Red Alert: Bang Out a Sweater Is Coming

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
January 13, 2020

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  • YES! I have been anxiously awaiting this announcement. This is fantastic and I am wondering if I can knit both the cardigan and Cristina’s cropped pullover both in February. Let me start clearing off my needles in anticipation!

    • That shouldn’t be a problem for you!

  • Oooohh!!! I’m excited about the cropped pullover!!

  • YES! GIRL! YES!! I’m so ready for this! Count me in!

  • Ok – I’m stepping outside my newbie comfort zone and doing this one…. Question though please…. I’m going to treat myself and order the recommended wool (and a printed field guide) but the variation in the number of balls needed due to 11 size choices is a wide range (and for ease, I just want to place one order)… can we get the yarn to size recommendations so orders can be placed now? Thanks – and so excited!!!

    • So glad you’re joining Bang Out a Main Squeeze! Here’s that info: Big Wool by Rowan [100 g balls, each approx 87 yds (80 m), 100% wool], 9 (10, 11, 11) (12, 12, 13) (14, 15, 15) balls. For Bust: 39.25 (40.25, 43.25, 45) (46.5, 48.25, 51.25) (53, 56.25, 57.75, 60.25)“ [99.5 (102, 110, 114.5) (118, 122.5, 130) (134.5, 143, 146.5, 153) cm]

    • All that information is on the Ravelry pattern page for this sweater.

  • Although I am excited to make this sweater, my challange is that I am a left handed knitter, or a mirror knitteras some say. Do you have a resource or suggestion as to how I can rearrange the pattern to accomodate my knitting style. I have been a knitter for over 36 years and find that man patterns become impossible. Any suggestions?

    • Are you familiar with Staci Perry’s videos and her site? She’s got one on mirror knitting here:
      Let us know if it helps, and thanks for knitting along!

  • Love the cardigan ! This would make a wonderful stash busters !

  • Oh, I’ve been tempted by this sweater, but trying to stay focused on my current projects. Now I think I have to do it!!

  • Perfect timing ladies!! I had to frog my first attempt, at 2/3 complete. Then haven’t gotten back it due to Christmas knits. I’ve got my Lopi and swatches and I’m ready to begin again;)

    • Will the stitch definition be good with Lopi?

      ‘Cuz I’ve got Lopi and I’ve got the Field Guide…

  • Very excited to participate – Main Squeeze has been on my list since I bought Field Guide #12. I have 2000 yds of handspun I am planning to use.

  • I am so excited about this. I just switched from crochet to knitting, and am still learning – but this looks very do-able. This will be my first sweater and will fulfill a goal that I set for this year. I really appreciate the opportunity to get some help and guidance through this in a “group” setting.

  • I just finished this sweater. It was a great knit and I think it will be one that I will wear a lot!!! I kind of wished I hadn’t blocked it. The sweater got super large and I struggled with getting it back to a reasonable size. The pattern will not be as pronounced as if I had steam blocked it.

  • Ok, well, I’m going to be a rebel. I will join the knitalong for the first time, but I’m doing a completely different sweater. I’m sure that will be ok with you knitters, right? I owe my daughter a sweater and this will help me getter done!!

  • I am in for @christina’s version. I only missed one Feb KAL and I still want a carbeth!

  • Btw, great choice of image for the header. Are they waiting for the Beatles, or for . . . ?

  • I have the yarn for a Carbeth cardigan just waiting for me, I just need to finish a lace wrap I’m making for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I’m almost half way…

  • YAY! I have never finished a cardigan, so this will make me do it. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to bang out a sweater before February 28, but that extra day will make all the difference! 😉

  • All right….I’m going to do this! First knitalong-type event ever!

  • I do wish…I’ve tried. I’m just not a fast enough knitter. I’m knitting a sweater in bulky weight right now and it’s four weeks of knitting and only about 30% complete. I’ll look forward to seeing others completed projects…sigh.

  • Okay, I think I am ready to make my second sweater. I am very excited about this cardi and think I might just have the perfect yarn somewhere in my stash. A comfortable Oregon coast grey. Yummy! And who knows, I might even actually get this one completed within the month.

  • Nervous newbie here! This will be my first sweater. I’m hoping the chunky weight will make it a little easier. I had hoped to knit a sweater by the end of 2019, but life got in the way. I just graduated with my Master’s degree and I splurged and bought the recommended yarn (I already own all the field guides). Any pro-tips and words of encouragement are appreciated, and needed!

  • I think I will try this. I’ve been knitting blankets and endless amounts of infinity scarves for almost ten years. It’s about time I knit something better. I did try and very simple cardigan several years ago and it came out ginormous! So I’ve been too scared since.

  • I am super excited about this! I have been dying to knit a bulky sweater but I couldn’t find the The One. I’m going to keep it as a button-free cardi but crop it. I ordered Big Wool in Pantomime (the magenta one).

  • I’m looking forward to all the great designs and classes