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  • I love love love love love love love love love love love love your dotty chair. Are the dots fuzzy? They look a little fuzzy. If they are fuzzy dots I will swoon. I’m a little too excited about the chair.
    Nice miters by the way…

  • Oooh, I love the colors and the giant miter!

  • Mmmmmm, dotty chair is rather scrumptious. But not quite as scrummy as that GIANT MITRE!!!! Now that is to die for, as the saying goes. What are you going to do with it, hmm?

  • I too am madly in love with the polka dots chair. It looks lovely with the miter, as well. Where in heavens did you find that wonderful lovely cozy fuzzy dotty chair? I am feeling a bit obsessed by it.

  • Here’s the cure: knit 120 and call me in the morning. 😉

  • Love the giant miter. I’m not so far along as yourself. And, uh, I’m really trying to tell myself that your picture colors are off, or that they’re not, but it will be ok. It will be okay. It will be okay. It will be amazing. The border will tie it together. It will rock.
    I’ll try to post a pic of mine today.

  • Is it just me, or does the giant unfinished miter look like it would make a super sweater yoke just the way it is? Yikes, I hadn’t been tempted by miters before but that yoke idea…. Unfortunately, my list of “must knits” will already take me well past my eleventy-eleventh birthday. sigh.

  • Photos #4 and #5 look very much like a shawl interesting…) in progress! Obviously I have yet to mitre a single square.

  • You’re totally right. Mitres are not a slippery slope for you. They’re a freakin’ greased up 125 degree incline. They’re a ski jumping hill. They’re a soap box derby course down Mount Everest. They’re, they’re… well, ok. Run out of ideas. I think you get the picture though.

  • Maybe we need a tour of your house…the dotty chair is a cruel tease.
    Also, shouldn’t you be joining the slogalong Miss-5,764-stitches-on-size-3’s? Miss-a-life-well-spent-on-blankets?

  • the key to remember is that, in the right conditions, slippery slopes can be FUN!

  • I love the colours in the big miter. What’s that going to be when it grows up?

  • Thanks for the info about the extended deadline! I had about decided to plan on having it done for next year. The fact that I’ve totally started over twice with different yarn and pattern didn’t help. I’m using your two color stripe pattern from the baby burp cloth. So I’m making four strips in slightly different colors and then putting them together.

  • Kay, the knitting is fine, but really, I am completely distracted by The Sink. It took me awhile to comprehend that this object is, in fact, a Sink. I thought you had taken the photos with the miters artfully placed in a walled cement patio, or perhaps a swimming pool. Is this one of them modrin New York sinks that girlz like me never do see? Full disclosure, please.

  • Why must you TEASE me so, you with your textured, dotty chair and your lovely, lovely miters…must have Tahki Cotton Classic, NOW…any suggestions?

  • Ditto on the sink. And the stone. Wasn’t there the start of a story about that at one point?

  • I think you’re going for the world record with biggest miter ever knit..seriously, you’re gonna be in the book..

  • I’m so glad you mentioned that they extended the deadline for blankets. I was trying to get mine done in time until I was sidelined by a pinched nerve in my right arm/hand. 🙁 Hopefully it will feel better soon and I will be able to get my (mitered square) blanket done it time!

  • Wow. The log cabin is beautiful. The best example yet of Kay’s famous Blue Period. If I am lucky enough,I’ll get to be in the American Friends Service Committee basement on the day that it gets fondled and admired and sent on its way to Kabul.

  • Never cease to love those mitred squares.

  • Aggreeing about the sink! If you’re running short of knitting things to tell us about (or you’re wanting to conceal your descent into the mad vortex of mitres), you could give us a little peek at your house. The dotty chair is sweet, but I WANT your sink.

  • The colors on the large miter are positively divine. I can imagine a lovely floor pillow out of it . . . but then I would be paranoid that the dog would curl up on it and cause issues. So then I would have to knit another one . . . slippery slope, indeed.

  • Ok. WIP pic of my half posted. I’m still a little dubious, but fearlessly continuing.
    Also? Cruising around here with the miters and Cara’s with the miters, my heart melts and jumps a little when I see the ones that have the all-blue-plus-colors schemes. And remembered that that’s why I’m knitting what I’m knitting. All-blue-plus-colors miters. Because they make my heart melt. And jump. Yours are very lovely, and I’ll be dead curious what the whole group project looks like.

  • First I have to wipe the drool off my face over the chair with the sweet polka dots… I want it!!! sorry… I don’t know who that was.. I do go cuckoo over polka dots. But then you tease with the scrumptious striped huge mitre… I have tons of taki in my yarn storage bedroom.. I need to know… are you going to have that pattern in the next book? Or sooner? I need another project like I need more yarn, but who cares…. I love it!!!!

  • That sink is actually a hot tub for New Yorkers. I’m thinking, um, soapstone? Moo-ey caliente. Now you can knit poolside . . .

  • Ok…I want to know how you tell when to decrease on that giant miter. I have to look at the pattern every single time and I know there has to be a pattern to this but the only thing I can figure out so far is that the first half of knitting (before you decrease) is 1 less stitch then the last half of the knit row before it.
    Please share your secret!

  • Hey, that little thing at the bottom looks a lot like the blue version of a random log cabin inspired by JanuaryOne that I finished not so long ago. http://rettogvrangt.blogspot.com/2007/02/very-not-pink-blanket.html Keep going, it will be sooooo worth it in the end. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  • Wa ha – “Stitchy”!! I love it!!

  • It’s Miterzilla!

  • I have a (silly?) questions about log cabin knitting. I have knit socks and sweaters and cardigans, so I know how to pick up stiches, but I guess I’ve never picked up stitched from garter stitch. I’m working on a baby log cabin for my sister’s baby due in June. I just started my center square. I’m nearly done, but now that I look at it, I don’t know quite where to pick up the stitches along the side. I’ve always pick up stitches where there are two strands. Between the garter ridges there is only one strand (unless you go a bit deeper and pick up two). In the garter ridge, things look a little confusing. I just don’t know where I should be picking up. Am I thinking about this too much? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • As if you’re not grooving around the apartment singing Love Hangover to yourself as you miter everything in sight. We know you.

  • I recognize that gorgeous chair fabric. I used to work at a showroom that repped Bergamo, and fell in love with it. In fact, I have a piece of it on a quitl I made in all the colorways!

  • I totally sympathize. Squares of all sorts suck me in. They are so……flexible. Use the one alone, join them in infinitely interesting ways, create a stack from leftovers, and decide what to do with them later……planned or unplanned, the simplicity is lovely.

  • Kay (or Ann,
    Last night I cast on for a mitered square…just to see if I could…..and WOW….love, love, love….!!!
    Thank you for your lovely book!