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  • Sounds like a blast. Wish I could go but it’s so far away. I love your reporting.
    My supply of dishes has been dwindling of late, we have also been experiencing “this economy”. Maybe I would have faired better in Rome? At least I’d have more dishes.

  • Wow, it looks like an absolutely fantastic time! I really need to make it there one of these years. Thanks for letting me live vicariously for now, though!

  • Go ahead, mock my red Hunters, but the forecast clearly said RAIN.

  • What on earth could ‘George’ have possibly been thinking?!

  • Ann, thanx for the delightful ( as usual) commentary. Was wondering where you were ( last gem from you was 25th Sept )
    I did think Kay’s boots were quite cute though 🙂 First post, I am de-lurking ! You two are a joy, thankyou.

  • Ann, thanx for the delightful ( as usual) commentary. Was wondering where you were ( last gem from you was 25th Sept )
    I did think Kay’s boots were quite cute though 🙂 First post, I am de-lurking ! You two are a joy, thankyou.

  • Ann, thanx for the delightful ( as usual) commentary. Was wondering where you were ( last gem from you was 25th Sept )
    I did think Kay’s boots were quite cute though 🙂 First post, I am de-lurking ! You two are a joy, thankyou.

  • Fried Dough in the East = Elephant Ears in the Midwest = Beaver Tails in Canada, but I like your names better!

  • Hunter RAINBOOTS? Wellies (Wellingtons), purlease. I got my green Hunters in the 80s, when if you were horsey you just had to have Hunters and a waxed jacket (Barbour) or you were nobody. They cost a fortune. The second week I had them, I was mucking out and put the pitchfork through the right foot (but missed my foot. I would have sacrificed a foot for those wellies). In despair, wailing that that the world may as well End, Right Now (OK, a few hours later when I got home), Dad said he could fix them. Which he did. With a bicycle puncture repair kit, and a terracotta red rubber patch.
    I was mortified. A red patch on my green Hunters (you only got them in green in those days. No fancy schmancy red then!). The patch worked, and they were waterproof, until finally many (ok, 20) years later the rubber finally perished. I’ve never quite got over that trauma. As you can probably tell. x x x
    ps – and my waxed jacket was a Mascot, not a Barbour, but Mascots were supposed to be posher. I was never really convinced, but I still have that, and still wear it, and it is still waterproof!

  • The pics of all the handknits on makes me so happy! The one good thing about winter. =)

  • oh look! you got me in a photo!! also, i was wearing my february lady sweater under my pink jacket 🙂 but you couldn’t see it.
    it was great seeing you both this weekend!

  • The Washington Sock Scandal was making me feel pretty shaken there for a moment, but then I realized: that man ISN’T REALLY George Washington. (I love reenactors, but they really warp my timeframe. Whew.)
    The Belinda looks absolutely lovely! Congratulations! To both of you 🙂
    Wish I had run into your happy band at Rhinebeck, just to smile and say hey howdy. I tried to remember to look for people, but the yarn kept getting in my eyes. Yarn and also goats. Ouch.

  • i was so excited to run into you on Sunday. i was bemoaning my brain-fart at having forgotten to wear my PuffDaddy scarf but other than that i hope i behaved somewhat coolly.

  • Overheard at a church fair:
    How do you make fried dough?
    Well–you get some dough. Then you fry it.

  • thank you for the yarn and pictures
    so many ideas and colors sets the mind a whirl with ideas does it not
    did you all get to see lalanne sheep goats
    on park ave? came in a news letter i take
    the owl and the bunny are great and the big
    apple thank you for your generous delights

  • So glad to see the Belinda, which is tres lovely!
    And, oh my, if I had been there and gotten to be in a picture with you all, it would have made my whole day, year, life! I would have been knocked simply speechless, perhaps never to recover (and there are folks who would probably pay good money to make that happen…).
    Thanks for the report and great pics from Rhinebeck!

  • Thanks for the lovely mention in your blog. I feel famous now! You should have heard me shriek with delight when I read it (I think I scared my husband, who has listened to me rave about the weekend very patiently thus far). I will definitely visit Rhinebeck again; it was amazing, so much fun and beauty and friendliness!!

  • Topping my love of reenactors (with a pocket full of Leicester) is my delight in a fibery Weekend in the Catskill hillies with such sassy companions.
    I just made some faux kettlecorn by putting a ton of butter on some hot air-popped then sprinkling it with lots of sugar…
    (maybe needing an intervention. now.)

  • *so right* about the crochet-blog-banner, you are. i think it’s the sense of colour and the sheer size of the blanket that transcends the granny square.

  • Those red boots rock!

  • It sounds like you had SUCH a great time. I think I remember walking past you on Saturday and would have said hello except by the time my brain clicked in the crowds had already swept us apart. So, hi!!
    Oh, and I was wearing handknit socks, and handknit Aran sweater, and a handspun/handknit shawl as a scarf … but you couldn’t see any of them under my winter coat!

  • Now I’m especialky sad to have missed it (though the rain and jet-lag combo might have literally sent me off the road). It did rain in NJ on Sunday, so I thought the boots were perfect.

  • Please, please, please could you let me know what the pattern is for handknit # 2 in your second photo? (the green, long, jacket) It’s amazing! (I’m sairzey on Ravelry, if the owner/creator could PM me on Ravelry; or a reply comment would be great too). Thank you.

  • I thought you would like to know that the Amish call “Fried Dough” – Funnel Cake. It sounds so much more delicate and tea party like. The words crispy and fried appear no where near the name so you can’t possibly think about what you are really eating..

  • I really enjoyed the entire post, but I am having trouble getting past the red boots. Every woman ought to have a pair of red boots.

  • Love the post! Love the red boots (I’m thinking a pair would surely cheer up the drab central Ohio winters). The “load up” photo says it all!

  • Walus Martimus?

  • It just figures that even if I couldn’t make it to Rhinebeck (why do I always want to type “Rhein”?) my name would appear on the fried dough booth. Sheesh. I’m not even a fan of fried dough. Well, except for those cider doughnut thingys that we always got when we went apple picking. And maybe a funnel cake here or there. Oh and churros with lots of cinnamon sugar. And maybe some sopapillas with honey after a spicy chili relleno platter. Hmmm… maybe Tish’s Fried Dough wasn’t such a coincidence after all. Now I must seek out bright red boots and knit a Belinda wrap to wear with them. Is it OK if my boots are of the cowgirl variety and my black jacket is a Carhart? xoxo Tish (who is not currently eating anything fried or doughy)

  • At King Richard’s Faire in Massachusetts, they call fried dough “Peasant Bread”.
    Thought you might enjoy that 😉
    I like your George Washington, he’s wearing pretty good 18th C clothing, although not high enough quality for GW…more like a decently off farmer in his Going to Town suit….But well made and accurate, if not quite well enough fit for a Rich Guy.

  • LOVE funnel cake.
    Can anyone help me out? In the George Washington picture, the woman on the right has a DIVINE pink color-work hat. Is it store-bought? I’m guessing it’s hand knit because it is Rhinebeck, and all. If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know! [email protected] Thanks so much.
    P.S. Love those red boots. I have green and red plaid Wellies and wear them every chance I get. :]

  • Sorry to bog up your comments, but it’s the Selbu Modern Hat if anyone else was as obsessed with that hat as I was. ;]

  • I am so busted! And what you didn’t see was the lavender sweater under the jacket! Great seeing you both!

  • Dear Ann & Kay,
    It was great seeing you guys again this year at Rhinebeck. I love the picture you took of me and my friend Lisa wearing all our handknits, BUT I wanted to let you know there is one more handknit. My fingerless gloves. I am the gal on the right:) Hope to see you soon!

  • Looks like on the first pic you posted of the people at Rhinebeck, you missed the black fingerless gloves on the second person 😉

  • great boots .. actually great outfit. You are definitely channeling Glastonbury. sounded like you had a great time. I must try and get myself to rhinebeck next year.

  • Thank you guys for being so approachable and warm at Rhinebeck. I’m still obsessing over Ann’s beautiful lettered jacket.