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  • hey, at least your mom knows exactly what she wants! my mom is very, very hard to knit for, even though i know she will like anything i make her (she still wears the beaded necklace my bro made her when he was in montessori school…that’s love!)
    in devoted-daughter solidarity,

  • look how tired and tan she looks! and how relief has spilled over your house: sparkly yarn out, kid in. the world righted again.

  • i feel the same way about size 19’s sparkly yarn.. blech! The combo together is scary. Glad that Carrie is back… looking all grown up too.

  • Well, if your mom decides to unravel the wrap, THEN we will talk. My mom did that with a scarf (sparkly yarn-go figure)I made her, and then asked me to reknit it, in a different pattern. (Mind you, it was at her request the first time!) My answer has been, “Sure, when I have the time.” Not in the near future at any rate, but I am no longer thinking about when hot places freeze over.
    A neighbor once told me that I should cherish each moment of my kids because they grow up so fast. Trite, huh? Too true for words! I don’t think there’s a week that goes by that I don’t want all 4 of them back. (The baby is 20.)

  • At least she chose a nice colour, not safety-fence orange.
    Window art — how do you get it off the window again, or is that not a polite question. I think we left ours up too long (um, 2 years?) and now it’s part of the glass.
    When are you ladies coming to Toronto, eh?

  • I know you’ll take this in the spirit in which it is intended, but Sparkle Wrap? Ew. If my mom ever asks for a Sparkle Wrap, I’ll strangle her with the sparkly yarn.

  • Hmmm… Maybe the attitude will come out in the wash.
    At my house, my two boys have switched places. The formerly rude boy is now a polite gentleman with whom you can have a civilized conversation, while my sweetie pie has turned into a loud mouthed boor.

  • I had this conversation with my Ann not too long ago: camp is VERY very dangerous. Ask me how I know. 😉 (And I was a freaking counselor!)
    Love Window Art. LOVE IT!

  • The wrap does look nice just the same and you made your mom happy. But for the love of moms everywhere, let us pick for you!

  • Looks like it was No-Sleep Week actually! Yippee on getting rid of the sparkles, onto more squares.

  • Wow – you must REALLY love your mom! At least the actual colour wasn’t too hideous…

  • What I really think is funny is how you managed to post all the information about how to make the wrap in an earlier post. That way those who like it can make it without identifying, and thereby embarrassing, themselves.
    Seriously, my mom would love that wrap and it would make a great holiday gift. Thanks for the idea!

  • too harsh on the yarn and the project, you are. i think it’s lovely. i really really do. (and not just because i’m the biggest ‘yes-woman’ in the entire world) and it’s just what most-moisturized mum wanted, yes? — and hey– it’s something that’s finished, done and dusted. (and bonus: could also prove useful as fencing. always great in a project…) xoxo

  • LOL! I think you’re too hard on yourself, and the memory of the sparlke yarn (and elbow-ache) is causing it. Surely you’ve earned a “D – All Of the Above” t-shirt?
    And seriously – Sleep Camp?! Poor tired kiddo. Looks like there’s some irony in that title?
    Ice your elbow (cocktails work nicely) and enjoy the return of your munchkin.

  • I feel your pain! You were good to suffer through that scarf.

  • At least she didn’t ask you to knit her a dress to match. (Shhhh…does she read this blog?)
    My kid went away for the entire summer for visitation with my ex, and is coming home Friday. The last time she spoke with me on the phone, she said, “Maman, I just wanted you to know how nice it is to hear your voice, and I’m so glad you called.”
    Huh? What happened to the half-incoherent monologue about what Barbie is wearing and the random reading of words off of stuff I can’t see because we’re on the phone?
    Pass the window art and the cocktails, please. I fear we are in for an age adjustment, my friend.

  • That is a jaded looking young ‘un you got there. I suspect a couple bubble baths and a good night’s sleep will restore some of her shine.
    Good things about the sparkle wrap:
    1. It’s done
    2. The pattern didn’t call for any crochet

  • It looks good now that it’s done. I don’t think it’s a project I would tackle though.
    Your baby had appeared to turn into one tough chick. At least she retained the crafty.

  • You are such a good daughter to knit Lill that lovely wrap. I’m still “working” on the big felted book bag for Chloe. However, she gave up on me since school is starting tomorrow and bought a cool GAP bag instead. Geez, the impatience of kids. I was going to finish it, at least in the next 9 months or so. Carrie looks adorable as always. xoxo Your other little sister Laura

  • Did you notice how the first picture of the wrap does funny optical illusions as you scroll down the page? I did a double take. I do like the color very much.

  • Kay, dearie, I knitted my mum an open-wrap in a similar pattern for Christmas. Red cotton yarn with a gold thread through it. My Brittanys are still blushing. Literally.
    And your Carrie and my Marion are ‘most the same age–I’ve watched mine sprout up over the summer, and when she did some Time Away (with each set of grandparents–separately, thank God), she came home with a suitcase full of outgrown clothes.
    Obviously Now Is The Time On Sprockets When We Grow.
    I have shared The bookbookbook with my darling
    in-laws (who quilt and love my knitting) and they wish me to tell you and Ann Job Well Done.

  • I love how you tie in the photos with your work. Always looking. It inspires me to be more aware of everything around me.
    Camp does look like it tired her out a bit… is it possible that her big blues are even bigger?

  • the scroll down on the wrap pix got me high, man! oohhh the colors……

  • Kay, you did your Duty. The sparkle wrap is done, over, finis. Good for you! I just hope you gave her back any leftover yarn, like I did. “Oh”, my mother said, distressed, “I meant for YOU to keep the extra yarn. I’ll send it back to you!” — Panic on my end. “Mother, you’ve got a whole unused skein and the receipt. Just return it because I don’t need it.” How can I tell her the LAST thing I want is that skein of nasty pink sparkle?
    And poor Carrie looks as tired as my girls used to look after a week of camp, poor baby. They always slept all the way home — 6 hours!

  • Oh! I am laughing SO hard right now!!! I started my own French Girl wrap on Saturday. (For you sparkle haters, let me state that I went for SHEEN, not sparkliness) Figured I could mindlessly knit while watching “Calendar Girls.”
    WHAT!? I have to pay attention while knitting this easy little number? Yes, indeedy! One unguarded moment and an end, take your pick – right or left- of the giant Addi Turbo goes sproinging out of the knitting leaving a sad pile of squiggles in my lap .
    The upside….the new kitten thinks this is a marvy game.
    Tired or jaded, that girl of yours just looks so beautifully soulful.

  • Guess what – I got your book, and it’s great!

  • I just have to add that she’s absolutely gorgeous – that girl of yours. I just returned from a weekend in California visiting my two thirtysomething daughters. One of them is pregnant w/ my first grandchild (also girl). And I can tell you that I honestly have loved every age they were and every phase they went through (they never went through crabby teen years nor was there anything terrible about the twos). Each year is just better than the last. You are lucky to have such a great daughter!! Seeing her grow is your privilege.

  • I wish my mom also would find the joy of natural fibers…Sigh…I see more fun fur in my future, but at least she knits on her own instead of subjecting me to working with it. In spite of its nature (or lack thereof), the shawl is lovely!

  • I kind of like that mermaid web you knitted. Granted, I wouldn’t wear it, or knit it, but I don’t mind looking at it. Lucky it was a quick knit. Imagine having to make a wrap with that yarn on size 5s?

  • I empathize fully. I’m still dealing with the post-traumatic stress of having lost control of that hank of Fiesta Gelato (libel) while knitting a similarly (sc)airy wrap for my mom.
    I love Carrie’s sun-kissed look!