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  • That, Lady, was worth the price of admission.

  • The lady has serious helmet head! I had to view with the sound off, is that Martha White #58 as posted at the end?

  • You bake right with Martha White. Gotta love some Flatt and Scruggs on a Tuesday am.

  • Well that explains it! I tried to make corn dogs when I was a teenager, and the batter slid right off those hot dogs and floated away in the oil. Chilling for an hour was the step missing from my recipe (and the Martha White, of course).

  • GoodNESS GRACIous!
    That just made my day. Next time I fix a party for the youngsters, the Fry Daddy is going to be busy.
    Hot rise!

  • But I’m confused–where’s the Buy Now button for the Hot Rize Blanket for Japan?

  • That is hilarious! All of the listen lady bits sound so much more respectful than when I hear that phrase nowadays.

  • Mmmm mmmm . . . good eatin’ fer sure

  • We’ve come a long way, Ladies.

  • Ha ha, he said “weiners.” I’m keepin’ it low brow for y’all this Tuesday morning.
    And now I want a corn dog.

  • Consider me wow’d, Lady. Too funny.

  • My husband works for Smuckers, who owns Martha White these days. Just fyi, consumers. They still sponsor the Bluegrass Express Tour with Rhonda Vincent.

  • Sounds like there might be an opening for Merle Hazard with the folks at Smuckers. Think of the possibilities. And ladies, you have the outfits already. 🙂

  • Who he a-callin’ LLady?

  • Good gracious! They didn’t even use ZIP codes back then!

  • Hilarious! The lack of ZIP codes made it seem ancient!

  • Hey, I’ve got that exact fryer downstairs. Now all I need me is somma that Marth White’s (with Hot Rize) and I’ll be set. I got weiners at home, Lady. Well, one anyway. (Sorry if I offended any delicate sensibilities.)

  • Oh, Lord, this commercial could never pass muster today — what with the “weiners” and “growing to twice the size” and all.
    Those were innocent days — before the Innernettt and knowin’ that hot lard was bad for you and all.

  • Funny thing is… my hubby grew up having those for dinner with a pot o’ pintos, affectionately known as a CM: country meal. She made them in a good ole fashioned cast iron skillet though, so they were always flat on one side. Priceless! 🙂

  • I think we should bring back commercials that have cowboy bands in them!

  • I am a little skeeved out by the “Listen, lady” bits. Also, what “youngster” thinks a mini gherkin is a good side dish offering?

  • Hot Rise!
    I think this should be a new go-to term. I just haven’t figured out for what yet.
    Another one I heard recently was “he really snaps the cracker”. I like that too.
    And just to reply to the previous comment, my 2 yr youngster thinks mini gherkins are just about the best side dish you can have, although sometimes he tries to make them a main dish.

  • Oh my! I’m back to being a little girl, sitting on the sofa with my Dad and watching Lester Flat and Earl Scruggs.
    Thanks, Ann, for the memories!

  • “Just right for a party!” Gah, I love the different accents in this.

  • That fryer brings back memories. My Mom had one just like it and I remember corn fritters and jelly donuts coming out of it. Mmmmm tasty.

  • I think that was my mother’s deep fryer they borrowed for that shot. Seriously, that brought back some wonderful memories. Isn’t it strange how food will do that to you?? I feel like I’m about 9 years old again and my mother’s in the kitchen making dinner while Dad’s in the garage working at his workbench…thanks for the sweet trip down memory lane!

  • I saw that exact fryer at a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago, and now I am kicking myself lady for not buying it. In case I have to prepare a party meal. For the youngsters an all.

  • So….I am a little confused.
    1. How is this easy on the moms? This looks like a fairly messy and time-consuming recipe.
    2. How is she supposed to get the corn dog back out of the deep fryer? The stick is only about a 1/2 inch out of the hot oil.
    3. Who puts relish on a corn dog? Isn’t the whole point that its a self-contained meal?

  • Now I’m hungry for a corn dog! runs out to buy a deep fryer…

  • I’m fascinated by how cocked they wore their hats…..not like these days when the cowboy hats are worn straight and crammed way down on the head to where you can barely see the eyes…..

  • I’m fascinated by how cocked they wore their hats…..not like these days when the cowboy hats are worn straight and crammed way down on the head to where you can barely see the eyes…..

  • “….how to make ’em, ladies…” Hoo whee, yes sir!

  • LawZee! I remember those commercials and some of the neighbor ladies who were in them! Thanks for the trot down memory dirt road!

  • Who knew, Llady, that there is a how-to book on easy living? all these years of struggle, all for naught.

  • I want to wow the youngters!

  • Flatt and Scruggs – dang! That knocked the cobwebs off of childhood memories. While Mom never fixed corn dogs for us, she brought us up proper by using Martha White. Thanks so much for this — it really is a precious reminder of a time gone by.

  • do you think if we sent away for the recipe they’d send it to us?

  • do you think if we all sent away for the recipe they’d send it to us?

  • I looked for Martha White cornmeal while I was at the store yesterday. Savemart doesn’t carry Martha White products.

  • This just renewed my recent angst over the discontinuation of Martha White’s Chewy Fudge Brownie mix. Best brownie mix EVER, no longer available. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! (Makes THIS lady cry.)

  • My partner Jane, who grew up in Galleton, TN, reluctantly admits that her Pap (of Granny and Pap, naturally) used to listen to Flatt and Scruggs.

  • I, however, grew up in Oregon, (OR-ee-gun)and so didn’t learn how to spell “Gallatin” correctly!:(

  • Hey, we have that fryer in the basement! (perhaps time for a little spring cleaning)

  • Another Martha . . . who knew??

  • Ummm Ummm Ummm… now that’s tasty Lady!

  • I use Martha White Self-Risin’ Meal Mix for my cornbread all the time. It is the BEST! My mother gave me her recipe and I will use no other. Looks like I need to get it out and try some real corndogs. Woot!

  • Hmmm. So they DID have phallic symbols in the ’50’s….

  • Nice to see T Tommy.

  • This made my day! My DH and I can’t stop watching it.. just fry the wieners for a few minutes…. they will grow twice their size !
    please post more of these!!!

  • Relaxing on the sofa this Easter Sunday, a-viewin’ the YewTubes yall featured, relishing being called “Lady” by that tall hunk…..when from the kitchen comes the quizzical question of the DH, “What ARE you watching?”…

  • Wow-ee folks. Brings back the mem’ries.