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  • That’s my whole kid candid phtography philosophy…JUNKY PLASTIC! Can I take it as my tag line, please? Oh and you would’t happen to be going down I95 again on Wednesday would you? I could use a ride. 😉

  • You resisted the Owl fabrics? I think I may have to pick up your slack there. When you coming over?

  • Man, lucky Carrie! I want a room redo. The box of books in the middle of the floor and the random green blanket on the bed so the dogs don’t get mud all over it aren’t working for me anymore. I won’t even mention to her the idea of printing words (your own even) on to sheets of fabric transfer paper that you then iron on to your fabric and you could also dye said fabric or whatever. Won’t mention it.

  • While I dearly love my momma–I wish she had been as cool as you! My childhood room was shared with my sister and had coordinating everything. Right down to the antique dresser set that we were under NO CIRCUMSTANCES to hurt. Toys were down in the basement and forbidden in the bedroom. No posters allowed on the walls at all! (a stance my sister tested at age 13 with a Nirvana poster–oh, my lord…) I want a no theme log cabin!
    Hey, Kay–the teaching you to sew offer still stands. I am a proud graduate of several classes down at the City Quilter!

  • KA A A YYYYY !
    Too late. She’s lost.

  • You’re not going to actually make a quilt, are you?? I mean, admiring fat quarters is one thing, but quilters are just a bit odd, I’ve always thought; not like knitters at all…

  • Thank goodness I have NO TIME for this.
    (actually I can barely comment here. it’s all a lie. I will be quilting soon soon soon. don’t tell anyone. also, soon = summer, when all my sewing is done. the rest of the year is knitting.)

  • You’ll do great, Kay. For the record, I agree with Emma- you are a goner. Man, I cannot wait to see the fabric stash you amass. Yippee for Kay!

  • Ooo, I love Cia’s Palette! I forget what knitblogger turned me on to them. Come one over to the knit&quilt world, friend, you’ve beent stitching your way toward us for ages ~

  • Once again, I am shocked at how similar our tastes are. I had several of the pictured fabrics (the origami one, the stylized letters one) in my online shopping cart at one time. I sat and stared at that list of things I really didn’t need for about ten minutes, before deciding I didn’t want to completely ruin them by trying to make a quilt, something which I have never before made. I salute your bravery, woman. Go, go and log cabin. I’ll wait here for you….

  • Good luck! Break a leg! Or a needle!

  • Aw, man, and things were going so well with the knitting thing. It’s OK. I’ll move on, too. I’ll do quilting if that’s what it takes to keep this blog going. At least I have a solution for the closet problem now . . . replace the yarn with fabric . . .

  • Uh-oh. I sense a slippery slope scenario developing here.
    And Mary de B, what the heck did you mean by that? Quirky, maybe….

  • You should maybe read the previous post by Ann before creating ANOTHER stash. I’m wondering if you two ever talk anymore. Seems you have lots to learn from each other.

  • I think I learned the dangers of cutting your fabric wrong at an early age, and now want nothing to do with cutting fabric at all. Quilters cut things on purpose into little bitty bits! They know about funny feet on their sewing machines. And *ironing* is sometimes involved! And my mom is one… Quirky indeed. Must go knit a willie warmer to calm down…..

  • Okay, so I kept tight hold of Elio as Kay attacked our combined fabric stashes wielding the Ginghers and the Olfa cutter, but we all made it out with extremities attached. And Kay put together a truly Carrie-worthy first log cabin square.

  • Yippeee!
    So are you going to get your own Pfaff?

  • When I get that crazy feelin’ I KNOW I’m in trouble again!

  • Another knitter/quilter delurking here!
    I’m also hearing the siren call of the log cabin quilt. I got the quilt bug in a bad way on Sunday and made an entire quilt in a day. I have no idea what possessed me!
    It was just a straightforward patchwork squares deal, but I definitely feel a log cabin in my near future!!

  • When you cut off the selvedges, be generous. I saw some way cool pillows made from strips of selvedge sewn together to make a new “fabric”, which was then pieced so the selvedges read diagonally across the pillow (one big diag, “pinwheels”, diamonds, etc) and was bordered by randomly pieced scraps of the fabrics from which the selvedges were cut. If I can find the magazine (in one of my millions of boxes of back issues of numerous quilt mags), I’ll send the particulars. Perhaps eine freund of Herr Pfaff will soon come to live at Kay’s Cottage of Crafts. I can personally recommend Fraulein Bernina. She’s Swiss and sturdy and loves to sew. 🙂

  • My friend is a big quilter and last year she participated in a show in Paris where another quilter had only used the selvages. It was insane and super cool how she managed to make something clear and graphic, rather than just lines and lines of words. Wish I had a picture for you.

  • Oh… I just adore every fabric in that top photo. Of course, that’s not surprising considering how much I love Japan in general (and I’m finally going in April!!). This is awful… I’m starting to feel a quilting urge, something I’ve never delved into before. Still, I’m on a craft-supply diet until the end of March… I hope I can hold out!

  • I’ve never seen the book, but love the concept. My children have loosely decorated rooms with all their stuff in there and I have previously thought, “Ahhh, if only a ‘lived in’ room could look like Pottery Barn”. But my thinking is changing. I want them to have their own sense of style and space and freedom (within reason). How lovely. “How fleeting is childhood”…so true. Thank you. Now back to pulling the baby girl from the trash, and separating the quarrel between older and younger brothers! (sometimes fleeting doesn’t sound so bad. hee.)

  • oh, oh, oh. GAWD! Cia’s is da bomb! I can’t wait to send my momma a link so she can quilt me something WAAAAAYY cool. (i love everything she’s done for me – but this will just propel her to amazing heights of quilting nirvana! hoo hoo! Thanks for the link.