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  • Thistle Rambles is one of my favorites. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/thistle-rambles

  • Helen Stewart’s Dust of Snow shawl will use up all you leftover sock yarns and it’s held with a strand of silk cloud so you get that wonderful halo.

  • When I decided to use my stash of sock-weight yarn to make a “shawl”, I decided to wing it with a style that looks more like a blanket. I then added more variegated yarns as I acquired interesting colorways. It is a long-term project, since there is a lot of yarn left. But, I do work on it and it’s growing. When I get it to the size I am looking for, I will probably have a lot of leftovers. That’s okay, I’m sure I’ll find something else to do with those. I’m still not knitting socks. Not my thing.

    • Anything from either of Jen Lucas’ two books Sick Yarn Shawls and Sick Yarn Shawls II

      • Did your auto-correct feature change Sock Yarn Shawls to Sick Yarn Shawls?

  • Since a cowl is just a shawl that stays put, I’ll mention Susan Ashcroft’s “That Nice Stitch” cowl pattern, which looks fabulous worked up in Barnyard Knits sock yarn. I used the colorway called A Walk in the Woods – so soothing and leafy!

    • I love Susan Ashcroft’s patterns. I’m glad you mentioned the cowl.

    • Susan has some excellent patterns.

    • I have this in my queue— glad to hear it makes an interesting result!

  • The Aurora Crescent Shawlette by Brenda Lavell was fun to work and this shawl always gets noticed and commented on when I wear it. It’s a fine size as is, but it’s easy to just keep going if you want it larger.

  • I have several. The first shawl I ever made was Easy Goes It. An asymmetrical shawl with sections of garter stitch and eyelet. I have made it several times. I even have one with my owned hand dyed yarn. Also I love the Changing Staircases Shawl.
    I have a question, what is flashing that you mentioned in the article?

    • Pooling is when a color clumps together as you knit it, and flashing is pooling when it turns into diagonal stripes of pooling. If you search for planned pooling you can find some amazing images— it can almost look like argyle.

      • Oh, I think I understand now. Is it like when you’re knitting a hat and the colors spiral around the hat?

  • Hi! Got any crochet sock yarn shawl patterns to share?

    • Diana, Ravelry allows you to do a filtered search.

      If you use Pattern browser and advanced search, and input shawl/crochet/fingering or light fingering and 300-450 yards, there are 525 patterns!!

      Have fun looking.

      • Stupid autocorrect, sorry Diaba.

      • Thank you! I look forward to the treasure hunt!

  • I am really enjoying the shawl on my needles – Steven West’s Sea Swell Shawl. There is a 3 color version and a 5 color version. Choosing the yarn is at least half the fun! https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sea-swell-shawl

  • I love anything my Martina Behm, but the Hitchhiker is by far my favorite!

    • Mine too, I have made several and never given one away….yet.

      • I made the Find Your Fade shawl with an assortment of sock yarn and fingering weight yarns fading into one another. It was a great way to use a lot odds and ends from my stash.

      • Her Fractal Dangers is a perfect travel project

    • Her “Endless Rainbow”. I’ve just finished my 4th!! One big skein, one little, perfect for color fun and reversing the contrasts, doing the triangles with a slow color change like freia? So stunning.

  • Perfect timing MDK…again! I’ve enjoyed very much knitting my first socks along with your guidance in WANDERLUST-FIELD GUIDE 11–which by the way—has been a great adventure—but am already planning for shawls with sock yarn—as I’ve recently become yarn rich with some gorgeous hand-dyed ones. There are so many lovely patterns to choose from, but as always, your suggestions and the feedback from the knitting community are right on point and keeps me inspired and growing in my own craft. Thanks!

  • Love this blog. Always something new and inspiring. Go girls!!!!!

  • Everyone should also read Jillian Moreno’s article in the “How To” about sock yarn vs fingering weight – wonderful learning especially for those of us who like lacy shawls.

  • Ambah O’Brien has a huge variety of sock wt shawls. I’ve made her Kallara shawl twice and I have a few in my Rav queue…Stephen West also has a ton of fingering shawl options – Exploration Station, Dotted Rays, Purlbreak, Pogona, The Doodler, Marled Magic Shawl, Spring Cleaning Shawl were all fun and very well written patterns. My current favorite to wear is Bendy Arrow by Charlotte Bory! That’s a super easy pattern too.

  • I love the color wash shawl and have bought yarn for it but I’m wondering if there’s a way to do it rectangularly instead of as a parallelogram. Anyone have any ideas for that?

  • There are so many, but one that immediately comes to mind is “Tiny Tassels” – a neckerchief that showcases a lovely skein and allows you to make some very clever…wait for it…tiny tassels along the edge. Great for Sock yarn leftovers.

  • Ok, so we’re talking about plump, well plied, honest to goodness sock yarn? Not just fingering weight? Here’s my fave,
    https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/broken-wings . One ball, one shawl.

  • I love sock yarn shawls! One of my recent favorites was Janine LeCras’ Another Chance to Shine. Pretty portable since it’s easy to memorize, with the added bonus that it’s designed to use up scraps from previous projects.

  • Just finished Mustang Island by Martha Wissing. Uses 2 contrasting colors if sock yarn (I used 3). Martha is one of the KnitStars 4 teachers coming in fall if this year.

  • If you have two skeins of sock yarn that is lovely but won’t play well with others, you can make Sunwalker by MelanieBerg. It really makes the yarn the star. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sunwalker

  • I’m a big fan of all things Kieran Foley. Many of his patterns are perfect for sock yarn. I’ve just finished a Shetland Ruffles scarf, I love the way it has turned out, and I haven’t even blocked it yet!

    • That is on my soon-to-knit list! Glad to hear someone enjoyed it, it’s a bit intimidating at first read.

  • This will be my next sock yarn shawl: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/iron-maiden I’m making it with the leftovers from my Sparkle Cardigan by Joji Locatelli, which is a sweater that really, really lends itself to being knit with sock yarns!

  • Holden https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/holden-2
    Great beginners shawl.

  • I don’t know of a sock yarn skein that’s 467 yards==That’s two skeins with a bunch of leftover. I now tag my queued and faved patterns in Ravelry with “variegated” or “solid” (read also, shaded solid) for my many, many single sock yarn skeins. Two favorite patterns—both work for travel knitting, variegated yarns—are 400m sprint and Hedgehog.

    • Most of the sock yarns I use have at least 400 yards. Barnyard Knits yarn, for example, has 463 yards per hank.

  • Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade has so many beautiful shawl designs. Any of Andrea Mowry’s shawls are a good start as well. I have WAY too many shawl patterns!

  • Jen Lucas , Sock- yarn shawls book. Harvey is my fav. It’s garter stitch and lace.❤️

  • Just about any shawl by Melanie Berg

  • Thanks for letting me chime in! I loved the NITPICKS CHROMA SISTER SHAWL. I also loved the SKYDIVE STOLE

  • Currently working on a Plein Soleil shawl in Malabrigo Sock.

  • Awesome. Ty

  • The Silverfall Shawl by Inese Sang is a gorgeous shawl. I was lucky enough to be a test knitter and it turned out absolutely fabulous!!

    Another is Tiny Tassels by Karin Fernandes. It is a quick shawl using 1 skein of speckled gorgeousness and the tassels can use up leftover bits from toes and heels.

  • I love the Holden Shawlette. I made the small size in a knitting shop class. It was the first lace shawl I ever made and I hope to make it again. It has a mistake (a yarnover done incorrectly) near the spine. I didn’t notice it until I was blocking it, so left it there–but I always have to tell everyone about it. The small size required 430-450 yards, but it is not available in larger sizes as well.


  • Starting Point or Fading Point by Joji Locatelli.

  • I recently made this shawl with two Zauberballs: a gray/white/black for the welts, and orange/purple/pink for the mesh bits. It’s so colorful! https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nymphalidea

  • I’m working on my 3rd “Dissent” Shawl by Lisa Mitch of Northbound Knitting, her designs are modern , very easy to make and are amazing in different colour combos.

    • Lisa Mitch….Sorry, typo

      • Lisa Mutch

  • Wingspan, Tri’Coterie Designs It comes out great!

    • I just finished the new Square Route shawl by Mary Anarella – https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/square-route
      It’s all garter stitch, and has a really cool construction – you knit mitred 3 squares, then join then with mitred triangles to get one lovely thing that Looks Complicated and Your Knitting Friends Will Scoff When You Tell Them How Easy It Is.
      Bonuses – because most of it is knitting squares, it’s extremely portable! Also, all those mitred squares had me nostalgic for the Team Blankets.

  • I like Chinook. It has a little lace edging on one side and an I-cord edging on the other, with only two ends to weave in, and can be done with one skein. It also looks good in a tonal or variegated yarn.

  • Last year, I made Taylor which is a small but pretty shawl. I needed a gift in a short time, Taylor was it. I also am making my 1st Andrea Mowry fade. What took me so long, I know?
    I enjoy MDK so much. Soak is the only product I wash hand knits in for years. Stitch house my lys is a great community of knitters!Actually I moved from Boston so my fave city lys. I was discussing your chat about “halo” knitting with an employee. No offense, we knitters in greater Boston have been halo knitting for awhile. I mix yarns frequently for a change in texture, color, halo, etc. Steven B is a marvelous designer to explore more knitting with various skeins. I had the pleasure of hearing him at Greater Boston Knitting Guild few years ago. I guess in the Northeast we have a longer core/winter season to knit and experiment with yarns.
    I continue to look forward to MDK posts, funny, informative yarn chats. Thanks

  • Fabulosity, by Casapinka. I am nearly done with mine, lots of fun to knit, helped with some de-stashing of sock yarn leftovers though I did “need” to buy a new skein for the bottom border.


  • Reedcutter by Gianna Bertelli Knowles of Knorfolknots. For one beautiful plain-colour skein, when you can’t decide whether garter or stocking-stitch will show it off best. You get both!