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  • Chelsea! The high line! Grew up on 24th between 8th and 9th, and I’m sitting in Berkeley, CA, homesick for my old stomping grounds. Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck.

  • Dang. I’m missing it again. For some reason, Rhinebeck always slips my mind until too late. Note to self: add a reminder to calendar for 2012. And if someone thinks about it early, would you please remind me?

  • Wow. NICE blanket. If you get too hot, I’ll carry it …

  • So.Much.Beige.

  • Highline!
    it looks beautiful as does the blanket! Enjoy!

  • The first time I went to the Rhinebeck show, years ago, I arrived 5 minutes before the gates opened, and I got a parking spot in the first row of cars. Last year, I arrived 10 minutes before the gates opened, and I was far from the first row! It has certainly grown more popular! Once the showers get out of the way tonight it’s going to be a nice weekend – Enjoy your visit!

  • Orna and the High Line! Ann! You! I’m feeling homesick for NY now and I don’t even live there. (Fingers crossed one day if Mayor Bloomberg likes Neil). But I do love those trips down the High Line. Remember that first time we went and that billboard had Becks in his underwear on it. Oh, happy days! (you know I like Mr. Beckham). B x x x

  • I wish I had her hair…

  • Oh Kay, I so hope I see you because I am DETERMINED to give you $5 for the Red Cross pattern! 🙂

  • Have fun in Rhinebeck…I love that place!!!

  • someone needs to figure out how to make a blanket into a fitted cape.

  • I see a poncho in the making. I’m SOOO jealous.
    How was Uniqlo?

  • You are just showing off how much of that neutral-colourway Noro you had stashed, aren’t you?

  • Have a fantastic time:: a sheep & wool fest sounds good to me right about now.

  • That blanket is beautiful. I am so glad Noro’s bringing back 269. It makes the other colors glow. It makes my ripple seem extremely loud. It’s the dunes. I can’t knit/crochet fast enough. I’m going to have to cut making dinner out of my day. And maybe grocery shopping. The girls are going to have to walk to dance. And home from school. I’ve got some knitting to do!

  • See you tomorrow!
    Now I must add that blanket to the list of things I’m looking for…

  • i can’t wait to pet that blanket tomorrow! safe travels!

  • I have only made it to Rhinebeck once about 4 years ago. I’d love to go this year, but I’m once again living virtually through my friends (stupid weekend doctor’s appointments).

  • Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  • The first shot took my breath away, and then I looked the knitting. Still not breathing. I must remember to take a deep breath BEFORE I hit the link to your blog!

  • Well, I’m glad that I only said in the previous comments that “one handknit blanket MIGHT be ‘too many'” for Rhinebeck. Clearly, it is just the right amount! : )

  • Enjoy! I wish I could be there to meet y’all in person.
    Am going to start a mitered cross square using shirakaba in cream which has slight variagation but just a little.

  • Did you have to mention Uniglo?!! DH and I had about 24 hours in NYC and got caught up in the crowd on 5th during a monsoon-like downpour. Umbrellas were of absolutely no use in the press of humanity. I kept shouting at my DH, “Get off of 5th!”
    I had never walked through Central Park and it was a blast to find some of your photo sites. I would say, “Oh, this is where Kay styled such and such.” He finally had to ask me who is this Kay person?
    Friday was so beautiful I forgave NYC the rainstorms of the previous day. It turned out the items on my punch list could have been better researched. Who knew one needs passes to visit the WTC memorial, or that the Breast Cancer Awareness walk was taking place on the Brooklyn Bridge? We did stumble upon a mini-parade for Marco Polo day in Little Italy and scored fabulous Banh Mi on Grand at Mott.
    Thanks for sharing your city with us for a few hours. Enjoy Rhinebeck – your “sweater” looks stunning.

  • Re: The Blanket: Brava!!
    Love, love, love it!
    Re: Rhinebeck: Boo Hoo!!
    Have to work!
    Have a great time!

  • It is so refreshing that you did not knit Rhinebeck sweaters. I feel personally relieved – by extension – of that stress. But I’ll bet you had a rip-roaring time anyway.

  • i love love this version of the blanket.

  • I saw you, but didn’t see the blanket. I saw you both twice–no blanket either time. Are you suuuure the blanket was there? Really? It would have come in handy to ward off that bitter wind we had in the morning. Hope you had a good time–we certainly did.

  • lovely blanket