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  • I’m jealous! It looks like you had a fab time, and if I know that Krtistine, she led you astray… ;o)

  • I wish,I wish,I wish too.
    Show us what you bought. ;-]

  • AH!! Next time, goshdarnit. I *will* make someone stop over from London while in transit to N.Y.C. and allow me to squeeze myself into one of their suitcases so I can enjoy the yarn fun and get to meet all you cool, intelligent, witty ladies.

  • So Kay,
    It is like we have met now, since I have been myself in Downtown Yarns with Liz, and in all sorts of places in London with Kristine, so we are only one degree from being buddies! 😉
    Ok, I am in NYC Nov 11-14 for a conference I am presenting at. I WANT TO GET TOGETHER!!!

  • its a great, big, wonderful world we live in!!
    great photo essay!!

  • Ah, Kay, well told. You know, no Rowanette goes alone when it comes to a yarn crawl: we are all there with you, smooshing skeins in our own virtual way.
    This picture of the four Rowanettes together is like that famous photo of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King: only once were they photographed together. Harmonic convergence! Sell it on eBay!
    Seeing wristlets modeled so expertly by Lis and Kristine, I get it. I finally get it! Wristlets are dickies for your arms–they say yes I AM wearing this sweater, without all the pesky bulk and time-consuming knitting of an actual sweater. Think of all the knitting time we can save: I can knit you the wrists of Sassy tomorrow, you can do Elfin in about a day, and we could finish off all of Kaffe Fassett in about a month.
    Love, Ann

  • WOW–I burn with envy at the fun you gals had at the aforementioned yarn orgy. And I spent the weekend painting the spare bathroom (read: NOT KNITTING). Maybe a pick-me-up trip to the Big Apple is in order…

  • Oh my goodness! This entry has made me so homesick. I know you had a wonderful time; I’ve done this particular day-in-fibery-NYC many times with my NE knitting pals. Thanks for the trip down memory lane; I’m in Austin TX now and still think NY is the capitol of the universe!

  • okay, just way too much fun was had. I am envious. I will definately be getting in touch the next time i’m up in NY .. a guided tour of yarn stores, what could be better. *sighs* ohh the pleasure of all that fiber!

  • yes, we did have a lot of fun, it was great to meet in person some knitting friends and been guided through the yarn trail of Manhattan so expertly! and i finally got the cashmere to make myself another pair of mittens! thank you Kay!