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  • Perfection.

  • Its nice to see them all smiling! The Queen hasn’t looked that happy about anything in years. Well done.

  • I saw a link on Yahoo this morning for a group in England that has also done a group project. I must confess, my mind is working overtime on the image and mechanics of launching doves from her bustle. I think they would need to be ‘loaded’ prior to arrival at Westminster. But how will she sit in the car? Will there be movement visible during the ceremony (I assume they’ll be launched post-wedding).

  • I love it!

  • A friend of mine is in London right now and saw the book for this in the British Museum yesterday. I should have known I would see it pop up on one of my favorite knitting blogs. 🙂

  • How many people will buy this just for the corgies?
    LOL on the birds launching out of her bottom!

  • They’re adorable. I love that someone actually came up with this and published it on time for the Royal Wedding mania!

  • Y’all have had a plethora of outstanding posts through the years and this ranks right up there with Jill goes to the Oscars from the Teeny Runway Project!

  • My nephew attends the University of St. Andrews.
    I’ll be there in June for his commencement.
    The students will have breakfast and watch
    the wedding in the Dining Halls.
    Jane from Boston

  • I feel like I know nothing. I really couldn’t identify anyone outside of the Archbishop, the bride and the corgis. Those I’m assuming the Queen is the woman in blue.
    I’m obviously not an afficianado of the Royal Family.

  • Now that’s my kind of knitting project! I love useless stuff like that. Love all the doodads and sparklies.
    I’ll build the bustle with the trapdoor. Do you think we can get it there in time? Who’s got doves?

  • Got to love it. And Ann, if you haven’t seen this on youtube right, take a gander:

  • “Youtube yet” is what I meant to type. Right?

  • I guess that guy I thought was Lord Nelson back from the grave is really a footman. How come he gets such fancy duds, I wonder. If I were Poor William, I’d kick up a fuss and want to wear red as well.
    I hope Kate does *not* go for big and poofy. She should wear some body skimming satin, no sleeves, no frills. And no *&#@* tiara!
    Off I go for groceries in my jeans and sweatshirt, fashion-lady that I am.

  • I can’t even begin to see Kate in “poofy…”
    And I SO LOVE this Royal Wedding party, I can’t believe it – it’s fabulous! The knitted version has so much more character than virtually anyone of their counterparts IRL…

  • Amazing! One could probably justify this project by saying it’s a sock yarn stash buster.

  • Check out this Mr.-Bill-like video of the knitted characters from the book:

  • We are not worthy! I love it!

  • Oh what a delight! How much fun did they have making this! And thanks to Gretchen for the youtube link… just so fun. I love a good wedding celebration!

  • William’s hair???

  • Love the Corgi!!!!!

  • Public service announcement! For anyone wanting to whip up a corgi overnight, the British newspaper THE GUARDIAN put the corgi pattern up for everyone. Here’s the link:
    I am a Brit living elsewhere and I must confess to thoroughly disapproving of ‘the Royals’, but I am quashing my party-poopin’ tendencies to do all Mason-Dixoners this favour ‘cos I enjoy your blog soooo much. I hope you all enjoy The Event tomorrow, regardless of the number of doves coted in Katie’s bustier (surely they’d have more room under William’s hat?)!

  • It looks like the Archbishop and the Corgis are dressed alike!

  • Ann, thank you so much for the laugh at loud, just what I needed after a night of worries about my family in Tuscaloosa! I loved seeing this…thank you librarian ladies.

  • Have you played the “Distinguished Guest” name game that’s going around facebook?
    “Here’s a twist on creating drag queen names–In honor of the royal wedding on Friday, create your distinguished guest name. Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents’ names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street you grew up on.”
    Signed, Lady Avis Maude Abbey-Norwood

  • I love that they included the corgis. Well done!

  • It’s about time ya’ll posted about the Royal Wedding, and add knitting in the same post. WOW! how perfectly adorable!!!

  • What fun! I want to thank both of you for my basket of goodies that arrived last night. I am so excited to finally have time to look through it properly. I also have almost finished my 5th Mitered Crosses square. I’m having great fun with this pattern! Happy Knitting to you both!

  • Lady Althea Patches Cherry

  • I love the Queen in her hat!

  • Prince “Wool-yums” wedding party, just “itching” for a celebration…

  • “Only the group in the basement, only the group in the basement'” she said, shaking her head in awe, “would have come up with this.” Love these wacky women.

  • I’m so glad William wore red in real life. Kate’s dress was lovely indeed, but she needed a shawl in that open coach, don’t ya think?

  • Lady Marietta Brown-Albion; love it! Such pageantry. I liked her dress (a little pointy on the chestage, though) — very dignified and slim. A train really is necessary for this occasion.

  • I just want to let you know that when I Googled “Mason Dixon” today, you came up first in the search list, higher than the Wikipedia entry. Congrats! Those Royals, they Rock!

  • Knitting librarians are my favorite kind. Kudos to Kim and her colleagues for knitting this and making it all look smashing!

  • They are wonderful, but after watching the wedding, I think they need some little bridesmaids and pages, no? (with one little lady frowning).

  • Check out the Grace Face! Best balcony scene ever.
    Meet Grace Van Cutsem, the Tiny Frowning Bridesmaid Who Stole the Show

  • We’ll have to knit WIlliam a new coat and the queen and Camilla new outfits: yellow for the Queen and pale blue for Camilla! And throw in some little flower girls and Pipa!

  • The video on the Amazon page (to which you so kindly provided a link—thanks) is also very funny. I think it was as good a “summary” of the wedding as the short MSN highlights video.

  • my heart goes out to our southland
    the wedding was lovely

  • Oh. My. Goodness. That’s amazing!! I loooove the corgies 😉

  • Well done!

  • As one of the knitters of the royal wedding, I have to admit my first thought at seeing William was “Oh no, he’s in a red uniform!” Didn’t he see the book? He should have known what to wear. Pippa and the little girls would be a great addition but I think we’re too exhausted from all the excitement of the last few days to knit them. We also have a traveling sock monkey blog but that’s another story.

  • Lady Frances Tweety-Heathcliff had a tear in her eye. She always loves a male choir.

  • Coolest. Thing. Ever.

  • Well of course there would be a knitted Royal Wedding! Thank you to the ladies that thought of this, that knitted this, and that shared this. You just offered me a smile this morning.

  • I was one of the knitters… we did have a blast doing these! People are coming to the Library in droves to see them in person! I had never knitted an ear before… strange to see a pattern for one!

  • They all look amazing. I saw the book on the top 10 list for knitting books at Amazon, but your pictures are the first I’ve seen of a finished project. Nice work by everyone.