thanks everyone! There is more than 2700 people on front of me. It looks so incredible, I love how you used a crashed wedding to show how amazing Ravelry is. It’ll be like we are on crack.

  • Me too — I can’t wait. I’m actually #1223. What a small world, I’m right behind Lorajean…

  • Yah, I’m number 10736. (I waited to sign up because I knew it would be like knitters’ crack…and apparently I was right.)

  • Yah, I’m number 10736. (I waited to sign up because I knew it would be like knitters’ crack…and apparently I was right.)

  • Well, according to Casey, they’re planning to start sending out 5000 invites a week once they get their new servers all set up. I haven’t let it suck me in as it appears to have done with a lot of people, but I like it and have found it very useful for looking through patterns, seeing what other people are doing, and then a bit of networking. Look forward to seeing you there when you don’t have to put on your Kay mask.

  • Can I join too?! I am sooo far down on the list that it isn’t even funny. Guess I was really out of the loop on this one for awhile there. I can’t hardly stand it, everyday hearing about how cool it is. I’ve never really cared if I was one of the cool people, but I do now!

  • So, wait–is that “left foot in, left foot out, do the hokey…” No, that’s not the Macarena.
    Dang, I just KNOW they won’t let me in!

  • There are 2479 people ahead of me on the list… but I want to Macarena right now!

  • I just got my invite the other day. My id is Lileesgram.
    I don’t want to do anything else!
    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • i’m afraid i wont be there until the bar is closed and the rice has been thrown. today there are 6,270 people before me. blaze the way, friends- i’ll be in the lobby having a cocktail.

  • *whoosh* (That was the sound of me leaving your blog and dashing over to Ravelry to find the 1040 knitters.) (Oh, and I want to tell you I’m knitting a ballband dishcloth today while I read blogs…)

  • I hear ya! I waited until only a few weeks ago to sign up, and BLAH….I hope people are donating plenty to keep their codemonkeys well-fed!

  • I’ve had so many people asking me if I’ve signed up for Ravelry that I added a “Ravelry invite status” bit to my blog sidebar. Holding steady at 13,384 people ahead of me in line!

  • Put me on the impatiently waiting list.
    You are #17054 on the list.
    7015 people are ahead of you in line.
    I waited, too, because I was afriad it would suck me in. But I hate it when people say, “Oh, I posted this on Ravelty; come look!” and I can’t!
    I’d be in pretty soon if they start doing the larger number of invites!

  • I am about 500,000th in line or so. I can’t believe one look at your tweedy mitered blanket didn’t give you VIP status: immediate entry for you and your entourage and a complimentary bottle of Cristal…

  • Can’t wait for you to get there. It isn’t a party until YOU (and you, and you, and you, and you, and oh heck, all of you) are there.

  • The thing about Ravelry is that there are no “innies or outies” because there’s something for everyone and each person uses the vast (and growing) resources differently.
    I saw it when it was newborn, wet and mewling. Boy, has it morphed into something mighty impressive!
    Love the “Wedding Crashers” scenario too. Quite nicely.

  • De-lurking to say I’d love to be a proud member of your group of Not Yet Ravelry Members. I’ve stopped looking at where I am on the list; it’s too depressing. I just want to join the dance, baby!

  • wow, 2226 are ahead of me in line. I’m creeping up there….

  • Close to 6,000 are ahead of me, but I’d love to join the macarena action! Side note on the macarena, I was in grade school when it first came on the scene. I was the only person in my class that thought it was no where near as cool as line dancing. I like to thank my southern roots on that good call 🙂

  • I find it ironic one half of MDK can’t even yet join a group named after MDK!
    Goes to show you how Ravelry is the great equalizer. I shall compose my own version of “Thanatopsis” in your honor. Let me get back to you on it, though. It’s nap time.

  • I had no idea you could check your place in line. Of course I’m not sure I wanted to know that I’m # 3,498. 🙂

  • Sigh . . .
    5289 people are ahead of me in line
    I can’t wait to join the party, but I’m happy to be in this party for now!
    Let’s Dance!

    Sorry to say, I got my invite a while ago (browsing the blogosphere is *not either* a waste of time, dear husband! Not sure he’s convinced) but also sorry to say, due to lack of Flickrness and uploaditude, I have very little accomplished on Ravelry. I am certain that I Do Not Want to upload my whole stash. Not that my husband will ever be on Ravelry, but even I am in denial about my stash. But there are a lot of new features since I first got my invite — love the interactiveness of checking out patterns, yarns, etc. Can I send my family away and spend the weekend with my camera and computer and computer-side knitting? Is that allowed?

  • Here here! I have been on Ravelry for a few weeks now and I have no idea how I’m ever going to get any work done again!
    Hope you’re doing great – we should catch up soon!

  • Count me in on the group. I am number 26,195 and there are almost 16,000 people ahead of me. I have quite some patient waiting to do.

  • I’ll join your group. I’m missing out on the party too! Misery loves company…
    I signed up weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing.

  • Ravelry has considerably lowered my productivity at work. I don’t think I can possibly begin to explain how cool it is. Everyone who’s still waiting, it’ll be worth the wait! I promise!

  • I too just checked today, there are 9,553 people ahead of me, sigh, I’ll be at the tail end of the duck dance by the time they let me in.

  • Can’t wait til you can come and join the party – I really hate having to go back to work on a Monday !

  • I don’t like to blog about Ravelry because I am afraid of people being upset about it, but damn, is it nice to find a pattern in a few minutes. I was fretting about a baby raglan sweater, literally wringing my hands about not having one, and my husband (my husband!!) says, “Why don’t you look it up on that Ravelry thing?” I didn’t think he paid attention to that. Oh, and I’ll slip the bartender a little something extra to keep the drinks flowing until you get there!

  • I didn’t really think I would have anything worth contributing, so I didn’t sign up at first. Then after awhile, I thought I might as well. It will still be awhile before I can get on. Maybe by then, I’ll have something.

  • I signed up the day the Harlot wrote her little love song to Ravelry. I wasn’t going to, I really wasn’t. I had read all these odes to the greatness that is Ravelry, and I made a (for me) mature, considered decision to not sign up. I was spending more than enough time cruising the Sockapalooza Pligg, and I knew if I signed up for Ravelry, I would soon be the size of Comic Book Guy, and be standing up in court, trying to convince a judge that “I’m addicted to Ravelry” is a valid defence for child neglect and endangerment (hey, if those online gamers can plead that way….).
    And yet, somehow, I’m now sitting here, checking my progress up the list twice a day. Incidentally, it’s 2838. Count me in for your group, Ann.

  • I’ve got 3902 ahead of me, down from 7743 a month ago. I can’t wait, but I know it’ll be my undoing. I already get into trouble just browsing blogs and flickr.

  • I’ve got 3902 ahead of me, down from 7743 a month ago. I can’t wait, but I know it’ll be my undoing. I already get into trouble just browsing blogs and flickr.

  • I’ve been checking every few days and at last count there were about 4,000 people ahead of me. Why did I wait so long to sign up??? I posted about the same thing a few days ago. I think there’s more of us on the outside waiting to get in than are actually people signed up. This thing is going to explode when they make it public!

  • I had to register four times before it took. Here I am going around thinking my invite will come, and I’m not even on the wait list. When that check your place notice came out, I checked. No BarbM. I registered for time number four, and then checked the next day. this time it took and there are only about16,000 knitters ahead of me.Anybody selling their place on the list?

  • I have 2201 people in front of….gotta add that 1 just to make it worse!!!

  • Can we make it macarena(slash)lambada? Or maybe lumbago because I may not make it in to the party until I’m a senior citizen.

  • I got in about a week ago. I’m embarrassed to say how much time I’ve spent in there and how little sleep I’ve gotten. It’s so cool to see what other people are doing with patterns you like. You can queue up the projects you want to knit – I’ve got 50 already! And none, apparently, want to use yarn in my stash. Slippery, slippery slope!
    PS I’m potentialofyarn.

  • haha, i let my friend do the same thing when i got my invite… but i let her grovel about it for a few days first before i offered up my password HAHAHA! it’s pretty awesome! 😀

  • I’m fighting the urge to join Ravelry, because I’m quite certain I’d never be seen again. I’ve done it now, though!
    And I’m very last in line. 😉

  • I want to be in your group – KWANYRMAWTCBDTMT – but I think we need a shorter acronym!
    Can’t wait to join all that fun!

  • You signed up on July 4, 2007
    You are #13795 on the list.
    3709 people are ahead of you in line.
    14483 people are behind you in line.
    35% of the list has been invited so far
    So how long will it take me to get into *your* group, Ann? What about if I bring some mojitas????

  • only 2446 to go for me — I can’t wait 😀

  • Perhaps while you’re waiting you can get a ride around Newport in that pickup the bride and groom arrived in? It won’t be as amusing as actually getting into the party, I know. 🙂 But it will be worth the wait!
    I’m off to join your group!

  • In the meantime, you might consider trying to work ahead on all the things that you’ll neglect when you finally get your spot on Ravelry. I’m there, and even though I have only a small presence there (no stash, few projects) I’m always getting sucked in. In a good way.

  • sign me up for that group. i have at least 3k people in front of me.

  • That party is so loud I can hear it all the way over here in Sweden!
    I am #13228 on the list. There are 3161 people ahead of me in line.
    Can I join KWANYRMAWTCBDTMT? Do we have a signature drink? Will ALL of our meetings be held in the lobby?

  • Well, hey, only 17 thousand+ folks ahead of me! And a thousand or so behind me. Maybe I’ll luck out and find a lint-covered, snapped-toothpick-impaled pearl onion on the floor by the time I get in to the ballroom? Meantime, count me in for your “waiting for Ravelry” group — I have some spiced cider for when it gets cold.

  • I would love to join your group – haven’t gotten my invite yet!

  • Get your cameras ready ladies! You will be shooting photos of your stash and lining them up on Ravelry like family members! I have been on since late May or early June and I am still finding places and things I didn’t know. I now have 342 projects I just have to do!!! It is fun… I start almost everyday there and finish my day there, too!

  • mmmmmmm, Macarena.
    Oh. Wait. I’m thinking macaroons.

  • Now I REALLY can’t wait to get into Ravelry! I’m at 4133 right now. Then again, one more thing to distract me — just what I need.

  • Good Gawd woman! It’s kind of funny that you can’t join the group that is based on you! Not really funny, but just sorta. Kind of like being in the comedy room at that hotel. Don’t forget to set all your clocks to timesuck mode, so you don’t notice the sleep you won’t be getting.

  • I’m not online a lot, but really, have I been sleeping under a log somewhere? This is the first I’ve heard of Ravelry!
    You signed up on Today
    You are #28715 on the list.
    18375 people are ahead of you in line.
    3 people are behind you in line.
    35% of the list has been invited so far
    Ann, I’ll join your group too! 🙂
    Can hardly wait to get my invitation to join Ravelry… maybe in (?)months? Hopefully not years!

  • 2000+ are ahead of me; I love that I can now obsessively check THAT every day. In the meantime, there’s always facebook!

  • Woo hooo! Thanks for posting about our Israeli group 🙂
    Ravelry really is a great place to be, for people from all around the world.
    All the best,
    a.k.a SheepAtTheWindow

  • wait a minute … wasn’t the original question about the finishing of the blanket??
    I suggest that you take it back down to 5 rows of garter – and it should be fine – too much orange might overwhelm the thing –
    and ps I’ve been on ravelry for a while – and it’s MORE than too much fun!

  • OOPS!! forgive me for combining responses to two entries into one – that’s what I get for reading too quickly –
    back to lurking …

  • Only 3000 ish people to go and I’m in – I’ll join your group (that’s if 40something mothers of 2 littlies who only get 2 hours a night to knit are allowed – hey – maybe that could be new group-!)

  • Less orange. If the border would be stable enough, I think it should only be as wide as your small orange stripes in the blanket, maybe I cord as many others have suggested?
    “There is less danger in fearing too much than too little.”
    ~Francis Walsingham

  • Dearest Kay,
    May I borrow your password, too?!? I’m still a billionth in line. Hard to imagine a party greater than MDK, but if Ann says so it must be true!
    Does that reek of sucking up for the password?

  • I have 14,067 people in front of me. I guess I should have signed up when I first heard about it on the Yarn Harlot’s blog instead of a few weeks later.

  • I’m one of the lucky. Ravelry rocks! I can’t wait until it’s open for all and we can party.

  • I hope you get to join the Mason-Dixon group. I’ll just put my name on the waiting list to join your Knitters Woh Are Not Yet Ravelry Members. Sitting here, unravelled.

  • I joined on July 25th so I have to wait a while before I get in there but I love your idea of starting a group hehehe
    BTW I have never been to your blog but I am enjoying what I see so far!

  • I joined on July 25th so I have to wait a while before I get in there but I love your idea of starting a group hehehe
    BTW I have never been to your blog but I am enjoying what I see so far!

  • I’m in the M-D knitting group on Ravelry and can’t wait to see you THERE!

  • Ravelry is really amazing, though be careful of the initial time suck – it’s easy to spend hours surfing patterns and yarns and projects. Can’t wait until you’re there!