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  • Ladies Panties scarf??

  • Knitting. Quilting. Finding the perfect chair. Now rug-hooking. Do you churn butter? (c:

  • That bird has a very denimy look to it. What the heck are you cutting up to make that? We’ll gloss over the why… It’s true a girl can never have too many hobbies.

  • I came THIS CLOSE to surrendering at the rug-hooking booths. Actually swirled my hand around in a basket of pre-cut wool strips, just for the little thrill. But…I will be taking a rug-braiding class in Jan-Feb, and enough already with the rug-making for one winter. Knitting to do, after all!
    So, Kay, thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to enjoy rug-hooking vicariously. I can hardly wait to see the progress on your new project!

  • Ooh – pretty! And it sounds to me like a completely valid reason for staying up until 1:30-something a.m.
    What’s your defense against the wrist-scraping metal teeth?

  • Oh I see the siren call of the rug hooking got you this year. Good!!

  • And yet y’all didn’t make it over to dance under our disco ball. I will admit to giving the rug hooking materials a second glance, but I have no more room for another stash of any sort. At least not until I clear out a storage room or two.
    I eagerly await Tales from the Holidome. We stayed there for a number of years, but found a nice little B&B in Hyde Park last year and hope to keep going there for the foreseeable future.

  • As a rug hooker that also knits, I welcome you to the world of never-ending jokes about (rug)hookers and (wool)strippers. And if you think that knitters and spinners have the corner on beeootiful hand-dyed wool, you’ve got another think comin’. You can’t do better than Betsy. Her stuff is totally awesome. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the bluebird!

  • As a Rug Hooker who also knits, I welcome you to the neverending running jokes about (rug)hookers, (wool)strippers, and hooker’s rash! And if you think that knitters and spinners are the only ones with huge stashes of awesome hand-dyed wool, you’ve got another think comin’. Betsy’s stuff is breathtaking, and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress with the bird.

  • [Sorry for the double posting of comments! The first seemed to poof, so I tried again. Really sorry!]

  • So sorry I missed it, but rainy morning + jet lag took away my rhinebeck mojo (and I really don’t NEED more stash) but it looks like you had fun at least!!

  • I KNEW you’d bite. Glad! It’s such a nice mechanical piece of fiber equipment. And those rug loop colors! I think you just nailed my winter palette.
    Fabulous as always to hang with you & the crew. Mwah!

  • ooooh, pretty…

  • Ladies Panties Scarf? How did that happen?? Anyway, could you please include a gratuitous picture of Olive in every post? I’m sure no one would object and if they did, well, best to weed them out now.

  • Who knows, Rowan might start a whole new line of Ladies Panties patterns!
    Kay, we chatted briefly on Sunday while looking at the Fashion Parade of Handknits at Rhinebeck but I was with my neighbors and couldn’t figure out how to work “Ladies Panties” into the conversation without their thinking I was insane.

  • Kay,
    It’s beautiful!
    Did you know you can also use yarn? (http://stores.mcadoorugs.com/StoreFront.bok) I was a hooker before I was a knitter, and someday I will go back to my first profession, er, hobby. 😉
    You don’t have to slice yarn!

  • Ladies’ panties, talk of hooking…what kind of blog are you running, Kay?
    (I love the green and blue-y-purple-y bits nestled together, by the way)

  • Kay
    Betsy and I go to the same rug hooking camp that I had written to you about. We have an absolute blast. She is one of the fastest hookers I know- has great color sense and now a great line of wool! I heard from others that her booth was the bomb- hopefully next year I will make the trek to Rhinebeck.

  • bon jour tis an early american fiber art?
    you all looked lovely if a bit chilly
    you had on anns infamous scarf me thinks
    mutts was funny his folks gave him a new
    sweater for cold weather-remarked
    i was hopeing for a cardigan

  • nice! i was lucky enough to find a wonderful kit at the goodwill, complete with tools, etc (marked 100 dollars new, goodwill price 7.00) I can’t wait to get started! (but it may have to wait till after the holidays, got pressies to make!)

  • Rughooking. *sigh* It has been calling my name for years and so far, I have resisted. You are tempting me mightily. Please keep us posted on your progress. I love the look of hooked wool!

  • cute bird!

  • Hahaha! Ladies’ panties scarf! I was confused and then scrolled down to see the yarn bag.

  • I sincerely hope that Olive is fully trained before your lovely rug makes it to the floor.

  • My father was wounded in WW2 and he was given materials to make hooked rugs as therapy during the LONG months when his schrapnel wounds were being repaired and he was healing. He made many hooked rugs and all us six kids had one by the bed for us to step onto in the cold (no central heat) farmhouse we grew up in.
    Happy hooking!

  • Ah, the bluebird of happiness, some see as a symbol of hope–love the primitive “folk arts” sort of look.
    Someone I heard of once used her old wool coat to create a new rug for the side of her bed (much like Mary’s father made for all of the kids). It helped to stave off the effects of those cold New Hampshire mornings.
    Happy Hooking, Kay!
    –and I don’t mean crochet.
    P.S.–Will you be making a ladies panties rug?

  • Yes! A knicker rug!
    And I agree with Susan, you really should be putting gratuitous pics of Olive in every post. Then we can judge the size of her ears in real life by the size of your rug. I’m sure she could look heartbroken by it. x x x

  • Love the rug! I got hooked on this craft too this year. I really ought to get one of those frames though.

    I have that same frame and it is excellent,so superior to the hoop method in my mind.
    I have found I can only knit or hook, not both.
    If you solve that problem,please let me know!
    currently I am knitting a Rowan cardi from their awesome yarn Lima…

  • It sounds like you had the “bestest” car!

  • Do not try hooking in a car with a frame! Your wrists will be so scratched up! Ask me how I know.
    Be careful with the wire poking out of the burlap, I find that monk’s cloth works better with the wire brushes and you won’t get scratched up as much.

  • My arms were so chewed up when I began hooking. A friend recommended cutting off a tube sock at the ankle and slipping the rest onto your arm – it works like a charm…although it isn’t very pretty. I’m thinking this is a wonderful opportunity to knit and felt a cute arm sleeve!

  • you cuold always knit up some wristlets. I have always wanted to try to hook rugs myself. Happy Hooking!

  • YAY Rug Hooking! Welcome to the sister craft to knitting and quilting. Glad you have found it a comfort and a passion. Hook On!

  • Thinking of you at Rhinebeck as Ron reported on the weather back east. Woo-hoo, now I can say it!
    Back in 1980s, got intrigued with the hook, found a marvelous woman on a backroad in Maryland. It was a lovely drive from Baltimore, took photos of the many churches along the way.
    Mary was her name and she is an important person in the craft, put out a book a couple of years ago. She led us to dye fabric (don’t even think about yarn here), use the darling cutter, and do what you’re up to.
    Learned much from her, put it all aside and thought it might be what I’d do in retirement. Well, here I am and all the lovely stuff accumulated is in other hands now. Maybe yours?
    Rhinebeck needs an earlier date, weather often nasty. Pleased you survived! love, naomi

  • How are you cutting your strips? Have you also invested in a strip cutter or are you using some other method?

  • Gosh, I’m loving that rug hooking project. Must. Look. Away.

  • Oh my, a new rug hooking frame. I have one just like it (or similar) and love it. Whoever came up with that clever little gadget is worth their weight in gold, as you have probably already figured out. You are inspiring me to fish my rug hooking out and get back at it. Your pictures are so vibrant it makes me itch to hook. Have a great time hooking!

  • Which Bleak house?? The amazing one with the late lamented Denholm Elliot, from about 15 years ago, or the newer one, almost as good.
    Neither was on my PBS!
    In any case any Dickens is the perfect companion to knitting, hooking– whatever.

  • I am very very sad that I didn’t get to go to Rhinebeck this year. Mostly because I didn’t get to see you. I hope you had a lovely time and I am glad you decided to go!