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  • I’ve been considering buying that Janome/Hello Kitty sewing machine…my daughter wants to learn to sew, and I feel obligated to learn myself, and a nice sturdy Hello Kitty machine seems like just the right thing for a couple of newbies like us. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the results of the Recipe Box contest! I’d have joined in, but my recipe box is a plastic index-card box with a World Wildlife Fund sticker slapped on the top. Not exactly Grandma Mabel material, though I like it…I decorated it myself!

  • Nothing demonstrates the true meaning of Festivus like handcraft. Give a girl a sewn item, you clothe her for a day…

  • Didn’t Ohio Arts make Etch-A-Sketch?
    Aha! I googled, and yes!
    It’s too bad they didn’t make recipe files with etch-a-sketches on the lid.

  • What a great present! A very cool sewing machine! And coordinating recipe boxes no less. I saved a ton by avoiding EBay lately, but the pull is getting ever stronger.

  • So you recommend the Janome? I was trying to think of a good starting sewing machine for my niece. She loves to sew and keeps me in the sewing studio everytime she visits! I will have to look it up.

  • I saw that hello kitty sewing machine at target… AND it is on sale now. I totally want one.

  • That sewing machine looks about the same size as my old Singer, inherited from my Auntie Ruby – I think it may have been the first portable sewing machine. It’s small but powerful, and when I use it I feel as happy as Maggie looks.
    Can’t wait to see the recipe box contest results. And the second Oliver’s blanket – wahoo!

  • I bought my 7 year old daughter that exact same machine for xmas. She loves it and it works great. She even took it with her to a beginning sewing class and everyone was very impressed by this little machine. I wish I had one when I was her age *smile*

  • I didn’t send a picture of my recipe box from my family — it isn’t pretty – it is a green/grey metal index card box with a cork glued on top with the big side of the cork glued and the small side with a V cut into it so it holds the recipe cards so you can read and cook at the same time. Not pretty at all but priceless to me – it is full of recipes that my parents tried out with their notes on them.. it really means more to me than jewels. 😀

  • Rats and mice, I meant to enter. My grandfather had a recipe card with some sort of communist recipe — don’t ask me what makes it have political leanings, I have no clue.
    But I’m looking forward to seeing the winners! And I might head on over to eBay to see if I can find my mom’s old box . . . Thank you so much for having this contest! 🙂

  • O God Kay – I really don’t need to be collecting recipe boxes but you’ve got me itching to do a search on ebay!!!!!! Gorgeousness! Long live the Hello Kitty!

  • Aaahh! FESTIVUS, a holiday for the rest-iv-us!
    Really, now, I never knew about the Hello Kitty sewing machine; thanks pretty neice Maggie.
    and, And, AND THE BLANKET–almost finished! Aunt Kathy looks so happy just sewing away; but wait, is that one of MY squares right up front there for the whole dang world to see?! (…what a glorius Festivus gift…)
    HAPPY 2008 Ann and Kay! Thanks for being there.

  • happy new year
    looking forward to the blanket
    i am in the blanket somewhere
    the pictures of oliver in his
    new chair makes a person
    feel good this new year
    thank you kay and ann

  • The recipe boxes are wonderful, but what I really love is the Hello Kitty sewing machine. It’s fantastic!

  • Dahlings…I pre-ordered the new bookbook on Amazon this morning…(the rest of you commenters get out there and do the same!)…
    I consider myself recipe box deprived…mother had lots of recipe cards stuffed willy nilly in her cookbooks…but when I cleaned out her house I did find my Grandmother’s recipe book…an old spiral bound 3×5 lined notebook with all the recipes written in lovely old hand…better than a box!

  • Thanks for the tip Betsy, I’ll pre-order today too.
    The blanket looks beautiful, not that I’ll win it, I never win anything…..

  • Oh, yes, that HK sewing machine is on CLEARANCE, people! 50% off! (Do I *need* another sewing machine? hmm)

  • Hi Kay – I blogged a picture of the socks I did based on your lace rib scarf. They were a ton of fun and so easy. Thanks so much for posting the pattern!

  • Hi Kay – I blogged a picture of the socks I made after seeing your lace rib scarf. They were so easy and fun I can’t wait to make another pair! Thanks so much for sharing the guts of the lace-rib how-to!

  • I didn’t have any recipe boxes to unearth (mom’s was a simple gray steel affair, so very practical, and water proof too!), but ran into some fabric that looked like it came right out of the pages of the Ohio Art Company recipe box catalog, same vintage kitchen clip art and colors, I was amazed! So I thought I’d join in on the fun and make a vintage recipe box photo contest inspired apron and send a link to the photo. Can’t wait to see the winners! And thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • I’m new to your blog and just love the knitted dish cloth that you show next to the recipe box. Do you have the pattern available?

  • So, will you gals now create a Mason-Dixon cookbook? Include any of these great recipes in your next knitting book? That would be a fun thing. Santa brought me your book for Christmas. My public library will appreciate Santa’s efforts–I was really hogging their book way too much. 🙂

  • I am so glad to see that yarn knit up, it is even more wonderful knit than in the skein.
    I suppose I should go water the poinsettias now lest I continue dechristmasing one dessicated leaf at a time. Kind of a variation on self-destructing trees, but the cat will just eat the leaves and hack them up later, so not really a time saver in the long run.