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  • ohmyfreakingod!!!! I LOVE Car Talk! Will you have Alec Baldwin and his Schwetty Balls too?!? You know what they say about Lime Nelson don’t you? Well. Maybe not. I don’t want to shock your mom.
    I will SO be listening. And laughing maybe a little. But I’m sure not AT you. 😉 l, C

  • Cara, calm down it’s NOT Car Talk–it only resembles Car Talk in that they take calls from listeners. Are you skimming or WHAT? xoxo Kay

  • I like Lime … not a great fan, but like him … poetry guy! Great!
    Do you think Jon Steward’s wife knits too? Maybe you girls can get on the Daily Show!

  • So if it’s on the interwonder web, I get to listen? I shall just have to stay up very very late on Sunday. Do you think calling in sick on Monday is an option?

  • Ah, Lime. Maybe he was looking for the work of countryman Seamus Heaney, a reading by whom I still regret missing in favor of Aretha ~ and OH, Cara, I DO know what they say about his nelson! As Ann’s friend Robin knows, I’m hanging with another great writer, Anne Lamott, this weekend, but she’ll be gone on Sunday and I am so tuning in so I can hear your haircut!

  • What’s Cara smokin’? Okay, Lime digs poetry — of course he does! That is just too cute. I need to get your mom here to scrapbook my life. I have got to be the world’s worst mother. And I only had ONE CHILD. You’d think I could have at least documented it, and that we could have some pictures in some semblance of order instead of in old shoeboxes in NO ORDER. I’m totally USELESS.

  • Wow, totally impressive. You’ll have to speak to Jen about how a girl who went to college in the frozen tundra hasn’t managed to get her show on a NY radio station where TONS o’alums would be listening. I’ll try to get it on the web.

  • At least your mother KNOWS who Lime Nelson is! That’s a great Mom story…hehe.
    MDK livestreaming out of my computer! This would be akin to a fireside chat? I’ll be sitting right here, waiting!

  • My Mom: I can’t wait for our Hospice trip with your Aunt and Uncle.
    Me: WHAT?
    My Mom: Our Hospice trip. We’re going to New Mexico
    Me: MOM, hospice is who helps you die.
    Mom: Silent
    Mom: Well. I can’t wait.

  • Linda—Your mom totally beats my mom. The saddest thing is those International Youth Hospices, ya know?
    Cara–and Maggi–I firmly believe (ahem) that that rumor was started by Lime himself. I mean, where is the documentation?
    Agnes–I’m afraid it would not be prudent to put Ann anywhere near Jon Stewart. She’d embarrass herself, giggling and going, ‘no I DON’T like Jon Stewart! He’s gross! I really HATE him so much!’
    xox Kay

  • i am like SOOOOO embarrassed that you even mention that Kay i am just dyinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn shut UP [whacks Kay on side of head with tiny fake Vuitton purse that she got at Claire’s Accessories]

  • is there something bad about french toast? hmmm….egg = protein…..bread = starch….and syrup = heavenly elixir (add directly to tongue)!

  • I cannot wait to hear your voices! It makes blogs so much more awesome when I have a voice to read the posts in. Maybe that makes me sound like a weirdo, but I’m excited none the less!

  • Which emollient? What perfume?

  • Can I come over and eat French Toast and popcorn with butter? Tell your mom I’ll bring acid free stickers from AC Moore!

  • oOoH that Lime he rings me chime(s)). No doubt.
    It must be a Mom thing – mine is wild about him – totally swhetty when she speaks his name which is weird to see in a woman of her vintage. But sort of cute 🙂

  • Ummmm. Rob Roy. Ummmmm. Kilts.

  • I’m with you, Mary Neal–kilts. Yowza. And Lime Nelson in a kilt–divine.
    Kay and Ann, you’ve messed up my schedule for Sunday, which is usually filled with important stuff like watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition (I’d give up the glamour of the single life for a guy like Paul DeMio. Love a guy who can fix stuff. Like dinner and my bath and the laundry . . . ) but I’m going to be glued to the computer listening to you instead. Which kind of sounds like punishment, but it really isn’t.

  • As the Gramma of a Lilee I am wondering why she doesn’t like to be called lilly? I love the name and I even have a “Lilee Garden” area dedicated to just lily flowers!
    Yum, french toast and buttered popcorn! It rocks to be a gramma!

  • Ahhhh……..Lime……..this is a family blog so I’ll just say that Lime is…….MANLY in all the best possible ways for this one movie watcher. He’s so tall and loving and sensitive and…..The BoyWonder might have been named Lime after this one famous Lime.
    I’ll have my beer with a twist of Lime please!

  • something funny happened on my way to your comments…… So I read your post and am planning on saying something about this must be why Cara was conjecturing about Liam on the phone yesterday. I am formulating what I will say when I read Cara’s comment about Car Talk. I think, “OMG I love Car Talk too! They are going to be on Car Talk?? How did I miss that?! Must be all my skimming.”

  • and no matter what they say about Liam – it wasn’t like he was wearing a floor length kilt in Rob Roy ferchristsakes.

  • Just want you both to know that I have a post-it note on my computer to remind me of your appearance on Car Talk. Now to remember to be at the computer at the appointed hour. Maybe I should put a post-it on the TV?
    I’m totally taking up Bonne Marie’s double dare to call in because, you know, my 1988 Honda Accord is making a funny noise when you put it into reverse. And I’d like some advice on a new carburetor. Thanks! I know you guys will be great!

  • Lime Nelson. I love it.

  • Lime Nelson reading poetry. I think I’d best not come here for a while…
    And French toast? I discovered a great sneak thing. English muffin bread toasted and buttered, with maple syrup. Butter is an essential food group in my house. Maybe it’s the butter and not the emollients, in which case I’ll look thirty years younger soon.

  • Mark (Buzzfactor Mark) has taken your book upstairs and I haven’t heard a peep in over an hour. Either he is 1. so engrossed he can’t break away 2. he’s fallen asleep (don’t be offended – he slept through an entire Broadway production of Chicago) or 3. he’s so inspired he is teaching himself to cast on.
    I think #1 is the only possibility since I took a good look at Cathy from the knitting shop’s copy today and think it is SO FUNNY, smart and well written – with great projects and photography. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if comes to dinner with needles and yarn in hand!!!! He is really getting into this. In all the years I’ve been knitting, the most he has ever said is, “That looks nice.”

  • I would like to take a moment to bow the greatness that is Mason-Dixon knitting. I recently completed my first provisional cast on using the chain stitch crochet method. How wonderful! How amazingly easy! My coronet hat from knitty.com will now be a complete circle, without a seam on the cabled portion (oh, you don’t happen to have any kitchner stitch for dummies tips, do ya?). Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. =)

  • OMG I can FINALLY do cat on stitches!! Just need to learn how to make the slip knot!!! Must download Ann and Kays interview to my IPOD!! Hum maybe they can read their book for a book on DVD so we could listen to it as we go out for a walk!! Tonight the Buzz interview.. The Today show next!!!

  • oops meant cast on stitches LOL.. No critters to be harmed in my knitting LOL

  • YOU GUYS ROCK! Hope I didn’t embarrass you. I was sofreakinnervous! SO MUCH FUN!

  • Well, I failed miserably in getting to hear you on the radio/computer. Dang internet! Any chance a transcript will be available. Or — gasp — an actual recording???

  • It was so much fun to listen to you all! I would have phoned in, but I was in a coffee shop listening via WiFi and there were a lot of people studying there… But I did order the book while listening. 🙂

  • SOOOOO annoyed. The show did not air in Phila–at least not on the station and at the time advertised on the show’s website. I’m second in line after le beau frere for the transcript!

  • Bet your little ones will be spoiled silly by Lill.
    I think that is so cool that she ran into Liam. Did she get an autograph? Say hello?
    Hope you have a really great time on the radio show.
    So how’s the new do?

  • Lime Nelson!
    I loves me some lime. So does my mom. A friend brought me a bottle of Lime Nelson Naked Lake water a few years ago, after a visit to Scotland that included a pilgrimage to the lake o’ wet lime featured in Rob Roy.
    Kilt. Yummm.

  • Lime Nelson. I hear ya. My mom thinks Jon Stewart’s name is John Daily.