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  • A cat, of course!

  • Pick me! Pick me! (What a hilarious post)
    Okay, Olive should be Toto, from the Wizard of Oz, with like a wire bicycle basket hanging off her, suspended by ribbons.
    Or she could be a pig with a hat strapped to her head.

  • He should dress up like Elvis! With a cute little Elvis doo!

  • Olive, of course, should be sitting in a martini glass. Unadorned, without garlic or almonds or pimentos, just her lovely self.

  • A dog in sheep’s clothing?

  • oh my goodness. please knit a large version of that tie-on wig for olive. also, acquire big sunglasses and a skirt for her. then call her “hon” all day. (sorry, i live near baltimore. for the curious, hons [or curious hons]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hon_%28Baltimore%29#Hons)
    or, knit her the wig, get the glasses, and she can be a gary larson cartoon.

  • Those eyes, those ears–could she be any sweeter?? A cute pink swirly frosted cupcake is how I picture her, with a little cherry perched on top of her head.

  • how about a cat? kinda like the reverse of Skippy Jon Jones…

  • Definitely an olive – green sweater with a red cap!

  • Yes I like animals. I think Olive will be wearing a pig head with a purple wig. I think she should be a bunch of grapes. My black toy poodle is going as a bee ( so she’s visible at night). Happy Howloween Olive.

  • Of course you should dress Olive up for Halloween! Is that a set of knitted moose antlers I see on the cover of the Mochimochi book? She’s going to look cute in whatever you make for her.

  • As I would love to become a more confident knitter(I’m at the tentative how did I manage to do THAT? stage) I have two suggestions- either as a sock hope girl- a little fuzzy sweater and poodle skirt or as Indiana Jones- the harness you normally use can function as the whip he normally has draped around his waist/chest.

  • How about that old standard. the ghost made from bedsheets w/ holes cut for eyes??

  • I think she would look lovely in red, how about Little Red Riding Hood?

  • Are you going to dress her up as a hotdog?? I saw an ADORABLE hotdog costume recently.

  • While it definitely has been done before, I think a dog in a hot dog costume is always hilarious. It makes me so sad that we don’t really do Halloween in Australia.

  • I think it is clear that she is a wizard – already in disguise. Perhaps a little wizardy hat and wand?

  • I will say what my daughter would say if she were home from school: a vampire! Clearly, though Olive is related to the Werewolf breed, she is a member of Team Edward in her heart of hearts.

  • I think Olive should be Rapunzel with long knitted braids.

  • A little robot!

  • I think Olive should be Rapunzel with long knitted braids. (They can be used as a chew toy afterward)

  • A canine Dr. Watson, for Joseph’s Sherlock Holmes.

  • Firstly, I think pets should dress up for Halloween! It is both hilarious and adorable. I think Olive would look especially charming as a lady bug (pretty sure I saw that @target) or a squirrel, after the knitted squirrel event a while back.

  • Looks like she’s going to huff and puff and blow the house down!! Who’s a big bad wolf?

  • Pigs in wigs? Dogs in togs…hmmmm…if those pigs are Cajun, Olive could go as Claude the ‘Gator.

  • An Amigurumi Vampire.

  • Only one thing came to mind when I saw this question.

  • he should dress up as batman! πŸ™‚ his ears are perfect to become a dark knight.
    thanks for sharing this lovely contest! i’ve got my eye on a few of those books, and knitted lace & vampire knits are on my christmas list, haha.

  • I think Olive would make an awesome Yoda. She already has the ears for it. Just add a robe and a light saber and she is so there! If she feels Yoda is too boyish then I think she would look smashing as Princess Leia. Imagine the little braid buns.

  • I don’t really care what you dress Olive up as, I just want a few of those books for the new young knitter next door! But, since I always obey the rules: I think Olive should be dressed up like the bored blog critic that she is! Mistaken but apparently bored!

  • ooo! I want! ALL OF THOSE BOOKS!
    Olive is So cute. How about Diana Ross, dress and beehive.

  • I think Olive should be an olive for Halloween — she could still wear the wig, just make it red for the pimento!

  • A little lamb of course!

  • Make an oversized wristwatch out of felt for her to wear around her middle and she can be a “watch dog” Get it…I know you do :~)

  • I think Olive would look good in any one of Lady Gaga’s costumes/headgear (except the one made of meat of course)…You’re very generous with the book give-away.

  • How fortuitous! I just bought a book on dog costumes this week. It’s called Dress Up Your Dog ($1.50 at the thrift store).
    I think Halloween costumes for dogs are fantastic. My present dog has had two costumes, both as jesters. The first one was made of felt, and the second one was knitted, both of my own design. Our previous dog, all black, was a skunk one Halloween via a white stripe painted down her back. The kids were terrified (how come none of them knew what a skunk really looked like??)
    How about Cleoptra?

  • Quite obviously you should dress Olive up as ET. (Just for information, ET was the introduction to Halloween in the US for Brits of A Certain Age). Or you could dress her up as Ev, you only really need to knit bigger, blacker ears and get her to pretend she’s only got 3 legs. Not that I want the books, but who could resist suggesting a costume for Olive? We’re having a neighbourly get-together on the 30th, perhaps I’ll dress Ev up as Olive… x x x

  • She should wear a purple wig with a pink coat. Kinda like a pig. Lovely.
    Southeastern WI

  • How about a ladybug?

  • I think he should go as Sherlock Holmes. I just want to see him in some herringbone with a long droopy mustache.

  • The wolf from Red Riding Hood- that is, wearing Grandma’s clothes and accompanied by a mini red riding hood. Or maybe she should be Red Riding Hood! : )

  • Oh my gosh those pigs are cute. That’s what I vote for. Olive dressed as a pig! Thanks for posting all the adorable pics of your girl Olive. She’s a cutie!!

  • I am of the opinion that Olive would make a fantastic stash moth on Halloween.

  • A moose.
    Liz E (Lizziehelen on Ravelry)

  • I’m going to guess that Olive will be Marie Antoinette, a la Kirsten Dunst with her Converse All-Stars. I’m trying to decide what my pup would look best as, but I’m unsure as of now.

  • Olive looks like she could be from the land down under. She needs a tiny little outback hat and, if the weather is inclement, a little khakhi outback jacket and leather boots.

  • Obviously Olive should go dressed as a cocktail onion.

  • I’m not sure what you’d call it, but she should SO be wearing a knitted beehive wig!!! Olive could totally rock a knitted wig!

  • You should wind several skeins of colorful yarn around her and call her a WIP.

  • It’s a Halloween classic. Olive should be the bride of Frankenstein.

  • Guess? Piggy! Suggestion: a dog costume! You know, with ears and a tail?
    Ok, it’s all a little meta. I’m sure the pig will be betta.
    Oh, and hey, do you know the Brooklyn dog parade? Fall, Williamsburg, it’s the best. Maybe even better than Mermaid. Maybe probably.

  • How bout a dinosaur.

  • Marie Antoinette? Or maybe the Big Bad Wolf?

  • olive should dress up as a danceing with the
    stars doggie she and derek would look lovely
    books please

  • I think he should go as a varsity school boy πŸ˜€ just make him a sweater with a letter on it. O for olive in school colors!! I can just imagine him with a little schoolboy cap πŸ˜€

  • I can just see Olive in the Lion King sweater (Pattern from Lion Brand).. Oh, wait, she is just too tiny and cute for that, well maybe she could wear a cute little piggie costume, just like all the others on my bookshelves.

  • How about a superhero like Wonder Woman – because she’s a “super sweet” dog.
    Of course I also like the olive in the martini glass too.

  • A few suggestions…
    a lady hobo
    Dolores the sheep
    and another vote for Marie Antoinette

  • What if Olive were dressed as a glamorous movie star like Lauren Bacall or Marilyn Monroe?

  • well, she might be going as Snow White or The Big Bad Wold, but with that sexy little curl coming off the side of her face, I think she should be Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. Just sayin’.

  • Olive is just about the cutest dog I’ve ever seen and I love her name! I think she should dress up as her namesake! A little pimento hat would be so cute. πŸ™‚

  • I’d like to see Olive as a big knitted peanut. But that would make for a pretty wild interpretation of the clue.

  • Could she be Olive the Other Reindeer for Hallowe’en? Sure would be cute!

  • Olive should be dressed as a Rowan knitwear model for Halloween seeing as how Rowan photos shoots and Halloween are about equal in their lack of reality. Just sayin’.

  • I think she should be a clown. With a knife. Because that is the compromise my 4 year old proposed–begged for, if I were honest–when I swapped out his “army guy” costume for the polka dot pants and a red afro wig. It still makes me laugh. It still makes him cry. Is that mean?

  • Ooh, fun! I’ve got my eye on that Mochimochi book. I think Olive should be Garfield for Halloween. πŸ™‚

  • Olive is too tiny to be a hotdog. She needs to be wrapped in something with toothpicks sticking out and go as a cocktail weiner.

  • I’m not the first one to say it, but even before I opened the comments what came to mind was that he should be a sheep! You are a knitting/wool/sheep inspired household after all.

  • I always like the tromp l’oeil costumes with the hanging-down legs, but she seems a little too prim for those. I think she should probably go as a tiny sheep.

  • Clearly she should go as a HOT DOg.

  • Definitely a skein of yarn! Not an original idea, since I did that for my Ruby a few years ago, but you are so talented I would LOVE to see what you came up with on it – LOL

  • Or a downward-facing cat.

  • I think Olive looks kind of devilish with those ears! Or maybe the wolf from little red riding hood dressed up as the grandmother? That would be neat.

  • A wolf of course. Watch out little pigs!

  • Rats, someone beat me to the Little Red Riding Hood idea. Maybe the wolf in Granny’s nightcap,then?

  • Olive could be the Big Bad Wolf. You could dress up as Little Red Riding Hood and carry around a basket of knitting projects!

  • I have a 5 year old son who is obsessed, oh wait, OBSESSED with Star Wars. After so much exposure, I see Star Wars characters everywhere and I think Olive looks distinctly like Yoda.
    Thanks for the offer of books!

  • Piglet? Yes? And such an adorable piglet (or whatever) Olive will be!
    [email protected]

  • I guess I’m inspired by the pigs, Little Red Riding Hood (or maybe her grandmother, who was probably a knitter???)
    Whatever she is, I’m sure she will be adorable!!
    Happy Crawling, alas, a surprise party out of town tomorrow night so I’ll miss it AGAIN (sniff).

  • The Big, Bad Wolf!

  • i think olive would look awfully cute as a hedgehog.

  • A one-olive martini.

  • Olive should be dressed up as ball of yarn, center-pull of course!

  • Knit her a massive headdress Γ  la Queen Amidallah (is that right? before she was just Padme, I mean – the Star Wars chica.)
    That would me SO cute.
    (repressing opinions on dog costuming with some effort, don’t need to tell ya)

  • Olive should be a teeny little fairy princess. I mean, she looks like one already!

  • There is a book of dog knits (I don’t recall the name) that came out about 10 years ago – it has an adorable dinosaur costume/jacket, complete with spikes along spine. I made it for my kids’ then daycare provider’s dog who was about Olive’s size. It was cute beyond belief. Only 3 weeks until Halloween! It’s small, you could do it! Can’t wait to see her in whatever her costume will be.

  • Is Olive going to be a house of straw? My son was the big bad wolf one year (not very convincngly).

  • She should be Marie Olivette! Complete with mile-high hair. Cake is of course optional, depending on begging and subject to carpet cleaning negotiations.

  • candy corn. bright yellow, orange and white sweater she could wear for non-thematic purposes the rest of the winter!

  • Marie Antoinette!! Is that stupid? Did I even spell it right? Forgive me, for I have a 2 month old. (Perhaps even worse than a newborn b/c I have a two month backlog of sleepless nights.)

  • I think you should dress Olive as “Woman’s Best Friend”–that is, decorated with chocolate wrappers, wine labels, and photos of Jon Hamm. Just putting it out there.

  • Well, it’s been said, but I had the idea before I read it, so — Olive, should be an olive, in a Martini Glass –
    And I want that last book – maybe I’ll find a kid to give it too, or NOT.

  • As Mr. Jeffries, of course!

  • I’m voting Lada Gaga! Soooo NYC!

  • Maybe Marge from the simpsons? But it would be super cool if you made her Wonder Woman. πŸ˜‰

  • A “hot” dog, of course!

  • I think she should go as a color crayon. Easy to make, dog won’t be too bothered by it, and very cute. My dog, Penny wore one years and years ago.

  • Olive should be a reindeer.
    Like the story, “Olive the Other Reindeer”

  • Olive should dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Now THAT would be hi-larious.

  • I think she should be the wolf, blowing down the house of those adorible little piggies…

  • First I want to say that when the Mochimochi book first came out, my (middle school) son and I looked over it at the book store. He thought it was great–especially the slippers with teeth.
    I think Olive would make a great squirrel(not necessarily with wheels.)

  • A vampire? (Not really sure how one would pull that off, but it’s all I could think of after seeing that book.)

  • OLIVE should be in a martini glass!!

  • Olive should be the pig yelling wheeeeeeeeeee all the way home

  • Olive should be….an olive!

  • Her name is Olive — so she could be a martini. Make a little tutu kind of skirt thingy out of cellophane or some such and add a knitted lemon twist.

  • Oh, darlin’, the choices! Personally, I think Olive should stick with the classics and go as a witch complete with pointy hat.

  • i love the idea of olive being a lamb.

  • Olive should be what I always had my kids be when I was too busy with other stuff (like knitting) to make a costume: a ghost. Take 1 pillowcase, cut eyeholes, bag dog, happy halloween.

  • I think she should go as a witch! Black would complement her coloring so nicely! πŸ˜‰

  • Hmmm, how about a chocolate eclair?

  • I think Olive would look stunning in a cute, but dignified, ladybug costume. She would have wings on her back and a headband or hat with antennae. Whatever the costume I’m certain she’ll be adorable and we all expect pictures.

  • Olive is going to be the big bad wolf.

  • Olive should be an olive for Halloween!

  • Olive wants to be Elvis, with lots of rhinestones on her cape and black knitted wig — just like the cute little pigs in “Knitting Mochimochi”.

  • Hm, maybe Olive should be Sherlock Holmes.

  • Being a NYC dog, the Statue of Liberty would be a good costume for her. She would look good in green.

  • I’ve been reading a lot of Patrick O’Brian lately, so I think Olive should be … a dog watch. (“Why is it called the dog watch? Because it is cur-tailed.”)
    Or just throw one of your UFOs over her and call her a WIP-et. πŸ™‚

  • hmmmm…. i dunno, but the picture of the 3 pigs lined up brought to mind a banana split for me! You could make kind of doggie pants/skirt shaped like a dish and then attach some balls of sewn/ knitted ice cream to her back along with all the appropriate fixin’s.

  • Little Red Riding Hood!!!! Olive can totally pull off a hooded cape!

  • Well, I was thinking that she would make a great Sir Didymus, but then I remembered that he had kind of a mustache. A most dashing one of course, but not really Miss Olive’s look. But I’m also really fond of Gargoyles. With those lovely ears, she’d be a fantabulous Gargoyle. Just wonderful!

  • May I suggest this one http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/ It comes highly recommended.

  • I suggest you dress Olive up like a martini olive.

  • I think she should go as something bearded–like Gandalf or someone. Like a little mini-wizard.

  • Cher. Obviously.

  • that is an easy guess why an OLIVE to be sure.

  • I’d say dress her up like Juliet. OR like the three little pigs, with two fake pig faces, one on either side of her real face. Fun!

  • I kinda think Olive has Yoda ears…and while I’ve always considered Yoda a dude, it would be great to come up with a Yoda dog costume. Not sure it would be recognizable without the green skin though.

  • I see several other people had the same idea I did, but I’ll go ahead and suggest it anyway. She should be an olive. Nice green knitted olive body and a little red hat for the pimento :o)

  • Put her in a retro style bikini and call her Gidget!

  • I am happy to share my costume idea with Olive as she has the perfect ears for it. I am going to sew myself covers for my ears; then glue gun in hand, I will glue unpopped “pop corn” to the covers. I will be going to the Annual Halloween Party as “Two Ears of Corn”. . .O, come on. those ears are perfect for adorning with corn!!

  • I thought perhaps a martini glass, but that has nothing to do with cute little piggies with funny hats.

  • I vote for a superhero cape. Makes everything better.

  • The Big Bad Wolf…

  • Marie Antoinette? I love Olive. She’s my favorite blogscot.

  • Based on your photo clue, I’d say Olive will be Marge Simpson for Halloween. However, if you could find her a martini glass costume to wear…

  • For some reason I think Olive would make a lovely Little Red Riding Hood : )


  • Ooh that one wig would be great for Marge Simpson!

  • Olive should be an olive!

  • Bacon?

  • Olive’s wee little face looks like a super-cute version of the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Therefore, YOU should dress as Red, putting Olive in a Big Bad Wolf outfit, preferably at the point she is dressed up as Granma. Yes, yes.

  • Marie Antoinette? A courtesan of some sort?
    I hope so.

  • I’m guessing Miss Piggy?

  • Could you make her into a warthog? I know this sounds mean, but see that scruff on the side of her face? It says Lion King to me. You could just make Amigurumi tusks and maybe glue them to her face.
    She is a darling. You could go pumpkin.

  • An olive, of course. Green stuffed body and red pimento hat.

  • Well… that costume HAS got to be knitted, right? So what about a knitted mummy? You’d only have to knit a long white sash – a narrower but rilly long white scarf – and wrap it around Olive. And – boy! – whe would be warm!

  • My dog Rennie (toy fox terrier) has a beautiful blond wig with long lovely flowing locks that Olive can borrow. She wore it last year when she was channeling her inner Marilyn (or maybe it was Rapunzel)..it’s quite lovely. Then some little knitted wristwarmers would finish the ensemble to perfection. I just love Halloween. It’s the perfect reason for all kinds of loony.

  • Olive should be a soft-serve ice cream cone!

  • Bolt. All dogs should be Bolt.

  • first thing that popped into my head when I saw her: pinto bean

  • Max from the Grinch. One antler across the middle of her head. Santa suit optional.

  • Toto. He needs a basket and a ‘Dorothy’. I haven’t read the other comments, so I’m hoping that my idea is the first?

  • I think Olive would look great as a Stegosaurus, you know, with all those spikey plates on her back.

  • A cupcake. Wouldn’t Olive be adorable in a corrugated tutu with a knitted splodge of frosting on her head?

  • She should be a piece of candy corn! I’m picturing her head peeking out of the white tip end. (though she may prefer it reversed to avoid the unflattering wideness at the hips…)

  • I guess Olivia the pig from the children’s book.

  • Olive would make a wonderful bat – some wings would go well with her large ears!

  • I can’t read all these previous posts, because I have been a) drinking wine and b)watching Yellow Submarine! So, the first two cracked me up and there are a hundred and fifty more beyond that!
    Dog costumes. Hmm. I did see Crazy Aunt Purls hot dog costume, which was pretty darn cute, today. Well, not in real life…
    I think a space dog costume would be fine. Tin foil over a Noro dog sweater. Try to get some tin foil on those ears.

  • My first thought was an olive given her name. However one of my favorite costume ideas is the fortune teller.

  • How about a sock monkey?

  • Olive would be an outstanding big, bad wolf!

  • Would it be weird to dress her up as Bob from Ravelry? Or how about a little lamb and you could be Mary?! yes! Do that! A little pig would be cute too. Good luck deciding!!!

  • I think Olive should be a clown.

  • The big bad wolf, of course!

  • A pirate.

  • A baby, with bonnet and pacifier!

  • I love the ‘2 ears of corn’ idea Rebecca suggested or Olive the other Reindeer but my first thought, with Olive’s ears, was a bat or batman – none of which has anything to do with Amigurumi designs at all!

  • I was thinking Wonder Woman, but when I saw the hint went with the emperor from The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  • After looking at Olive’s pic for longer than I should have, Olive should dress as a hunter in a traditional English fox hunt. Get a small vest, jodphurs would probably be going to far, but a little riding cap would be cute. Olive is much to dignified for much else. Thanks for the contest!

  • Olive must be going as a….witch?

  • I think he should go as spiderman!
    he would be a great spiderman.

  • There’s a difference between lace knitting and knitted lace? I think olive should go as Marie Antoinette.

  • Yoda! She’s got the ears, she just needs his little robe. Or, still Star Wars geeky, she could be an Ewok. Cute and furry, she haz it! πŸ˜‰

  • Being the diva that she is, Olive should be a ballerina with a tutu and toe shoes.

  • This contest looks like so much fun to win! Thanks for your fun blog! I think Olive would be fabulous as a hot dog. (I like puns…)

  • Knit olives and adorn her.
    Or WonderDog (in her satin tights).
    Or Pippi longstocking with stickout braids.
    Or a weiner.
    Have fun and eat all her candy, k?

  • I’m voting for Marie Antoinette as well. The knitted wig is perfect!

  • My sister’s dog, Archie (Jack Russell terrier) always dresses for Halloween. Last year he was Krypto–Superman’s dog) and the year before that he was a lobster! I think Olive should also make Halloween a costume event. How about a flower? I think she’d make an adorable rosebud.

  • Oh pooh – someone (probably more than one someone) already suggested somthing martini-esque. Hmmm… I think she would make a pretty great bat – her ears stick up in an adorable perky batty kind of way – and how cute would she be with a wee black cape – that could be say – knitted by someone who loves her… ?!
    Happy Thanksgiving (well, up here in Canada anyway!)
    I think the random generator should pick me since it’s my birthday next week… fingers crossed…

  • Clearly, Olive should be an olive. I’m probably the 42nd person to suggest this, but I didn’t read the 179 comments before mine.
    Or how about a martini (with olive, of course)?

  • I think Olive will make a great wolf.

  • C’mon, put some fairy wings on that little pup and give her a tutu to complete the outfit!

  • I think Olive should get on the Nashville Bandwagon with a big blond wig and a chiffon dress with some bling on it–Olive Parton.

  • A reindeer – as in Olive the other Reindeer.
    Love, er, tremendously like your blog, books, patterns, ramblings etc.

  • My daughter suggested Olive dress as a lion!

  • A knitted piggy dog coat with mochimochi “beehive” hair/wig/hat?

  • Olive should dress up like a cat. That would be adorable!

  • Olive should be Sandy from the musical Annie!

  • I would like to see Olive as a Jane-Austen-tyle heroine, in an empire-wasted period dress.

  • Olive the Wonder Dog. Cape and all that.

  • Elvis knit hair and a white jump suit with a little guitar

  • I think she could be the big bad wolf. For some reason though I see Cinderolive. The pigs look like the stepsisters and step mother along with the fairy godpig. Just strange I know.

  • Olive would be adorable as a little dragon! Okay, she’s already adorable as Olive, but it would still be cute. ;o)

  • Olive is going to be Marge Simpson for Halloween! She’ll look fantastic with a handknitted blue beehive hairdo and a tube dress!
    I could dress my chihuahua Kismet up as Bart, and they could trick-or-treat together!
    …if I lived in NY instead of Portland OR.
    Happy costume knitting!

  • What should olive be? Why, the garnish to a dirty martini, of course! Or maybe just her pimento-stuffed namesake?
    What a great collection of books!

  • I think she should go as either Max from *How the Grinch Stole Christmas*, complete with a stick for antlers, or K-9 from Dr. Who.

  • marie antoinette!

  • The Cowardly Lion. I think the look could be achieved entirely with yarn and some pained looks from Olive.

  • I love posts that have Olive in them – she is soooo cute! And I think dogs in Halloween costumes are adorable. I vote for Princess Leia – cinnamon bun hairpiece, white dress, slightly snarky attitude. πŸ™‚

  • Olive could go as a hot dog. Just put her in a bun.
    Or as a Martini…she’d have to be the olive in the glass, not sure how you would do that.
    She could just go as an olive… she could be the stuffing in side a big green olive costume.
    Or you could skip the play on words and have her go as a little doggy witch of a bat or a pumpkin. I get the feeling she will look good in most costumes.
    I hope I get picked for the drawing.

  • Please, please, please say Olive will be dressed up as Marie Antoinette. I beg of you.

  • Well, of course I would like a stack of books. Our dog goes as “devil-dog” with horns and daughters dog goes as a skunk (or sometimes stinkerbell).
    What should Olive be? Tough one as I don’t personally know her. How about a hedgehog? Like Mrs. Tiggy Winkle?

  • I think Olive should be a beleaguered 1960s diner waitress.

  • He’ll be wearing a beehive wig and a neck nuzzler of course.

  • Snooky or The Situation New Jersey Rocks!!!!

  • I think Olive should go in a coat and hat, with a little human doll on a wire leash that she’s taking for a walk.

  • I can picture Olive in a Little Red Riding Hood bonnet. With her ears and whiskers, she would look just like the big bad wolf. Happy Halloween!

  • Two words: Olive Loaf.

  • Oooh! Olive the Piggy! That is a great idea. Of course, the obvious choice to me is Olive, the Other Reindeer, but whatever she wears will be precious. Those are wonderful books, and I hope I win! Also, I wish I were back in the city for the yarn crawl because it sounds like such fun!

  • Olive needs to be Sherlock Holmes, of course.
    Please pick me to win . . . and thanks for sharing!

  • I think Olive will be in a costume that involves the purple beehive wig, so either Lisa Marie Presley or something from the French Revolution. πŸ˜‰
    Oh, I really want that Vampire Knits book! (I already have Mochimochi).

  • My first thought for sweet Olive is that she needs to be Sherlock Holmes. I can see a lovely gray cape on her and that funky hat sitting between her ears. Not sure if she would care for the hat though. What sort of tobacco would she like in her pipe????
    Thanks for the fun!

  • I cannot wait to see pictures of Olive in costume, whatever she ends up wearing, but she would be adorable in a Hallowig from Knitty!
    Maybe she could dress up as Merle Hazard, if that’s not too “meta.”

  • How about like Olive Oil? LOL that would be really really cute!

  • I think he should be a vampire !

  • Like a few others already posted above, I also saw Olive as a skein of wool with her lovely head and little limbs and tails poking out – have tried to imagine a couple of knitting needles in there somewhere, but get the feeling pointy things not the best idea…….
    Looking foward to the Halloween costumes pics already!

  • With those ears, Olive should dress up as a bat.

  • I think Olive should go as the “Big Bad Wolf”. What fun!

  • A little pumpkin would be adorable.

  • Lovely Olive is of course your perfect runway model and would love to model and greet trick or treaters in her new entrelac jacket, matching fingerless mittens and knee-high boots, a la Giuseppina, Kermit’s Sister of Teeny Project Runway fame.

  • My partner says, “She should dress as an Irish Wolfhound who’s been hit by a ‘smallifying’ ray.”
    I myself like both the bat and olive suggestions, but riffing on the bat theme—why not Catwoman? Wouldn’t you like to sew a doggy version of Michelle Pfeiffer’s catsuit for Olive?

  • Well…I thought pig,wig…but then three little pigs…which brought to mind wolf…and I thought no, too sweet for that…and then, omg….she should be Little Red Riding Hood! You could knit an adorable Olive-size red cape with hood.

  • It must be a Chinese costume. A little Chinese pillbox hat and Mandarin collar shirt. I mean really, with that Fu Manchu “mustache” and slanty eyes little Olive “Lotus” must be Chinese.

  • Your dog is nothing but adorable, so it had better be something CUTE and not evil or scary. πŸ™‚ Bambi? Thumper? Maybe a red corkscrew knitted doggie wig and go as ‘Carrot Top’? ..though I guess he’s not actually cute, just unique. Good luck with your choice. There are a gazillion ideas up there!

  • Olive is such a cutie patootie I think she should be costumed as “Tinkerbell”. I little crown with sheer sparkly wings attached her. Sooo cute!

  • Marge Simpson! Knit a great blue wig of hair….
    So cute!

  • Marie Antoinette. Or maybe with her rather large ears, she could be a bunny. I have to laugh about her ears because my yorkie has enormous ears, he looks like a donkey! She is absolutely darling, whenever a post comes up with a picture of Olive I have to smile.

  • Fabulous giveaway! The books look great!
    Is Olive going to be Miss Piggy? Or Kermit? Either of those would be awesome.

  • Olive’s sheer Olive-ness seems more than enough attitude for strutting her stuff on Halloween, but I’d think she’d rock a cowgirl costume.

  • She should definitely go as Jane Austen – or her most well known character – Elizabeth Bennett. You must find a suitable Mr. Darcy however.

  • I think Carmen Miranda with a fruit basket hat would be perfect for Olive!

  • She is Hermione, from the Harry Potter Series, with those golden brown locks and fetching eyes. All she needs is a plaid skirt πŸ™‚

  • Definitely a wolf in red riding hood’s red hood! She’d be adorable and VERY scary!

  • She looks to me like she should be a Jedi Knight, or possibly some other Star Wars character.

  • I’m torn between Olive the other reindeer and Dorothy, with the whole blue gingham and sparkly red shoes. Think how even cuter than usual she’d look with little brown braids framing that face!

  • Olive should be a doggie mermaid with the purple wig with knitting needles poked in on the side of the wig. Cute dog!

  • A member of the B-52’s with that high, high beehive. Mind you, I think she could also go as a martini and have the olive as her head. There’s my two cents.

  • Olive should go as Sir Didymus from Labyrinth, with the little Renaissance cap and the doublet.

  • Olive as a slice of olive loaf on rye, w/a fringe of lettuce, and a soupcon of mustard.
    Or sushi.
    She’ll be adorable in whatever costume she wears – she has That Style thing going for her.

  • I wish I could figure out what the clue picture represents, but I can’t…maybe too many glasses of pinot grigio tonight…
    Anyway, I think Olive would make a cute Pippi Longstocking.

  • Olive should definitely be a martini. She has the garnish part covered. πŸ™‚

  • He should match your costume!!

  • The big bad wolf! (To go with the three pigs…To huff and puff, etc. etc. ad naseum.)

  • Clearly Olive will be reprising the original Mason Dixon Knitting YouTube sensation, complete with her own knitted beehive hairdo.

  • Speaking of marshmallows, Olive should be dressed up as a s’more. Start with a white doggie sweater, paint or dye the dorsal and whatever-is-the-opposite-of-dorsal areas brown, then fashion “graham crackers” from cardboard or something similar. Attach somehow. (I’m not 100% helpful on the design logistics of this, I know, but you’re crafty and clever!)
    Or instead of painting/dyeing the aforementioned areas brown, go buy two of those gigantic Hershey bars, replace the chocolate with styrofoam and rewrap. Sandwich them in between doggie and “graham crackers” for increased authenticity and even more giggles.
    This way, you also get to eat a lot of chocolate πŸ™‚

  • A were-wolf.

    As for her costume, I like the idea of her donning some type of clear garb with pimento olives glued all over it (I suppose these can be crafted from felt). She can then go as (Ta Da) a Martini!–An “Olive” Martini, as opposed to an onion Martini (which I guess would be a Gibson). Perhaps some sort of funnel-shaped hat, to represent a martini glass, would be in order.
    Thanks for the contest!

  • I think Olive would make a very fetching Little Red Riding Hood.

  • An olive tree. With some lavender behind her ears and a “cigale” making noises (the one some tourists are complaining about when they come to Provence, because it can be deafening :-)).
    Anyway, she’ll be cute, that’s for sure!
    Daniela from France

  • I think she should be super Olive with a cape and a big S on her furry little chest. However your clue makes me think of Marie-Antionette. It’s the wig not the pig that makes me think that.

  • Olive would make a delightful Pig in a Wig. The picture of knitted amigurumi reminded me of an illustration to a children’s book of a pig in a wig, I think it was in *Never Tease a Weasel*. I’m not sure how to balance a tall, rococo wig on Olive’s head, that’s an exercise for the reader.

  • Definitely Superdog– with a cape and mask.
    Love those books!

  • Heh heh. I like the Lady Gaga suggestion and the Bob from Ravelry suggestion is witty. I’m going with Lady Gaga.

  • Obviously the big bad wolf! Now….who is Little Red Riding Hood?

  • Halloween costumes should be “scary” as is traditional. All Hallows Eve is the night of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest. Never understood the cutesy costumes. Save those for Mardi Gras. Precious little Olive should be a little bat, messenger of the nether worlds.

  • First of all, she will look cute in whatever you put her in, but how about a bat? those awesome ears would look great with some bat wings!

  • I did a photo shoot with our Papillon last Halloween modeling several costumes (got several of those “how cruel is that” comments too) and Duke looked utterly adorable in the cheerleader costume from Home Goods — I think Olive would make a great cheerleader too. But then again, perhaps going on her name you might consider getting a clear cone for around her neck and passing her off as an “olive” in a martini glass.
    Hope you’ll pick me for the books anyway ( :

  • I did a photo shoot with our Papillon last Halloween modeling several costumes (got several of those “how cruel is that” comments too) and Duke looked utterly adorable in the cheerleader costume from Home Goods — I think Olive would make a great cheerleader too. But then again, perhaps going on her name you might consider getting a clear cone for around her neck and passing her off as an “olive” in a martini glass.
    Hope you’ll pick me for the books anyway ( :

  • I think Olive should dress up as an apple, for NYC, wiht a green wig for the stem.
    Jen in Dovah

  • I think you should find a giant martini glass and just plop her in it, as the garnish, you know…

  • I believe that Olive should go dressed as a Hershey Kiss since she is sweet and irresistible! You could knit it from silver metallic thread and use white twill with blue letters for the little ribbon that is on top of every Hershey kiss!

  • An Australian TERROR – slouch hat with corks and some blood and gore…

  • How about Olive as Miss Piggy? Darn…I’m no good at thinking up costumes πŸ™ but I enjoyed reading others’ suggestions.

  • It’s thanksgiving in Canada and I’m home visiting the family… so all I can think of is turkey. Dress Olive up as a turkey (live or dressed for thanksgiving is up to the dresser)!

  • A hot dog! I just saw the cutest costume on Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog – I didn’t even know they made costumes for dogs!

  • I thought of Toto, too. Yeah, I’m boring. =)
    Can’t wait to see what the final costume is, though. Olive sure is cute!

  • Well, she’s obviously a diva, so she MUST dress as Lady Gaga.

  • Olive would look great as any of the B-52s. Even Fred. Or maybe she could go as a cup of coffee with a marshmallow on the side.
    I wish I could come to the yarn crawl.

  • I love most of the suggestion and really like the Yoda idea. As for a guess, I’m also thinking it will be one of the singers from the Mason Dixon YouTube video . . .
    I think Halloween costumes on dogs are adorable, not cruel. Unfortunately, I have a cat and the only thing cruel about a Halloween costume would be the condition *I* would be in after trying to put it on her.

  • Olive should go as either a martini garnish or Olive from the children’s book Olive the Other Reindeer. (antlers required)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love Olive’s ears. How about dressing her up as a rabbit? Maybe White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with a knit waistcoat and a big clock?

  • Olive should definately dress up as the Red Barron, ala Snoopy, The Great Pumpkin.

  • I think Olive should go as a squirrel (a dog’s nemesis!) – all of those books look fantastic (and the book blurbs by you put them over the top!)

  • Since “Supers” are so popular at present, how about a werewolf. Some doggy hair gel………she seems to come pre-equipped with the fur.

  • olive reminds me of Toto, so I would change it up adn dress her as Dorothy in blue gingham and hair bows or the Wicked Witch in a fabulous hat!

  • Something about that face tells me Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Wow – so many creative suggestions! And such a great prize! Thanks!
    Let’s see….you could knit an amigurumi set of antlers and then she is instantly “Olive, the Other Reindeer”. Which is what I think of whenever I see her – the book first, then the Christmas special.

  • with that gorgeous face, Olive needs a costume with a hat of some sort – Sunbonnet Sue, perhaps?

  • I’m thinking Big Bad Wolflette. Possibly with fun fur scrappy ears. πŸ™‚

  • Olive would look great dressed up as a little lamb.

  • A vampire dog, to go with the book.

  • If she wore the beehive wig, done in white, she could be a little Marie Antoinette.
    Or, just as a thought, she could have an awesome little collar and be a frill necked lizard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frill-necked_Lizard)

  • Olive is a classic, understated kind of dog. She needs a classic Halloween costume — witch, classic pointy hat, black cape. Perhaps accessorized with a small broom and basket (for her share of dog biscuits and other treats) that her ever helpful humans can carry around for her.

  • I think she’d be great as a larger version of the furry couch with eyes! — perhaps with a knitted pig on her back.

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder, with a sunbonnet.

  • Olive should be a bat — Shouldn’t be too difficult, but very creative — the wings would go out to the sides held up by some lightweight wires or boning (the kind that holds up strapless dresses). She’d be really cute! Nancy

  • I think the height of irony would be knit a Cat in The Hat hat. For a small dog, it wouldn’t have to be too tall. Add a tie around the chin, embrace the droop of the hat (or knit tight gauge). The chin strap should be safe.

  • Olive should go as a martini, with a lovely Elizabethan collar in transparent plastic around her neck like the top of the glass, and a suit of shiny plastic like the stem of the glass, with an olive stick in evidence somewhere safe!
    Have a great H’ween, Olive!

  • I don’t know what Olive should dress up as for Halloween! Everyone has such great suggestions! How about a lion? She could have a little mane framing her face and then have a costume with a nice, long tail.

  • She could dress up as a bumblebee, like my cat (unwillingly) does. My dog is well behaved, so she never has to wear costumes.

  • I think Olive could be a pumpkin.

  • I think Olive should be a purple penguin! I just loooovvvvveeee penguins! LOL
    Olive should be dressed as Miss New York, representing both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, New York and a beauty queen!
    Have a great time at the crawl.

  • The photo of the pig with the tall purple wig made me think of Marge Simpson and that tower of blue hair. I think Olive could pull it off.

  • Marie Antoinette of course. Although scrolling through the comments I see I am not the lone creative genius I usually imagine!
    She will no doubt look utterly fabulous whatever she is dressed as.

  • Olive should wear the same costume I plan to wear: Cher from the video for “If I could turn back time”.
    No, I don’t know how I plan to dress in electrical tape nor how Olive can do that, but we’d both look incredible. I think I need to get some Spanx first, though.

  • I’ve always wanted to see a dog dressed up as a cow. Random, but there you go.

  • Be simple and in the spirit of the (Fall) season: a pumpkin!

  • Olive should dress as the “knitter’s best friend”, with knitted cap, and a knitted vest with pockets on the back and side, in which she can carry various sizes of needles, a skein or two of cashmere, several crochet needles to fix dropped stitches, and stitch markers. Around her neck she can carry a flask of wine and some chocolates (for knitting emergencies).(Don’t worry, the chocolates would be in an airtight container so that she can’t get to them herself, since chocolate is toxic for dogs.)
    I may have to design this outfit for one of my two dogs, LOL!

  • I think you should knit Olive a black and white polka dot sweater and she could be a dalmation puppy.

  • What a cute dog! Since I’m not very creative, I’ll second Debbie’s idea of the knitter’s best friend. What a cute costume!! πŸ˜€

  • I think Olive should go as a doctor, with a little white lab coat and a stethoscope!

  • Olive could be St. Bernard with a little keg ‘o beer around her neck…Cheers!

  • I think she should be a martini. Not quite sure how the costume would work, but it would be entertaining nonetheless.

  • She needs a red cape-satiny of course. She could be a superhero.

  • With those ears, a bat. With her looks, Toto. With her outgoing and exciting personality, a couch-jumping Tom Cruise. See? You could knit that cute sofa and hang it around her neck!
    Who are we kidding? Olive just has to be Olive.

  • How about a ram? Yes, a male sheep for the knitting goddess.

  • With ears like that? Batman!

  • Olive would make a very cute bumble bee!!
    Whatever she is, she’ll be cute. Love those ears.

  • Olive should be costumed as an elegant giant green olive stuffed with blanched almond OR as the hound of the Baskervilles.
    Many cheers, Karen in McLean

  • She needs a red cape-satiny of course. She could be a superhero.

  • I see her dressed as a two headed beast- one is a dog and the other is a pig. And perched on her back is a tiny little Ken doll riding her with tiny little knitting needles and yarn. He, of course, is suppose to be Jared Flood with his new yarn line….

  • Elvis: definitely Elvis!

  • I think Olive would make a great Ewok. I’m not into Star Wars, but the color of her fur, her size–it would be a great match. Does that mean she gets some sort of bad-a$% ammunition or something? I don’t remember what the Ewoks wore . . . . hmmm.

  • Olive should go as Marie Antoinette, before the beheading. She as that “Let them eat cake” look about her.

  • Wolf!

  • I’m guessing a wolf with a pig riding on her head. (But look at that sweet face — would anyone ever believe she’s a wolf?) Whatever she wears, she will look darling πŸ™‚

  • Olive should go as Marge Simpson…knit that fabulous beehive, get a green wrap, and some red beads, and she’ll be set.
    (I guess she could go as Maggie, but would Cesar Millan be able to get a dog into a onesie? I think not.)

  • i don’t know why, but I am thinking Little Red Riding Hood. She could be Red, or the wolf for that matter. Cuter if she is Red.

  • as a devil!

  • I think she would make a very cute honey bee.

  • I think she would make a very cute honey bee.

  • This has nothing to do with your clue, but I envision Olive as a bat, given those ears. Not a creepy bat but rather Stellaluna-ish.
    What a great prize; thanks for the chance.

  • Writing from Nashville, I’d say Olive should do the Elvis pompadour. Although she’d be cute as a garden gnome, too.

  • I always like the look of a big frilly clown collar – cute but not uncomfortable for the dog. Sadly, my Evil Wild Dog of the Prairie does not consent to wear a costume. But then again she is by nautre a wold in sheep’s clothing.

  • Oliver would make a perfect vampire! He’s already got the fangs!

  • Ok so he should be a skull! He would be so cute!!!!!

  • Olive can be Toto (and you can be Dorothy)!

  • I think Olive should go as one of the cabaret group in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! You’d have to play a lot of ABBA, of course… One of those little wigs would be PERFECT, upsized for Olive-size.
    Or she could be Marie-Antoinette…

  • With those ears, I think that a tasteful bat costume if in order–very feminine, of course.

  • With those ears, I think a bat costume is in order–properly feminine, of course.

  • The caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, but maybe pass on the hooka.
    The books all look fun. Pick me pick me!

  • Wouldn’t Olive like to be a matador? Or more properly, a matadora? Check it out. http://www.teacupspuppies.com/halloween20.html

  • Olive as Dracula with a black cape lined with red. When she wags her tail it will be hilarious!

  • Oooo . . . she could dress up as a doberman–that would be scary?

  • too cute that wee dog…funny, the first thing I thought of when I saw rhe purple thing was Marge Simpson’s hair
    however I think Olive needs to be in a martini glass too!

  • Hmmmm. Can I pick two? I think either Marie Antoinette, because Olive could totally pull it off, or a sock monkey because of the adorableness.

  • I think Olive would be adorable as a ballerina – a favorite at our house!

  • I think Olive should go as a martini-body is an olive and her hat could a plastic martini glass. I’m SURE she could totally pull that off!

  • Olive looks like a teensy wolf. I think you should put her in a mob cap with little glasses and a flannel gown so she can be Red’s Grandma.

  • She’s Olive, so how about an anchovy costume for Hallowe’en?

  • My first thought was a martini. After seeing the clue, I must admit that a dog dressed up as a pig is one of the cutest things ever! Amigurumi inspired pig, excellent choice.

  • Why a little baby ewey of course! Mary’s little lamb.

  • with that wig- marie antoinette?

  • The Littlest Big Bad Wolf in the world!!!!

  • I think Olive should be a spider with the legs and every thing.

  • Olive should have large colorful petals around her neck. Since her face is so cute, she could easily be mistaken for a pansy.

  • What else? A vampire, of course.

  • Olive has two choices: Marie Antoinette or Underdog πŸ™‚

  • I think Olive would make a great ball of yarn!

  • A vampire gecko! πŸ™‚

  • Well, Olive can obviously carry off any sort of hat. Who doesn’t love a cute dog in a interesting hat?
    Another obvious choice, with her coloring and fierceness, would be raggedy jeans and a torn flannel shirt so she could be a werewolf. That would be a strong outfit that makes use of her natural asserts.
    The outfit that might suit her best, though, would be a coconut bra with a grass skirt and a flower lei, maybe an orchid behind one ear. Every girl likes to feel attractive.
    Thanks for the contest. How did I miss these books in the stores?

  • Olive could always dresss up as…an olive? And maybe her handler could be a martini glass! πŸ˜‰

    Olive is too cute. I vote for batman (or batgirl, I guess – something about those ears) or a butterfly – because little wings on her back would be awesome. Or a pig with a hat.

  • Maybe you could knit her a little blue “sweater” and she could go as Mr Jeffries….. Just a thot.

  • How about a girraffe? Wouldn’t have to knit most of the pattern!

  • Well, my Lola is going to be a little devil. She’s 3 mos old Irish Wolfhound. I hope she doesn’t outgrow the outfit by Halloween. Olive has that wise witch look to her. I’m saying Hermione Granger. She would look great in a Hogwarts robe and scarf.

  • I think Olive should dress up as Glinda the Good Witch…with extra sparklies, cause what girl doesn’t like a little sparkly???

  • Well, since Olive is cute as a bug, why not dress her up as a bug for Halloween? I’d suggest Lady Bug!
    And I am a knitting book-aholic, would love to win all those new and delicious books!
    Thanks for the contest.

  • I think Olive is going to be one of the Three Little Pigs. But if you’re knitting her costume, you’d better hurry! If she lived in my home state, she’d be an Arkansas Razorback! πŸ˜‰

  • Why, a 1920’s flapper, of course!

  • Babe the pig! That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

  • Olive should go transgender and be a Jersey Shore-type Guido.
    With that look of disdain, i think she could pull off a knitted muscle t-shirt with a knitted in six-pack and gel her hair down. She would intimidate one and all and lead the costume parade.
    btw, would love to win the books. and as always, Olive is stunningly gorgeous! She’ll be great in whatever costume she chooses.

  • Well, Olive is certainly intelligent and a lover of yarn! I think Olive should be dressed up as an intellectual businessman in a suit or maybe Olive Oyle as a play on name.
    Also, it would be great to see Olive as SuperDog. This picture is too adorable.

  • Haven’t read all the comments/answers, but when I look at that dog, I think “Phantom of the Opera.” Would he tolerate an eyepatch, do you suppose? The cape, of course, would be a snap.

  • How can so many people contemplate this cruelty? You ALL need to be ashamed of yourselves. A dog is not your personal fashion accessory.
    Thank god I live in a country where this behaviour is prosecutable.
    I am disgusted with you, and my Mason-Dixon books are going on the back of the fire in protest.

  • I was going to say that Olive should be an olive, but that seemed to obvious. So then I was looking at her eyes and Marilyn Monroe came to mind. She would be great as a MM. Good luck with that!

  • My favorite doggy costume has always been the hot dog costume. I think your little one would look so cute in it!

  • Olive should be a ninja!

  • I think Olive would be adorable in any Halloween costume!

  • A hot dog. Because dogs dressed as hot dogs are funny.

  • I’m always partial to small dogs wearing capes, a la WonderWoman.

  • Aw, I wish I could go yarncrawling with you!
    When I saw those 3 little piglets sitting on the chair the only thing I could think of was “BIG BAD WOLF” πŸ˜‰ So that’s my guess!

  • I think a pumpkin hat would be appropriate for Olive. She’s rock it!

  • Miss Piggy?? Could Olive be Miss Piggy? She’s much cuter of course…..almost as cute as my little Maddie.

  • It’s baseball playoff time and will be World Series time by Halloween, so Olive should go as a baseball player. I, personally, would suggest she goes as a San Francisco Giant, but I’m guessing that you would have another team in mind.

  • perhaps olive should be an olive?
    I have no idea how you would pull that together, but….

  • An olive green sweater…with pimento hat.

  • Let them eat cake! Olive would make an adorable Marie Antoinette.

  • Pick me! Pick me! Oh, wait the contest–Olive should be something that has large ears. She reminds me of a serval cat, or maybe a miniature donkey.

  • Olive would be an adorable olive. Pimiento-stuffed would be the most recognizable, and the colors would suit her pretty well. If you bring Olive to visit me, I’ll totally knit the costume. Nothing weird about flying to California with your dog to see a total stranger about a dog costume, is there?

  • With a cute little dress and wig Olive could be Emma Peel in no time.

  • How about making him some felted antlers (or buying a cheap set at the dollar store) and having him go as the “dog reindeer” that the Grinch used to pull his sleigh/sled in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

  • Perhaps a pig? Or a funky hat/hairdo?

  • That adorable nose calls out to be a Masked Caped Crusader! Go Olive go! Solve crime! Save the Maiden!

  • I vote that olive should dress up as an olive. Red pimento and all. What a great giveaway!

  • I think Olive would make a great Pirate!

  • I can see Olive the Superdog flying to the rescue.
    All she needs is a little cape!

  • Dog costumes are the best! And so are the books. I hope I win:) I dressed a my dogs up as lobsters last year. I think Olive could pass as one too.

  • How about if Olive went as the wolf, dressed as Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, with a lacy mob cap and maybe a little woolly shawl.

  • Olive should be an avatar!

  • Olive should be Wonder Women. I think she could pull it off!

  • As a zombie dog. Or, if you prefer, as a zombie dog dressed up as a pig. Or as a zombie pig. Just please include zombie-ism!

  • I am guessing he is going to be a character from Grease from the scene where they sing beauty school dropout, but I really think he should be the Red Barron (snoopy style).

  • Olive should be a princess for Halloween — or a superhero. And i would love to win those books, because in addition to never having enough yarn, and needles and other tools, you can never have too many knitting books!

  • Lady Ga-Ga pink number as worn in Glee!

  • Sir Francis Bacon!

  • I think that she should be Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. Not saying who the Beast should be …

  • It’s Halloween – she must be a bat, specifically a long-eared bat. See http://www.wombrookblog.co.uk/media/long-eared%20bat.jpg for inspiration.

  • I was thinking of a martini too… However the pigs with wigs are super cute.

  • I think Olive should be a fairy princess, of course with glitter wings . . . if you really wanted to get into it, a little glitter eyeshadow for those ears for some “extra sparkle” – don’t forget the tulle tutu and if you really want to go for it, little ballerina slippers . .. oh yeah, if you don’t get your hand bit trying to get the costume on it isn’t really a costume!

  • 1. Olive would make a splendid Prince Poppycock (from America’s Got Talent 2010) in a satin cape with lots of sequins and glitter and knitted hot, hot, hot pink/red lips. If not that, then:
    2. A Blue Light Special with a battery operated blue light on her back. If not, maybe:
    3. Woody Allen with black frame glasses and a little doll attached to her back, al la Sun Yee.
    4. As a closing alternative, Olive could be a minature dinosaur with a costume of green shoulder pads attached like layered scales to an Olive-sized doggy sweater.

  • Refrigerator, of course.

  • One of the “Wild Things” πŸ™‚

  • A member of the Rat Pack! Awesome contest!

  • Going along with everything vampire, including vampire knits I’d suggest Count Dracula.

  • Oh oh! Knit a single antler and tie it on to her head ala The Grinch! She has just the perfect sweet face for that cute little grinch puppy!

  • Olive would be a perfect Red Riding Hood! Obviously she would make a decent wolf, but she is so pretty and should have the leading role!

  • She looks a bit put out in the photo. I think she should be Eeyore. If she happens to love the costume, you could give her a burst balloon and a honey pot to carry. Still in character!

  • An OLIVE!You could make her tail the pimento!
    Ok, if not that, how about Rapunzel with long, trailing locks?

  • I was going to suggest a banana, but after looking at the picture of the pigs, I’m thinking Marie Antoinette.

  • Personally, I would dress her like an olive. Green body, little pimento hat….

  • I can definitely see Olive in top hat and tails a la Judy Garland. Thank you for offering up these books!

  • Dress her up as your project tote – with a garter stitch something or other sticking out of it. She’ll love it – many photos show Olive curled up on your knitting.

  • A teeny little witch with a pointy hat.

  • I love the Olive idea or an amigurini – the piggies are cute, or a witch with a teeny pointed hat – I’m not very original but I do love your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • With those ears….Spock! πŸ™‚

  • Toto in in an oversized ruby red shoe!

  • I think that Olive should go as Elvis! With a sparkly jumpsuit and the knitted hair. Soo cute!

  • Olivia the pig, or Olive the other reindeer.

  • My vote is for Olive to go as Sam Elliot in full cowboy regalia. She’s got the ‘stash an everything. πŸ™‚

  • Olive’s a real New York City dog with loads of confidence and charm. She could wear a hat or cape made of “Skyscrapers” from page 84 of “Knitting MochiMochi” and put those tall buildings into proper perspective.

  • Obi-wan-kedoggie…

  • Oh — with those ears? Definitely an elf, or perhaps a fairy? The ears could almost double as wings!

  • He would make a good Toto, but I think I’d go with the flying monkey.

  • That face is so distinctive! That fur has such potential!
    But how best to accessorize….?
    The face suggests Sherlock Holmes, the fur a wookie.
    How about…
    The big bad wolf, pretending to be grandmother to little red riding hood? Yes. I think Olive would approve.

  • Olive should dress as Snuffy Smith, from Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. She has the whiskers for it. Don’t know who Snuffy Smith is? Google it. Barney Google it if you have to.

  • I think it’s the big bad wolf who blew the house down isn’t it? However, I think she would make a really good red riding hood.

  • I’ve got two ideas: how about the flying Nun? or a fruit bat?? If you had an Olive fan club, I would be in it~ as a non-dog owner, I live vicariously through you!

  • I think she should go as Mr. Jeffries and wear a red scarf!

  • A sheep or a llama

  • Olive’s costume should be Halloween themed–a little bat or a witch….

  • How about a dog bone? Could be knitted, could be cardboard – so many options. (of course, my kid is going as a pancake, so maybe it’s just me)
    Thanks for the offer of all the way-cool books!

  • I vote for a vampire-cape and all.

  • Olive should wear a dog suit. Or else a knitted cupcake hat. I love this post – the books are wonderful and especially Mess!!

  • You know, my first thought was Zorro. Not that kids these days would know who that was. But Olive just looked like Zorro to me.

  • How about Zorro or the Lone ranger, I know Olive is a girl, but even girls like to wear a mask.Or a pumpkin or a bumble bee

  • Oh Olive is such a sweatie..and she always looks good on your knitting sooo…anything knitty would be cute…but I love the idea of an olive green sweater and a red hat! Books look great! Good luck everyone!

  • How about a stuffed olive! Get it!? Thank you for the contest, the prizes sound wonderful.

  • I think with those huge ears Olive would make an adorable bat. Easy to do, just need a bat cape.
    One of the cutest dogs ever. Love the pics.

  • Mario, or Yoshi, or Princess Peach. Any Nintendo character is fair game in our house.
    Great post! Love the selection of books!!

  • Olive should most certainly dress up as a seriously swanky 50’s vamp in a cocktail dress with a martini glass hat, and of course,a perky knitted olive tucked inside. Maybe a sticky name tag should proclaim, “MY NAME IS OLIVE”

  • howzabout Olive Oyl?!

  • A little sweater with ruffles on the rump would be cute. πŸ™‚

  • As a character from the 1960’s, like on Mad Men. Polka dot dress, layered ruffled slip, sailor hat, white gloves…..

  • I consulted with my spouse and two dogs (whose dream costumes are to be Rocky and Bullwinkle). We think Olive would make an excellent Sherlock Holmes.

  • YODA!
    With those eyes and ears, she’s a natural.

  • A lady-pup with very tall hair. Marie Antoinette, or perhaps Marge Simpson.

  • A pig with a wig gets my vote. What a great assortment of books!

  • How about the Bride of Frankenstein? Beehive hairdo with a streak of white?

  • What a wonderful assortment of books! And I would love to go on the yarn crawl – maybe next year. All of the costume ideas are great – keeping with mochi-mochi, Olive should go as a pea pad, open on the side with the little peas showing, and a little green cap with a nub of a stem.

  • Couldn’t Olive be an olive? Her little face could be the pimento, tail a toothpick? Sounds beyond my costume designing ability!

  • At first I thought princess but something made me think of a bat. However, in light of the book post I’m thinking a pig wearing a hat??

  • I think Olive should be dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz…you could knit her some mukluk mary jane shoes!!!

  • I think Olive should be Olivia! (you know, the pig from the books? who likes to dance?)

  • Well the obvious would be an olive (with a red pimiento hat), Olive Oyl (requiring a black wig, a spotted blouse, and a black skirt), and Olive the Other Reindeer (popular children’s book that everyone ought to know). But the easiest would be a cowpoke (all you need is a bandanna) or a caped superhero.

  • is she going as the big, bad wolf?
    I think she should go as a pre-midnight Gremlin.

  • Olive should dress up like pumpkin pi for halloween:
    knit a little orange doggie sweater and embellish the top of sweater (the part in olive’s back) with the mathematical symbol for pi (3.1415…………)
    or, if you’re feeling very sassy you could int the pi symbol in intarsia!! (I’m not sassy enough for intarsia.)
    I went as pumpkin pi one year and it was a hit!

  • Olive absolutely MUST be a Gremlin!! With those ears, she only needs half a costume (not an insult, beautiful Olive! cuz your ears are fabulous!).

  • She’s gotta be a princess, no question!

  • With ears like that she should be either Yoda or a bat!
    (I had a cat with large ears who swiveled them just like Yoda. Thus she was named Yoda!

  • Olive is very adorable and I think she should be a mop for halloween! Put a knitted swiffer cover around her and make her leash look like a broom handle!

  • Hercule Poirot. Or a pretzel croissant.

  • She looks like an Ewok to me (says the mother of Darth Vader.)

  • Olive is going to be a soft-serve grape ice cream cone.

  • Olive ought to be a… martini?
    I think she’ll be a pig, which has always been my dogs’ favorite squeaky toy. Each of them. And we chant, “Piggy Hop! Piggy Hop! Piggy Hop!”, each time making the little pink squeaker hop a bit, until finally we shout, “Piggy Fly!” At which point, of course, the toy flies across the (yard, house, restaurant…) lawn, is retrieved. And eventually de-squeaked.
    Other than the squeakers, the pigs in our home tend to get, well, eaten!
    Big Piggy hugs to you.

  • Well, will Olive be the Big Bad Wolf trying to blow down the houses of the 3 little piggies?
    Wish I could come for the crawl, but my son and I are doing the Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s tomorrow in Princeton — he wanted to do it in memory of his Zayde (my father) who died from the disease – and he made it his Bar Mitzvah project.
    But Happy crawling …
    (Do NYC dogs go trick or treating in their apt. building, or do they great the trick or treaters?)

  • Elvis, most definitely! Olive even sounds like Elvis!

  • Well, before I scrolled down for the picture, I was thinking Olive would look great as a disco queen – alien, replete with a sparkly silver disco dress, silver sparly antenna and of course silver glitter boots. But once I saw the picture, I thought, Marge Simpson, all the way. Blue hair, green dress, pearls. She’d be a winner. Oh, and I would love to win the books too.

  • There are a lot of great ideas out there, but I vote for Marge Simpson! The blue hair and green tube dress are just perfect for Olive!

  • OK, maybe she’s gonna be Miss Piggy from the Muppets. But I think she should be, hmm, Inspector Clouseau in a nice, khaki, knitted trenchcoat. Ooh, ooh, pick me! My doggie refuses to keep her costume on and I need those books to console me!

  • Olive should just be herself…an OLIVE..

  • The Wolf! A pig-humaine wolf. Although my library is quite nice, I don’t own ANY of these books!

  • I see a wicked witchy hat tied ever so demurely under Olive’s little chin. Appropriately accessorized with black and orange stripey cape. Although she would be fetching as Marge Simpson.

  • A sheep, a sheep, a dog in sheep’s clothing! (boy am I tired – that doesn’t even make sense)
    Have a wooly good weekend!

  • A cute little witch! She looks a tad bit devious.

  • I think Olive should go as a ball of yarn. Tie one end of yarn to her collar and wrap her like she’s a barking nostepinne. When you send her out to trick or treat, you can hang on to the loose end of the yarn, and when it’s time for her to come home, you can just reel her in. Not sure how she’d carry the bag of treats though.

  • Oh I would *love* to win your books!
    I think Olive should be a baby – with feety pajamas and a binkie some how rigged with beef jerky so she will keep it in her mouth.

  • How about Marie Antoinette? Would love the book on knitted lace. Thanks for the contest, Marla

  • How about an olive?

  • Olive the BIG BAD WOLF from the Three Little Pigs!!

  • Olive should be Elizabeth I. A crown & big lace ruffle is all she would need….attitude she already has…what an adorable dog!

  • I’m assuming Olive will be dressed as a technicolor Marie Antoinette with wig choices like those at her pawtips!

  • My chihuahua is going as a bat. One of my sisters calls her batnik and another will make the bat wings. I might knit a black sweater. Maybe Olive would like to be a bat too?

  • From the clue I’m guessing The Big Bad Wolf.

  • How about Olive Oil…Popeye’s girlfriend

  • with the hundreds of funny answers that have gone before, it’s difficult to formulate an original idea. but i do think bangs would suit olive. and just to make it absolutely clear what i’m really all about: pick me random number generator, pick me!

  • An olive…. or a gnome?

  • I think Olive should be dressed as a vampire.

  • Olive is adorable! Olive NEEDS a bat costume to go with those ears!

  • She should be a stash! Velcro Red Heart to a doggy jacket!

  • Bart Simpson;s mother

  • Well, a little piggy would be super adorable, I might be convinced to pay to see that!

  • The Other Reindeer πŸ™‚

  • Olive really wants to be the jaberwocky from Tim Burtons’ Alice in Wonderland but is unsure on how to knit up the costume. I think she should settle for Alice instead.

  • A gremlin (from the movie Gremlins, of course)! If you want to mix it up, you could have a before-midnight-snacking gremlin and an after-midnight-snacking gremlin. Fun!

  • Olive should be the Cheshire cat.
    Jan F.

  • I’m guessing Olive is going to be the Big Bad Wolf!

  • I think a superhero would be perfect. Olive has superpowers, right?!

  • I see Olive as the Big Bad Wolf, as from Little Red Riding Hood. Her little snout sticking out from a mask would be a hoot!

  • Olive should dress up as Ann Shayne.

  • Cerberus. Three heads are better than one!

  • hmm, that is a tough one, it’s always hard enough deciding what one should be for Halloween but one’s dog……perhaps the “Reindeer dog” from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, with a giant knitted antler!

  • I think olive should be herself… An olive, and you should dress as a diva sipping a martini.

  • She should be Miss Matty from Cranford

  • Sigh, all the best ideas are taken, an olive, a sheep, a WIP. I believe in super simple halloween costume for those who are not-so-happy about wearing them. (My four-year-old is one.) How about a peace fleece sweater and she could go as Mr Jefferies.

  • I told my 13 years old daugther about the contest, and as she constantly draws her ideas she made a couple of sketches. I will email them if this comment won’t take an attatchment.

  • Olive is a funny dog. She should be a pumpkin.

  • a red-hot chili pepper. or a cat.

  • A flying monkey πŸ™‚

  • I would never cast aspersions on dressing up your dog for Halloweeen. I was one of those people who dressed my two week old son up as a pea pod one year. Second, I hope you have gotten a copy of the book Halloweiner for Olive–a must-read for any dog this time of year. Third, hm, I do love the idea of a little Olive-wig, but would it stay on? I’m going to go with the sheep votes.

  • Olive is Batgirl. Those ears – those eyes. Batgirl.

  • Olive should definitely dress as a martini! Lots of leeway as to how to actually carry this out…

  • Olive Oyl!

  • a geisha! Imagine a cute little kimono with an arm out the side holding a fan – And the black wig with the hair decorations!

  • Olive should be a big walking ball of yarn with two knitting needles poked jauntily through the ball (to either side of her, of course). πŸ™‚

  • When I saw the mirror, I immediately thought that Olive could be the beast in Beauty and the Beast. You could knit a nice navy jacket with gold trim. Then you could dress up like Beauty and you could dance from house to house.

  • Oh! I love this one…I wish I had a little doggie to dress up!
    As soon as I saw Olive I immediately thought Sherlock Holmes! I think your Olive would look adorable in a rainjacket, a hat and somehow incorporate a pipe! So cute!
    Hope I win not only because of the books but because I would love to see how Olive ends up looking as Holmes!

  • My first thought was “A CAT!” But I glanced at the first comment and of course not the most original. Then I thought, “AN OLIVE!” And yeah, saw that someone else had chosen that….
    So if you’re getting something out of the book? I seem to be partial to the yellow bobbed wig…and have her dress up in an appropriately matching “Betty as cheerleader” costume.

  • Olive needs an orange sweater with black trim.

  • I think she needs a pair of gauze fairy wings and a halo.

  • Olive should be dressed as a ninja! All the cool dogs are doing it.

  • I think those cone-shaped dog collars from the vet look a little like a martini glass – perfect for an “Olive” centerpiece, if you ask me πŸ™‚

  • I agree with Alma that Olive reminds me of Toto.
    Is the Mochimochi a knitted olive for Olive to wear as a hat?
    The pig in the purple knitted hat reminds me of Marie Antoinette’s powdered wigs.

  • My dog Oliver thinks Olive is pretty cute. He says she should dress as a damsel in distress and he will dress as a fire fighter and come to rescue her.

  • Oh, I am so loving the cat idea. A cat! A cat! A cat!

  • A little late to the party, but with those wonderful ears, how about a new super hero, BatDog!

  • I think Oliver would look great in a Fred Astair top hat for Halloween! He’s a verrry dapper looking fellow.

  • Well, I think that she might be going as Cinderella going to the ball. However, she could also go as Toto from the Wizard of OZ.

  • I think Olive would make an excellent wookie. I think it’s the coloring. Or maybe the fact that I’m upset that Chewy was not included in the Build a Bear Star Wars costumes – I so would have bought a Chewy bear.

  • either as an olive (duh), or in a poodle skirt and a beehive wig.
    awesome books, by the way! Would love to win them. Thank you for this contest!

  • I think she should be a green olive! I do like the pig wigs, though. Olive would be cute no matter what she’s dressed as. Also … thank you for RULE #2!! ha!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the books. Very kind.
    Have a great weekend!!

  • An olive, of course! Happy weekend.

  • With those ears, she’d be a really super bat. But don’t forget to dress her in something SHE’d like–a little bacon grease perfume under the ears, perhaps……

  • I’m with the Olive as olive camp! Or rather, Olive as Pimento sticking out of the olive. Surely there’s nontoxic, nonpermanent dye appropriate for dogs in a nice red/orange, right?

  • BIG BAD WOLF!!! Olive is sooo cool!!!!

  • With those knit wigs, it reminds me of the Victorian Age… perhaps a Queen?

  • Well, my dog Angelo went as “Angelo the Wonderdog” one year. We made him a red cape adorned with red white and blue (maybe some gold too) sequin ribbon. It had a big “A” on the back and said “Angelo the Wonderdog” in sequined script on the bottomi. Angelo is a spaniel-y beagle-y kind of mutt, and infinitely patient.

  • I’ve always liked the “classic” costumes–how about a ghost or a witch?

  • From that adorable picture, Olive could either be Magic Mirror or the Fairest in All the Land. Or at least the Isle? Cheers, and many thanks.

  • I think it would be hilarious to dress up Olive as Lady Godiva. She could wear a wig of long, flowing blond hair (but fixed in such a way that her little paws wouldn’t get tripped up on it) while riding a miniature pony.

  • Hi! Taking a hint from the title of one of my favorite holiday books – perhaps she should be a reindeer? (The book, which inspired a TV special, was titled “Olive, the Other Reindeer”, and is a riot). The Olive of the story was also a dog before getting into the reindeer gig.
    Although I have to admit, she would also make a great Wookie.

  • Oh I definately think a martini or an olive in a martini glass. I am not sure how to execute that though. Maybe a fabulous diva from the 60s with a beehive do?

  • Could she be a knitted ice cream cone? I don’t know why, but that idea just sticks in my head!

  • Princess Leia, of course!

  • Olive should be Amelia Earhart, complete with aviator goggles, for Halloween. She seems to have travelled extensively for her spry, young age already!
    Please include me in the drawing for the books … they look great!

  • toto of course. carie as dorothy, mom as glinda and joseph as the great and powerful OZ–a family affair

  • Olive should go as Lady Gaga. The sunglasses would look great with those ears!

  • Olive has the look of prima ballerina. A pink tutu perhaps?

  • Of course Olive *must* go as the wolf from the Three Little Pigs (with knitted costars). She definitely has that elfin lupine vibe going on!

  • Olive should be a princess!

  • The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland!!

  • With those ears, a bat!

  • I think Olive is sooo cute, but she should be a witch. The wicked witch, with a wart and broom.
    To Cute.

  • Olive should be a witch – but a dignified, proper, witch – along the lines of Minerva McGonagall. An understated, elegant robe, and a hat with appropriately placed ear holes…

  • All she needs are some cute antlers and your Olive can join the Halloween parade as “Olive the Other Reindeer”!

  • Surely NOT a pig! I’d dress her like the little princess she appears to be.

  • Wow so many comments. Many appologies if this was already suggested but how about the grandma the wolf dressed like in little red ridding hood? I totally see a bonnet on that dog!

  • Why, isn’t Olive a natural Marie Antoinette? (before beheading, of course.) She has the style, the elan, the regal you-were-born-to-pamper-me attitude. I can hardly wait to see her.

  • Olive Red Riding Hood–with slits for her magnificent ears, of course. Have fun!

  • she should totally be Yoda! she already has the ears for it!

  • I was thinking Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, but the one from There Little Pigs works too!
    My dog has a Dracula costume.

  • A hot dog: “flames” around her sides

  • I saw some others suggest the Big Bad Wolf, but I think she’s too sweet to be anything that sinister. I’m getting a Little Red Riding Hood vibe from her, though. She’d be adorable in a red cape.

  • Not sure if this has been suggested already, but Olive should be a martini – use one of those cones from the Vet, and then knit a long tube to cover the body, like a glass stem!
    have fun!

  • She should clearly be Toto from Wizard of Oz, because she looks the part! A pig wig would be cute too, of course. πŸ™‚

  • Oh! She should be the Big Bad Wolf, because she is clearly one tough puppy. πŸ™‚

  • How about Oliver, with a little newsboy cap and an empty bowl? (“Please, sir, could I have some more?)

  • I have no great original ideas but when I saw this particular picture of Olive, I thought Sherlock Holmes. Somehow a deerstalker hat seems to suit her.

  • Olive should be a dragon….like from “How to train your dragon.”

  • I think Olive should go as a vampire, wearing an outfit adapted from the Vampire Knits books. Failing that, she would make an adorable Little Red Riding Hood or Alice from Wonderland. Or if you have a cruel streak you could always dress her up as the Cheshire Cat.

  • Why not go literal on this one? Olive should be the olive in a martini. You’re creative. You figure it out.

  • I hate to say it, but with those adorable ears, Olive reminds me of Yoda.

  • For some reason, I see Olive at Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Toto from the Wizard of Oz is always classic. I also saw the cutest costume at Target that I would have gotten for my dog if she tolerated costumes. It was a little jacket that looked like the sides of a chariot and had a little Roman charioteer who looked like he was screaming attached to the back and holding a set of reins. It was adorable!

  • A Mochimochi Poochie, of course. Actually, my cats would never stand for this sort of thing. Meow, meow. But as dogs go, yours is quite sweet!

  • Olive should have an angel costume, suiting her angelic personality! At least she looks that way in pictures!

  • Carmen Miranda of course. knitted fruit on her head would be just the thing.

  • Due to Olive’s expression of utter coolness, my first thought was Catwoman. Then I thought maybe not, and something involving a cape.

  • Will Olive go trick-or-treating as Marie Antoinette? She would be lovely and elegant coifed in purple cables…

  • Olive wants to go as a Golden Retriever (ironically, of course. Like dressing in torn Tommy Hilfiger.)

  • She must wear one of those trompe l’oeil costumes, perhaps a monkey jockey?

  • Sailor Moon, a bumblebee, or one of the pups from 101 Dalmatians…maybe Lucky.

  • Marie Antoinette with a large knitted wig (or Marie Oink-toinette with the wig and a pink pig nose)?
    We are trying to decide between a hot dog and a squirrel for my daughter’s Corgi-mix puppy. A pirate costume with a parrot, an eye patch and striped pants with attached peg leg is also in the running.

  • Olive should be a stuffed olive….pimento or maybe blue cheese.

  • Most definately Olive as an olive!

  • A little piggy of course…but I like the Spock idea!

  • One of the 3 Tenors.

  • Olive should go as a dry martini!

  • Cogsworth – the clock from Beauty and the Beast. Totally Cogsworth.

  • Since she is a terrier, like my Cairn, she should be appropriately dressed. Terriers consider it their duty to seek out and kill any small prey. I would go for a Vampire costume.

  • Olive should go as Groucho Marx. all you need are the glasses and maybe a bow tie. Perfect!

  • wow! There are some seriously amazing ideas out there. While I do like the wig idea and the Gary larson or Hon or Diana Ross idea I do think that Olive would be adorable as a pea in a pod. She just always seems so snug and happy when she cozies up in your knitting.

  • I think Olive should be a twin to Crazy Aunt Purl’s younger “brother” and be a hot dog for Halloween. πŸ™‚

  • she should be a pig in a blanket…piggy mask and knitted baby blanket shawl like over her shoulders

  • The classic Halloween bat. Remember William Wegman’s bat dog? Olive’s a natural for it.

  • A pig in a wig? Though why a pig would wear a wig, I do not know.

  • I think Olive should go as a dame decked out in the best of hand knits. πŸ™‚
    My Husband says that she should go as FBI Agent Olivia Dunham from the tv show Fringe. Apparently Olivia was called Olive a lot in school {G}

  • I really shouldn’t read the earlier comments before I post!
    I’d certainly go with a beehive hair doo though

  • Olive in a martini glass, of course!

  • If you are willing to carry around the adorable three little piggies, Olive would make a perfect Big Bag Wolf!

  • Yoda, from Star Wars! :o)

  • Oilive looks like a McDuff dog to me. A little plaid kilt, a little tam – she’s be darn cute! Or, if you wanted her to be totally with it – a utilikilt! She could wear a matching little pull through short scarf too.

  • Olive should be the big bad wolf! She is tiny for a wolf, but I think she could pull it off.

  • I think Olive should be Little Red Riding Hood

  • I think Olive would look adorable in anything but maybe as a fairy or butterfly would be good!

  • how about the cowardly lion? you could knit a cute mane for her with loops and all kinds of gold and brown yarn…

  • Olive would look really cute as Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Olive would be a very regal Marie Antoniette! πŸ™‚

  • Since childhood I have loved seeing a dog dressed up like a baby and pushed in a baby carriage!

  • While I’m sure she is too sweet, the Big Bad Wolf!

  • A flying monkey, she is adorable

  • How about dressing Olive as Olive the pig? She would be adorable! My poodle won’t wear any kind of clothing. He thinks he is in trouble and won’t move a muscle. Have fun!

  • With those adorable ears, how about Dumbo? Just make a trunk prosthesis!

  • a pig with a knitted bee-hive hair-do!? oh wow, I can’t wait to see Olive all dressed up πŸ™‚

  • I am a cat person so I would like to see a dog dressed as a cat or a pig!

  • He should definitely wear a wig. How about a teeny, tiny Hallowig in pink. You could wear a matching wig in purple.

  • I think he should be dressed up as a lion. He can be king for a day!!

  • Judging from the comments, your audience is unclear on Olive’s gender. I think it only appropriate that zhe dress as either Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber.

  • Jacques Offenbach: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Offenbach_Jaques_Luckhardt.png
    I think she’d kind of enjoy cross-dressing; the facial hair is about right; and the pince-nez would be a kick.
    Plus, TALES OF HOFFMANN is currently playing in a colorful at the Metropolitan Opera and so you have a thematic tie-in (and built-in costuming ideas).

  • Big bad wolf or Elvis

  • I’ve always thought Olive looks a lot like Emily Dickinson.
    I know I can’t win or anything, but I vote for Emily Dickinson.

  • The dog should go as Little Red Riding Hood.
    The line of “what big ears you have” makes me think of that match.
    The only thing I ever won was the center peice from a high school church dinner. I am now 61, if that tells you anything.

  • Definitely a rabbit! I would love to win…

  • PS Let’s see if I can make the picture appear: Offenbach, Take Two:

  • I think Olive, because she is a smallish dog, would make a lovely elephant, which would be fun and too cute!

  • I Think Olive would be a fabulous,fancy homecoming queen! Tiara, gown and knitted sash! BIG hair!

  • Yoda. I love dog Yodas.

  • My first reaction would be that Olive should be dressed like a kitty, but with the Pigs with Wigs shot I think that Olive should be dressed like Marie Antoinette!
    Oh, and if you have time, you should see Anna’s show at gallery hanahou this month. I was there on Thursday and it was amazing (and really close to Purl Soho).

  • Olive should be Olivia, the pig! Friends of ours had a dog named Furpig and seeing Olive and those cute little piggies in the next picture just gave me inspiration.

  • Wouldn’t she be just adorable with some butterfly wings? She could be Woodland Fairy Olive.

  • Olive…What about dressing her as an Olive, with her head and tail as a pimento? Just a crazy idea. The other possibility? Olive Oyl? πŸ˜‰

  • I think Olive would be pretty darned cute dressed up as a Ladybug!

  • She looks so intelligent, she should be Sherlock Holmes.

  • Olive the bizarre kitty – lovely in any disguise or none.

  • Thanks for sharing the excitement with those of us who cannot be in NY!

  • Oops! I hit send too soon. I think Olive should be a Reindeer for halloween . . . like in the book “Olive, the other Reindeer.” πŸ™‚

  • Olive is so cool. I love baleful dog expressions.
    With her colouring, I’d do a lovely lion outfit, complete with cone-of-shame-esque mane. Or a sunflower!

  • I think she should be a Hobbit!! She certainly has the ears for it…. and the furry feet!! Too cute

  • A black cat of course!
    Cheers and thanks for the chance.

  • I’m thinking Little Red Riding Hood…after all, without a costume, Olive could double for THE BIG BAD WOLF, so why not go in the other direction?

  • A hot dog! Love your blog, and also, at your suggestion, found you favorite yarn shop in the city. Thanks for the info.

  • Wrap her around the middle in big fat bulky yarn and she can be a Magic Yarn ball with a very special surprise inside.

  • oh an elvis wig would be perfection πŸ™‚

  • Little red riding hood!

  • Make her some tie-on reindeer antlers, or moose antlers or something fierce.

  • Well we’re dressing up our dog as a shark, which would be my first suggestion. My second would be a flying pig though!

  • Really, Olive would look good in just about anything. A hat from the mochimochi book would be good. A raindeer like in the Grinch book might be nice, or how about a dog-in-sheeps-clothing?

  • My knitting book stash is just as bad as my regular knitting stash!!!

  • Olive is such an adorable little girl and I am a little bit jealous that you have a pup that will tolerate wearing anything more than a collar! I think this dinosaur costume would be totally unbearable on Olive: http://dogs.icanhascheezburger.com/2010/04/28/funny-dog-pictures-embarasourus/
    Hope the yarn crawl was fun! How could it not be?!

  • Olive should be Hulk Hogan. Just comb her already existing mustache down, throw on some shiny yellow and red, and voila! You can do the voice for her πŸ™‚

  • Definitely an olive – green coat, red pimento out her butt, and a swizzle stick.
    Either that or a knitted hot dog…

  • Olive, high society gal: mink stole, glam chapeau, string of pearls — what else would one need?

  • A cupcake!

  • Olive should be a witch…the pointy hat would match her cute ears. Our puppy is going as a skeleton…his black and white markings make it the perfect costume (although I guess he could be a skunk!).

  • A sheep would be adorable!

  • Olive should, of course, be an Olive (the Queen kind — green, plump, with a lovely red pimento cap).
    Thanks for being such a joy to read!

  • Knit a nice little doggie coat (John Deere Green) with John Deere symbol intarsia-ed on it.

  • What a cute dog! How about a wizard?

  • I don’t know if it is a costume, maybe more of a carrier – a martini.

  • I think you should stick some spots on her and call her “Bambi” for the day.

  • The obvious choice would be for Olive to be an olive, but she would look adorable as a little pink pig with one of those hats. The sad thing is, my dog would actually sit there and wear one.

  • A burrito! (I love burritos and she is just cute enough to eat).

  • Halloween is a wonderful time to explore possibilities in yarn. Have fun with it. Would Miss Olive like to be Miss Piggy. Such is the clue in the picture. I would love to win those books. Some to keep, some to share.

  • A tea cozy.

  • Cute as Olive is, I’d dress her as a princess.

  • As a Dalmatian. My daughter loves everything white with black spots. You could then dress up as Cruella and scare all the kids. LOL

  • I think a Dracula costume would be adorable on him! He’s such a cutie!

  • I think Olive would look wonderful dressed up as Dolores!

  • UMMM…How about an Olive? Or Olive Oyl? A little black wig and a red dress? Or a heart? You know – O-Live you? Have a great day – can’t wait to see her costume!!!

  • Olive should be a superhero! With a knitted cape and an eye patch!

  • Olive should dress up as a reindeer.

  • Toto! or maybe Dorothy and you can knit her some ruby slippers.

  • Somehow I have the impression that Olive should dress as Queen Elizabeth. Not sure whether the current queen is the one, or the queen from the 1600s. fun either way (although a small modern hat seems easier to make compared to the old style clothes)

  • Marge Simpson (make up that purple cabled pig wig in blue) or Little Red Riding Hood

  • Knit A blue 1960’s wig and cat eyed glasses. So cute.

  • she would make a great Lady GAGA! so this is my best guess…

  • I think Olive would be hilarious as the Big Bad Wolf. Or the Big Bad Wolf dressed as Grandma.
    Or an owl. An owl would be a good one too. =)

  • Olive, I can tell by the look of her, wants to dress up for Halloween, but she wants to be DIGNIFIED and ELEGANT and all.
    I suggest a jaunty cap and a shawl.
    Or a tiara.
    Or cashmere.
    Girl’s got taste, I tell you.

  • Marie Antoinette

  • Olive should be Lady GaGa…or, Lady Dog Ga

  • Vampire dog, for sure!

  • you should dress her up as a super hero. she would look adorable in a little cape!

  • I love dog costumes, and I’m not just saying that to have a better chance of winning. Our chocolate lab was a lamb for my daughter’s Little Bo Peep when she was one.
    I think Olive should be Toto. And the rest of the family could be other Oz characters!

  • I think she would be a cute wolf dressed up as the grandma from Little Red Riding Hood.

  • I think Olive should be another animal: I vote for a cow!

  • Olive should dress up as Lexa the pig on the Geico commerical. It’s my favorite commercial. Love pictures of Olive, too.

  • A hamster? I’d love to win the books.

  • My 9 year old daughter Sarah thinks Olive is somewhat kangroo-ish looking. A down-under marsupial is our guess.

  • I think dressing Olive as a little pink pig would be cute.

  • I couldn’t read all 684 comments to see if this has been mentioned before, but I think Olive should go as – Underdog!
    All great books! Love your site by the way.

  • Big bad wolf in “Three Little Pigs”… of course… but she might be booed off for a bad impersonator because she’s ADORABLE!

  • A superhero, for sure. I saw some great Batman puppy outfits when I was out shopping the other day. Too cute!

  • Olive the big bad wolf, of course.
    And I love the idea of the journal. If I don’t win, I might go hunt that one out on my own.
    But I’d rather win it. πŸ™‚

  • Honestly, the first thing I thought of was Chewbacca. Just think, a wee little Chewie running around. SO. Adorable. All you’d need is a little satchel that looks like the one in the movie ;D

  • how about dressing her up as a dog – a different type of dog – a Dalmation. I think she would be adorable in spots!

  • Olive should be the Big Bad Wolf. She’s obviously got both adjectives down and if you just run her up and down a few flights of stairs she will surely huff and puff.

  • Looks to me like Olive wants to be a ballerina — pink sparkly tutu and all!

  • Judging from the pig pictured above in the knitted wig, I am going to say Kate Pearson or Cindy Wilson from the B52’s(one of my favorite bands btw)
    I am also partial to bumble bee costumes for small dogs but alas both my dogs are Labs and they are way too big to be bummble bees.
    I think Olive will be adorable in whatever costume you choose.

  • Because yesterday was my 50th birthday, on 10/10/10 which only occurs on a Sunday every 400 years, I hope I will win because I have the greatest costume idea for Olive: She should go dressed as an olive in a martini glass. A little “hair of the dog”, you know?

  • A watchdog! Like Tock in The Phantom Tollbooth.

  • Write costume suggestions on slips of paper and wrap each one around a doggie treat. Pour them all out on the floor and let Olive choose!

  • Olive should dress up as Marie Antoinette, with a fabulous purple wig :-).

  • That dog would make an adorable grinch dog!

  • I was thinking Olive Oyl (Popeye’s girfriend), but I’m not quite sure she has the limb length to pull it off.

  • I think she is such a “Toto” that she should go as DOROTHY.
    OR as a …um…knitted pig with a hat? πŸ˜€
    Can’t wait to see!

  • I was thinking an “olive” also – A little red beret for her head, something large and round and green around the middle!

  • Olive should be…an OLIVE! Maybe even in a martini glass…

  • Olive should be a hedgehog, duh.

  • I think Olive should be a Sheep for Halloween!

  • I think she would make a great Sherlock Holmes, with a cute little hat and a fake pipe.

  • Olive should be a SCAARRRRY werewolf!