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  • Not even * one * little skein of sock yarn and some DPNs???

  • Did you consider using a DPN and sliding those few stitches back onto your circular needle when you are ready to move onto the long side again?

    • Yes, that! Or better yet, use one of those amazing DPN-plus-rubber-banded-point-protectors stitch holders for working the short end, then just pull the circ around that end and keep going on the next long end.

  • I’m knitting Nuvem right now and using magic loop. It’s somewhat similar and the magic loop seems to ease up the strain on the ends in the beginning.
    Love that your knitting bag is larger than your carry on…..priorities!

  • I’m slogging through the last two colors of my Fort Tryon. It gets easier after there are more stitches but of course each round takes longer. I haven’t been faithful to mine, but it is coming to TNNA, and I hope it will be finished by Monday as well.

    • We need to take a Fort Tryon in progress photo with all three projects this weekend.

  • Kay,

    Your intention for a week of knitting fidelity is quite courageous. A garter stitch project requiring massive amounts of stitches and rows, with minimal need to attend to shaping sounds like the perfect traveling companion and project. So, it just may work out (fidelity wise). BTW, what are those intriguing polka dots peeping out from under your project?

    Wish you a good week of fun and happy knitting.


  • If at home I would have done what Lauren suggested, but if you’re travelling I guess you don’t have all your needles with you! (though I did once take apart a bracelet to use as stitch markers…)

  • I envy you. The open road and a big sack o’ yarn–there’s nothing better. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  • I love your cocoa and mint starting colors. At first I wondered if, in the FO, that center panel would remain slightly ruffled in relation to a flat overall piece – or vice versa! – as part of the design. But I just checked the rav page and they all look perfectly flat. And very pretty.
    That looks like challenging travel knitting to me…I think the biggest project I’ve taken on a plane was a hat! Onward, intrepid knitter!

  • I see the problem! The wine glass is empty-needs a refresh!

  • I’ve hit this oochy stage three times, since I can’t decide on my second color. Can’t wait to get past it. If not for the color changes it would be too boring, but I want the finish product so will continue. It will be a good project for tomorrow when I get on a plane! Happy travels!

  • Will you need a 90 inch circular to complete this thing? Do they make circulars long enough for this project?

    I LOVE those colors you picked so far – superb!

  • I reckon you’ll get to the end of the third stripe, or thereabouts. Love the green next to the brown. Safe travels and happy knitting.

  • If you need a project distraction, there is always The Quarter Stitch in New Orleans, just off of Jackson Square!

  • Are you picking up over 1000 stitches! Ouch indeed.

    But garter stitch that changes colors … good travel knitting. Enjoy wearing your beautiful Tokyo shawl!

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  • Regarding the oochy part, I think that if you pull out a hernia of cable at each corner with will find yourself less oochy.

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  • Oh dear, it’s almost tomorrow: have a good trip, hope to see lots of progress on your Fort Tryon, and don’t worry – I’ll let you know if there’s anything cool in the Sunday paper!

  • Magic Loop might help. I say might because frankly, it can be just as annoying.

    I’m knitting a Moderne Log Cabin. Didn’t quite process how much knitting it entails. Using DK cotton in big bold colors. It is decidedly not sophisicated. Thanks for the pattern!