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  • Kay, although I will never be able to use any of the info in the video, I am intrigued by its link to the craft of knitting. That is, the hint to your scarf. I’d like to take a guess, but I am sure there will be many others behind me doing it, so I’ll bow out and give them the chance.

  • Something to do with a smashing green?

  • The first video would indicate you’re using yarn in a colorway called either “Mustard” (for The Pretzel tie) or “Eileen Fisher” (I’m not going to speculate). The second video would indicate the yarn is a shade of green less brassy than “Green Tea”, a medium pink, or a golden brown. However, these could all be incorrect. As a wild guess, I’m going to say the colorway is either “Lipstick Red” or “Olive” (who wants to take you for a walk, NOW).

  • I always wished to carry off the “Grace Kelly” scarf look with some dark shades! Now I want to see her in the doc

  • you’re not fussing,are you? after all,it is jill draper’s yarn,and you will have a smashing wrap when you are done…march onward and knit that border with confidence,in the color it was intended to be from the beginning!!!

  • “Swanning around!” My mom used to say that. She’s hoist her nose into the air, raise a languid arm, and swan out of the room. Thanks for the smile you brought me today.

    “I dress.” Yeah, that’s my style too, usually chastely covered, style and taste optional.

  • Thank you so much for the video which was very entertaining. I have observed the first one, with its subtle nod to the valiant WWII Brits being worn on the subways lately and think I will see if I can rock it in the next heatwave. The other two, the seventies want-to-be-a-peasant look and the Movie-Star- out-in-a-convertible, I have actually worn. The seventies one I wore in its era. The Movie Star (really, sunglasses must be worn with this one) is great in the winter, using a thick silk scarf. Of course, the best thing would be chiffon.

    I don’t “dress” nearly as much as I would like to. Model funny and the scarf was wonderful. I turned 55 on Thursday, it’s nice to see another woman of a certain age having fun with clothing.

  • Aha! You’re going to put it over your head, twist the ends and tie it on! The big bow is nice too. Or, it’s that the scarf has a darker border?

    Tzippy is great.

  • I “met” Salomon at a conference years ago, where she “demo’d” her wardrobe.

    Off to watch the video!

  • Ok I’m gonna say something I’ve been wanting to for a long time (isn’t that a great teaser! And when is this long-awaited comment most likely to get lost in the mix?Over a holiday weekend of course!)

    You ladies have the most fantastic blog ever. In the age of ever burgeoning blogs, podcasts, websites and all of it, we need a simple handful, even one or two places to go on the inter-webs where one can be assured of finding out just about everything she needs to know.

    Mason-Dixon knitting has been providing this level of guidance for some time now. It’s very similar to the New Yorker magazine, which I have read for decades, despite living nowhere near the old city (sorry Ann; I’m a southern gal with literary leanings like yourself). Most of what I need to know and/or find interesting will show up in its pages at some point.

    I don’t follow major networks or online news media; I find that big news stories are revealed to me in the due course of time. This doesn’t mean I hide under a blanket –just that I find the news to be incredibly depressing most of the time. It’s really more like the Bad News than simply reporting what’s happening in the world.

    But if I want to know about anything and everything from Merle Hazard’s economic insights to the fabulous Tziporah tying the hell out of some scarves, I just need to land on your happy place as well as mine. So thank you thank you for keeping all of us middle-aged ladies up to speed, and oh yeah I guess the knitting stuff is pretty great too.

    • Love the video! I am going to watch it until I can do it!

    • Thank you, Mary! You really know how to make a person’s day. Grateful you’re game to hang out.

  • Haha….what a clever line she has when someone asks her occupation! Thanks for the video.

  • Salamon is the bees knees. And she sure can carry off green and green and more green! (Gee….I wonder what color Kay decided to use on her shawl …. ;-))

  • No. 3 FTW! Thank you for this.

  • Wow – what a gorgeous, confident model that Tziporah makes. She’s lovely. Such grace.

  • I think I just fell into a major crush. Tziporah is gorgeous!!