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  • What excellent news!! I’m so happy for you.

  • It is TOO like Yo Yo Ma and his cello. You are Yarnover Yarnover Ma and your knitting, for heaven’s sake. Welcome home, prodigal suitcase.

  • Oh thank goodness. I can sort of imagine the feeling on a smaller skein, like the time we went on vacation to the mountains and HE left my knitting bag on the table. No yarn shops and the guys were deer hunting with me in a motel with NO knitting.

  • that is so great. I know the huge feeling of relief that you are feeling and I am so happy you got your bag back so soon.
    I can not wait to see your new book. I am really looking forward to it. And please consider an Asia book tour with a stop in Nagasaki. America is no longer shipping international surface mail, but just before the deadline I got a big order of some peaches and creme…. so I am ready for some new knitting!!!!

  • Phew. Give it a kiss for me.

  • Whew! Glad it found it’s way home.

  • Oh yay!

  • Yo Yo Ma left his cello in a taxi once. Just sayin’.

  • Hurray!!!!!

  • Yo-Yo :: cello
    Ann :: knitting
    Put it on your SATs, people, because it’s true.



  • I would totally hug a duffle bag full o’ Mason-Dixon knitting, even without the near-near-tragedy of loss so eloquently discussed last post.

  • Yay! So happy for you!

  • Oh. That scene from Reds.
    I see it.
    I see you.
    I see Jack Reed.
    Man, that was a beautifully done scene.
    I love those movie bits that stay with you forever…and end up as obscure blog references.
    Love it!

  • so glad the skygods blessed you!! i am so excited to see your new book

  • so glad the skygods blessed you!! i am so excited to see your new book

  • Yay!

  • HOoray for found luggage!!! 🙂

  • Oh, thank goodness. And yes, it IS like Yo Yo Ma and his cello. It’s your instrument of artistic expression. So there.
    Now, did the bouzouki boys get THEIR instruments?

  • This is my first ever blog posting! I’m so glad you got your luggage back. I just got the first book the other day and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  • Phew….I was not going to be able to sleep tonight with worry!

  • Phew….I was not going to be able to sleep tonight with worry!

  • Oh good!

  • Oh joy!
    But what about Bouzouki Man?

  • Oh one time I lost my suitcase on a train-from a trip I had been on for SIXTEEN DAYS so you can imagine the stuff I had with me-you know, EVERTYTHING! but alas, IT WAS NEVER FOUND. I am still bitter, 12 years later. That bag contained the only nathing suit I have ever loved-and I got it on clearance. Serious emotional trauma. I wept tears of joy for your reunion :)!

  • Gee Ann, that was scary! SO glad the “BaBy” is back home where it belonged. Now we are all bonded to the next book having almost lost a bit of it, and agonizing about the bags treasured contents. Not intentional, but very effective…genious I say,just genious!

  • See? That American Airlines. They really are the best. We all make mistakes, but they seriously fix them fast!

  • I can’t believe ANYONE remembers a scene from Reds! Longest boringest movie ever. So glad you got your suitcase back. Hope the Bouzouki Man was as fortunate.

  • Judging by the amount and size of “carry on” I’ve seen hauled on airplanes lately, this must be one big suitcase. I’m glad it’s found its way home.

  • I’m still worried about Bouzouki man. Having had to check a harp once.

  • Yeah!!!!! It’s where you sort of know it will show up so you try not to worry but then you think “what if it doesn’t?” and get all flushed and panic-attack feeling but then calm yourself down because it probably will show up…..I’m so happy that concern is over with and you two are reunited.

  • Tan, about five years ago at a Celtic festival, I met a young harpist from the Isle of Man (interesting aside–her parents were both teachers, and they were part of the movement to revive Manx as a spoken language. This gal was a new-generation native Manx speaker!).
    Anyhoo, the harpist played an antique harp. I believe she said it was a little over 100 years old. Because of its value, its delicacy, and the difficulty in re-tuning it after big climate changes, her manager bought the harp its own plane seat. She said that when they were running late for the plane, the PA system called for passengers and “A. Harp.” Too funny!
    Wish I could remember her name, because she was really, really good.

  • Yippee!! I love a happy ending…….

  • I thought I could hear your sigh of relief from here…So glad to know that the makings of the book we will inevitably love are safely back in your arms again.

  • We would have to ask Yo Yo himself to be sure, but I bet he would totally be right there.

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  • Happy ending! I love Vinny and Artie though, maybe they could be regulars.

  • I would buy the extra seat…the knitting is super way more important than a cello! I’m so happy it showed up though. I was going to have to write to American Airlines and tell them a thing or two about proper baggage handling. So, did the yarn have interesting stories about where it had been? Souvenirs? Postcards? Shotglasses? Do tell, inquiring minds want to know!

  • Too much to carry on, eh? I’ve always suspected that part of Kay’s relentless drive to knit all-blankets-all-the-time is subconsciously to torment you with exactly these kinds of scenarios. Even when she kindly downscaled to things like warshrags, there were So! Many! it was basically the same thing. Everyone thinks that blanket knitting doesn’t come with a thrill, but really, giant objects that can’t be carried on have a special thrill all their own.

  • Cello shmello, there is nothing more inportant than knitting,…well maybe my kids but it is a close race. I would so get another seat.

  • phew!
    It’s your BABY… kids get seats, right?
    of course the yarn-case deserves it…
    or maybe you could haul it to the gate next time, and innocently say “I thought it would fit in the overhead bins?”
    Then they’ll check it right there, so you’re sure it’s on THAT plane, and can’t get lost….
    so glad it’s home safe and sound. I KNOW what sorts of things that suitcase carries around. I’ve seen some of it’s last load.

  • Yay! You had me shuddering thinking of you losing your book knitting . . . I think you have excellent knitting and suitcase karma.
    Hugs to you both,

  • I agree! You must have good knitting karma for your suitcase to be returned so quickly! Hurrah! Hurrah!

  • I agree! You must have good knitting karma for your suitcase to be returned so quickly! Hurrah! Hurrah!

  • I’m so very glad I was off the Internet for this entire episode. I’m feeling kind of queasy even though I knew it had a happy ending before I read the story.
    We’re definitely getting one of those air-vacuuming thingies. Or travelling very heavily wrapped. “No blanket for me, thanks. I’m good.”
    xox Kay

  • I have a goofy little pill case I bought in Dinkeytown (University of MN campus) in 1963 — it’s gone missing a couple of times and it’s Most Upsetting! SOOOO glad your case came home! And you probably could buy it a seat in future….in the old days that would’ve entitled you to an extra meal! I took my teddy bear on a flight with me to North Dakota once (digest THAT for a moment) and because there was an empty seat next to me (!) I let Raleigh sit there. I had a modest lunch – but Raleigh got the first-class meal, smoked turkey croissant &c &c. I am pleased to say, he shared.

  • What a relief!!!
    I’m so looking forward to your next book… and now there’s a little extra “story” behind some of the pictures that we will all see in there. 🙂

  • Heh My suitcases got left in San Francisco for 16 hours. They made it to where I was by 4 in the afternoon. And yes I had knitting in one of them to last me a month.
    So yeah it sucks… Im glad they got it back to you though Big HUGS

  • Yay! And it didn’t have a jet roll over it, like one of my bags seemed to have, once, with the black tracks to prove it… You got it back!!!

  • Pardon me while I sing the Alleluia Chorus from Handel’s Messiah (and please add beams of light coming down through the clouds as visual effects)!

  • He really DOES buy a seat for his cello! When I was very small, I was on my first plane trip all by my lonesome. And seated next to Mr. Ma and his lovely instrument. A better seatmate was never had, ever!

  • Oh my gosh. Thank GOODNESS!!! I’ve been worried!
    Glad the Earth can resume its rotation. I agree, y’all are Yarnover Yarnover Ma!! 🙂

  • Try UPS or FedEx two-day service. It’s a lot easier than carrying it onto the airplane or checking it and they’ll even pick it up at your front door and deliver it back there after you get home. No, ir’s not free, but I’m sure it’s deductible as a business expense.
    Make life a little easier for yourself, OK? My nerves can’t stand incidents like this, even second hand, so it must have been really worrisome for you.

  • Phew!!