We have not even begun to tap the possibilities for the crazy-beautiful yarn called Rifton.

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  • NOOOOOO……stop it! Ok, my retirement check arrives on the 1st and I see a Fissure in my future!

  • Great, just great. Just when I was going to take a break from buying yarn…

  • Oh Rifton…le sigh.

  • Would Rifton be a good sock yarn if you don’t care whether they match exactly?

  • Rifton! Yahooooooooooooooo 🙂

  • I can never come here, because I always want to knit whatever it is whichever of you is knitting at that moment (um, there was a sentence in there at one point). And I already have an untenable number of wips, dammit. (I swear there was a compliment in there too.) Gorgeous project.

  • Well isn’t this all just lovely! I think that the Autumn colorway is my favorite. Also, as I was scrolling down, and you mentioned your desire to knit both Fissure and Fallowed, I went back up to the shawls, and thought, “But Fissure is such a Kay Gardiner pattern, in Kay Gardiner colors.” Then I scrolled down a little more, and saw that you had started with Fissure! Too bad you didn’t have some kind of contest for guessing that!

  • Do you think there’s a way to make the Fissure shawl into a blanket? Could you double the pattern somehow?

    • I don’t see why not; it would require a bit of tweaking and some math. Multiplying the number of stitches in each section by the same number would keep the proportions the same, and while you’d be making a much wider Fissure, you’d also probably be making a shorter piece, so you might (*might*) be okay on yarn, or to be safe you could use a third colourway for the middle bit (thus having an excuse for a third Rifton colourway, which is no bad thing). The solid contrasting stripes are worked as short rows, which gives the shawl a bit of a curve; for a blanket I’d do them as intarsia and work the same shaping as you do in regular rows. You’d need to either multiply the difference in length between each solid stripe by the same number you used to increase the sections or work more stripes, depending on your preference. I think it would make a striking blanket; I might have to try that myself!

  • We are three knitters from Italy and would like to have 3 Fissure kits, could we know the price please and the fee for shipping? Waiting for a kind answer from you Giulia.