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  • Unfortunately, that whole weekend is filled with other obligations. I am so disappointed, as I have been wanting some Rifton. Does anyone out there in MDK land know how will non attendees and those of us who will not be near upstate New York be able to get some of that yarn?

  • The suspense is killing me!!!

  • I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go….but alas! I am a responsible school teacher, and mid-October is a dreadful time to leave. Someday……..

    • You would come back energized, excited (though your feet will hurt), and full of creative vibe. You and your students would benefit. Take the leap.

      • I agree! As an ex-high-school math teacher, I believe that students benefit more from an energized, inspired, happy teacher (who may be a little less prepared) than a more serious, perfectly prepared one! Go have fun! They’ll be fine!! 🙂

  • Must celebrate your launch from afar – like, Cornwall-afar. But I am sure my thrilled, congratulatory vibes will make it across the pond. xoxox!

  • Someday! It’s on the bucket list:) For now must content myself with Md. Sheep & Wool and the annual knitting retreat our group puts on at the end of October. Have some extra fun for the rest of us:)!! And thanks in advance for letting us enjoy vicariously:)!

  • I will be watching all social media channels for the big reveal from over here in the Northwest corner. Rhinebeck may be the exact opposite of an introvert knitter’s perfect weekend … But never say never.

  • Whoop whoop, so excited about your new venture! Big hugs, and don’t forget to sleep. No, really.

  • O man. I am not sure which day we are going. trying to work out a sched.

  • Could someone please move Oregon closer to Rhinebeck?
    But until that happy day, the rest of you have a wonderful time.

  • I just signed up and went to Jill Draper’s Open House last year as well. It was fun but very crowded, will you two also be meeting with folks during the day on Saturday?

    • We should have mentioned that we will be in the book barn both days from 11 to 3. At other times you may run into us shopping, standing in the artichoke line, or gently bopping in front of the pan flute ensemble.

  • Get real Kay — finished or unfinished, the Big Floral @#$%*&! Intarsia Slipcover will be at Rhinebeck. That is, it will be there IF Molly R. doesn’t need it for publicity photos…;-)!

  • Fun, fun, fun! Go! Have a great time! Wear whatever’s off the needles and blocked! (And dry!)

  • Congratulations on the upcoming website, new book, and for getting to go to Rhinebeck! It’s on my travel list a few years from now when I have been loosed from the chains of work.

  • I might be wearing one of those giant skeins at Rhinebeck!